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Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management 2015

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Table of contents

Part I. Engineering Management

1. A Comparative Study on Retailer’s Refunding Strategies Considering Products Advance Selling
Gang Wang, Zhao-chao Dong, Zhi-bao Li

2. Research on the Monopolist’ Repurchase and Remanufacture Decisions Based on Heterogeneous Consumer Considering Buy-Back Cost
Zhao-fang Mao, Xin-Xin Li, Wei Liu

3. Study on the Exchange Rate Risk of China International Construction Enterprises
Quan Fan, Xing Bi

4. Technology Diffusion and Acquisition Premium in M&A
Rui-ye Wan, Hong Zeng

5. Coordinated Development Degree of County Socio-Economic System Prediction Based on GA-SVM
Jing Zhao, Ying Wang, Xing-hua Dang

6. Quality Safety Risk Analysis on Children’s Car Safety Seat
Xia Liu, Qian Wu, He-liang Song, Ying Li

7. Coupling Relationship Analysis of Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in Western Region
Ling Lin, Qing-qing Cao, Zhong-li Zhou

8. The Dynamic Analysis of R&D Competition Behavior of a Duopoly Under the Condition of Different Expectations
Dong-wei Huang, Yu-xia Fu, Shen-xin Yu

9. Strategic Human Capital in Organization: Frontier Review, Prospective Commentary, and Guiding Framework
Long Xu, Su-ying Gao, Lu Zhang, Hong-feng Zhang, Hui Yu, Chun-ying Song

10. Research on the Effects of the Fixed Asset Investment on the Nonperforming Loans Ratio
Guo-yi Li, Jing Sui

11. Research on Real-Time Cost Control in Factory in IT Environment
Yu-xiang Pan, Er-shi Qi, Dan An

12. Fuzzy Catastrophe Model of Project Selection Based on Strategy
Bao-long Wang, Cheng-long Wang, Yuan-tao Song

13. Synergistic Factor Analysis of Production-City Integration
Shui-bin Jiang, Jiang Shen

14. Analysis of Industry-University-Research Cooperation Organization
Xiao-yu Ye, Ying Shen

15. Application of TOPSIS Evaluation Method in the Cultivation of Scientific and Technological Achievements
Hui-ming Xu, Jing-hua Wang, Meng Zhang, Chun-jie Hou, Xi Chen, Jian-fei Ji

16. A Study on Safety of Transportation System of Marine Dangerous Chemicals Based on Energy Concept
Jian-min Li, Shao-zhen Song, Ya-lin Diao, Wei Guan

17. Empirical Study on Key Risk Factors of Project Bidding
Shu-qing Liu, Chun-hua Li

18. A Game Analysis of Quality Supervision Over Rural Development Projects
Fu-jiang Sun

19. Analysis on the Influence Factors of Construction Enterprise Synergistic Development Based on the Ecological Perspective
Chong Jia, Zhi-hong Wang, Dong-mei Feng

20. Study on the Extended Management Methods of Outsourcing Research Projects of Enterprises
Qian-long Yu, Lin Chen, Lei Sun

21. Evaluating Agricultural Catastrophe Risk in Guangdong Province
Lei Xu

22. Research of Data Resource Description Method Oriented Provenance
Yan-peng Zhao, Chao-fan Dai, Xiao-yu Zhang

23. Study on the Support System of Safety Hidden Hazards Warning and Countermeasures for Main Ventilator in Coal Mine
Xiao-yan Gong, Xin Gao, Yu-xuan Xue

24. Enterprise Service Bus Based on OSGi
Wei Huang, Bao-cheng Sun, Ming-di Xu, Heng Zhao, Ying-song Hu

25. Robust Design for Remanufacturing Logistics Network Based on Stochastic Programming
Hui Zheng, Wei Zhang, Jun-yu Wang

26. Lateral Replenishment Strategy for Chain Supermarket Fresh Agricultural Products Inventory Optimization
Guang-shu Xu, Z. L. Song, S. J. Piao, H. F. Zhang, X. W. Zhang

Part II. Value Engineering

27. Study on the BP Neural Network Evaluation Model of Employability
Pei-lin Chen, Wei Cheng, Ting-ting Fan

28. Study on the Application of Genetic Algorithm Based BP Neural Network Model in Field of Cross Selling
Pei-lin Chen, Wei Cheng, Ting-ting Fan

29. The Design of Floating Magnetic Pendulum-Driven Robot Fish Diving and Counterweight
Hong-xiu Zhu, Da-feng Zhu, Tie-lei Zhao, Zi-hang Gao, Ying-ying Zhong, Ye He, Yong Wang, Jia-tong Liu, Li-jun Wang

