McNamara, Olwen

Workplace Learning in Teacher Education

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Table of contents

1. Framing Workplace Learning
Olwen McNamara, Marion Jones, Jean Murray

2. Developing a Multi-Layered System of Distributed Expertise: What does Cultural Historical Theory Bring to Understandings of Workplace Learning in School-University Partnerships?
Ann Childs, Anne Edwards, Jane McNicholl

3. Developing Knowledge for Qualified Professionals
Michael Eraut

4. Work-based, Accredited Professional Education: Insights from Medicine
Tim Dornan, Anne-Mette Mørcke

5. ‘In This Together’: Developing University-Workplace Partnerships in Initial Professional Training for Practitioner Educational Psychologists
Kevin Woods

6. Disentangling What it Means to be a Teacher in the Twenty-First Century: Policy and Practice in Teachers’ Continuing Professional Learning
Bob Burstow, Meg Maguire

7. Pulling Learning Through: Building the Profession’s Skills in Making Use of Workplace Coaching Opportunities
Philippa Cordingley, Natalia Buckler

8. Empowering Teachers as Learners: Continuing Professional Learning Programmes as Sites for Critical Development in Pedagogical Practice
Yvonne Barnes, Yvette Solomon

9. Lesson Study in a Performative Culture
Julian Williams, Julie Ryan, Siân Morgan

10. The Policy Context of Teachers’ Workplace Learning: The Case for Research-based Professionalism in Teacher Education in England
Anne Campbell

11. Workplace Learning in Pre-service Teacher Education: An English Case Study
Olwen McNamara, Jean Murray, Marion Jones

12. Work-based Learning in Teacher Education: A Scottish Perspective
James Conroy, Graham Donaldson, Ian Menter

13. ‘Learningplace’ Practices and Pre-service Teacher Education in Ireland: Knowledge Generation, Partnerships and Pedagogy
Paul F. Conway, Rosaleen Murphy, Vanessa Rutherford

14. Teacher Learning in the Workplace in Pre-service Teacher Education in Portugal: Potential and Limits from a Pre-service Teacher Perspective
Maria Assunção Flores

15. Learning to Teach in Norway: A Shared Responsibility
Kari Smith, Marit Ulvik

16. Teaching as a Master’s Level Profession in Finland: Theoretical Reflections and Practical Solutions
Pertti Kansanen

17. Improving Workplace Learning in Teacher Education
Jean Murray, Olwen McNamara, Marion Jones

Avainsanat: Education, Teaching and Teacher Education, Educational Policy and Politics, International and Comparative Education

Professional Learning and Development in Schools and Higher Education
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