30. College Students’ Life Satisfaction Evaluation Based on Structural Equation Model
Xiao-yan Gu, Xin-ru Pan

31. Research on Rural Infrastructure Project Management of Baohe Village in Beijing of China
Jun-qi Hou, Yun-jiao Duan

32. Owner Oriented Integration Management of Large General Hospital Construction Projects
Yu-cheng Pang, Li Shi

33. Predicting Technical Communication Between Teams in GPD Project Related Redesign Components
Sonia Kherbachi, Qing Yang

34. Research of Distribution Center Site Selection Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process
Yi-hong Cheng, San-yuan Zhou

35. Study on Innovation and Driving Mechanism of Internet Finance
Hu-bin Jin, Cheng-hu Zhang

36. Research on Cost Management of Real Estate Project Construction Phase Based on Value Engineering: The Observatory World Project of China State Construction Property Company as an Example
Huan-wu Yin, Hui-jiang Yang, Hui-jie Gao

37. Analysis on Cost Management Application of Value Engineering at Design Phase of Real Estate Projects
Huan-wu Yin, Hui-jiang Yang, Hui-jie Gao

38. Research on Application of Value Engineering in Optimization Design in the International EPC Project
Yan-fang He, Zi-cheng Tao

39. Application of Value Engineering in Urban Planning Practice—3 Cases at Different Levels
Jian-feng Xu, Yang Lu, Ling Huang

40. Research on the Key Factors of Urban Gas Repair Operation Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Xia-xi Li, Cui-mei Li, Qian Yan, Ya-hui Wang

41. The Efficiency of Supply Chain Technology Estimation Model Based on Malmquist Productivity Parametric Decomposition Approach
Heng-shan Zong, Guo-zhu Jia, Yang Cheng

42. Research on the Optimization of Parts Processing System Based on Queuing Theory and Value Engineering
Ying-wei Cui, Hai-bo Li

43. An Attention-Based View of Internet Business Platform Service Value
Xue-qing Wang, Li-ming Chen

44. Integrated Planning with Value Engineering for Call Centers Equipment and Workforce Capacity Expansions
Hong-xun Wang, Yi-bo Wang, Xiao Shang

45. An Introduction of Application of Value Engineering in Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei Traffic Integration
Han-po Hou, Bei-bei Wang, Wei Yao

46. Improvement of the “Bottom-up” Approach in Value Engineering
Zhi-wei Jiang, Hua-yan Yu, Xue-song Wang

47. Development of Chinese Bonded Logistics Parks and Tax Policy Analysis
Suo-quan Zhang, Nian-qing Wang, Yan-jie Shu

48. The Layout Optimization Model and Algorithm of Logistics Park Potential
Guo-wen Ren, Ying-jie Huang

49. The Control and Application of the Overbooking Strategy—Empirical Research on Air China
Shou Li, Lun Li, Chen-xiao Zhao

50. The Impact of FDI on the Income and Income Gap of Urban Residents
Shuo Li, Lun Li

51. Study on the Strategies of Target Cost Management in the Supply Chain of Aeronautic Complex Product
Hang-hang Chen, Li-xin Pan

52. The Research About the Effect of Straw Resources on the Economic Structure of Jilin Province
Wei-dong Xi, Yu-tao Sun, Guan-fang Yu, Ya-qing Zhang

53. Information Conflicts, Ambivalence, and the Judgment of Nonprofessional Investors
Mao-ran Meng, Li-xin Pan, Ling-ling Tan

54. Research on Performance Evaluation of Tourism Management Professionals Training
Shan-shan Lv, Yan-zhang Gu

55. The Risk Assessment Method and Application of Aviation Subcontract Base on Three-Dimensional Evaluation Model
Si-jia Zhu, Xin Liu

56. Research on Constructing the Information Platform of Customs
Ning Ding

57. Research on Cross-Border Trade e-Commerce Taxation—A Case Study of the Diamond Industry
Ning Ding, Yan Wang

58. Research on Schedule Risk Management of Interdisciplinary Complex Giant System
Jia Lei, Wan-hua Qiu, Chang-hong Ding, Wen-feng Yuan

59. Research on the Application of Internet Financial Integration in China Ping An (Group)
Ji-qiu Xiao, Miao Yu

60. Study of Chinese Luxury Import Tax Revenue-Taking Luxury Bags for Example
Chang-hu Liu, Ming-lu Xu, An-qi Zhang

61. An Empirical Research on C2C Purchase Intention Based on Mobile Social Networking Service
Guo-wen Ren, Dan-dan Yuan

62. Institutional Norms for Place Branding and Its Effect on Corporate Involvement Behavior
Wei-hong Zhao, Fan Zhang

63. Study on Influential Factors of Agricultural Eco-place Brand Competitiveness
Wei-hong Zhao, Hui-long Zhang

64. Dimensions and Formation Mechanism of Customer-Based Place Brand Equity
Wei-hong Zhao, Yu-dong Zhang

65. The Strategy of E-Commerce Platform Based on the Perspective of Resource Orchestration: A Case Study of Haier
Nan Yang, Tao-hua Ouyang, Jing-bo Hu, De-lin Zeng

66. Analysis on the Effect of Straw Resources in Jilin Province Based on Multi-objective Programming
Hong-jing Zhang, Ya-qing Zhang, Yu-tao Sun

67. Index Spot Futures Arbitrage Based on Contingent Claim Analysis
Chao Wang, Yi Cui

68. Effect Evaluation of the Whole Bidding Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Ying-wei Cui, Hui-min Li

69. Study on Extensional Evaluation of Excavation Engineering Project Management Performance on OWA Operator
Hui Guang, Fei Ren

70. A Brief Discussion on Blue Ocean Strategy of the Farm Product Electronic Business Under the Booming O2O Pattern
Jun Ma

71. Cost Control System Building Based on Government Investment Construction Project
Zhen-quan Wu, Fang Liu, Xiao-yun Xu

72. Preferential Mode of Import Tariff in Context of E-Commerce Cross-Border Trade
Shuo-quan Zhang, Ying-hui Xia, Yan-jie Shu

73. Application of SPSS in EIQ Analysis
Xiao-juan Yang, San-yuan Zhou

74. Research on Gray Fuzzy Risk Assessment in Water Transportation of Dangerous Goods
Xiao-li Zhao

75. Supplier Selection Decision-Making Model Based on Entropy and Its Application in the Large Aircraft Project
Chang-hong Ding, Wen-feng Yuan, Meng Zhao, Wan-hua Qiu

76. Study of Fund Performance Evaluation Based on Insurance Costs
Xin-an Fan

77. Entropy-Based ERP System Selection Model Study
Xiao-yan Gu, Meng-xiao Wang

78. Application of DEA in the Value Optimization Study of China Listed Media Companies
Hui-chen Jiang, Shan-cun Liu

79. Research on Prediction of Transmission and Transformation Project Cost Index Based on ARIMA and Exponential Smoothing Models
Dong-xiao Niu, Fu-yu Hua

80. Analysis of Countermeasures Negotiation Process Based on Resource Acquisition
Jian-fen Yan, Yong-gui Shi, Shi-meng Ma

81. Research on Enterprise Innovation Behavior and Model of Regional Industry Cluster in Hebei Province
Shi-meng Ma, Yong-gui Shi, Hai-xia Li

82. Research on the Current Situation and Innovation Mode of Land Transfer in Hebei Province Under the Background of “Internet +”
Hai-xia Li, Yong-gui Shi, Shi-meng Ma

83. Corporate Ethics and Ethical Judgment of Earnings Management—Psychological Safety as Mediator
Xiao-xu Zhang

84. The Case-Based Reasoning Evaluating Model of Coal Resource Mining Right with Unknown Attribute Strength Function
Shao-hui Zou, Yan-yan Yuan, Jin-suo Zhang

85. Research on the Effectiveness of Intellectual Capital in Driving the Market Value of China Listed Companies—Taking Communication and Other Related Equipment Industries for Example
Hui-chen Jiang, Shan-cun Liu

86. Practice and Innovation of Engineering Construction Project Management
Ge-ping Wang, Zhen-quan Wu, Tao Wang

87. A Research on the Integrated Value Management of PPP Project Based on Hall’s Three Dimensional Structure
Guo-zong Zhang, Jin-hua Wang, Yong-hua Wang, Wan-hua Qiu

88. The Exploration of Project Management Enterprise Standard to Enhance the Enterprise Value
Tao Wang, Ge-ping Wang, Su-ping Zhu, Ying-chun Zhu

89. Research and Application of Integrated Quality System for Large-Scale Complex Equipment Manufacturing
Cheng Li

90. Research on High-End Manufacturing Innovation and Development Way Based on Cloud Computing
You-cheng Shan, Chao Lv, Qiu-ye Zhang, Xin-yu Tian

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