Kümmel, Gerhard

The Armed Forces: Towards a Post-Interventionist Era?

Kümmel, Gerhard - The Armed Forces: Towards a Post-Interventionist Era?, e-kirja


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Table of contents

1. “The End of the World as We Know it”!? On Interventionist Overstretch, Post-Interventionism and Neo-Interventionism: An Essayist Introduction
Bastian Giegerich, Gerhard Kümmel

I. Macro-Level Perspectives

2. Post-Interventionist Zeitgeist: The Ambiguity of Security Policy
Florian P. Kühn

3. Soldiers Drawn into Politics? Civil-Military Relations, Hybrid Military Spaces and the Future of Interventions
Chiara Ruffa, Christopher Dandeker, Pascal Vennesson

4. Searching for Minimalist Humanitarian Intervention Strategies in Global Security Policy
Wilfried Bredow

5. The West’s Last War? Neo-Interventionism, Strategic Surprise, and the Waning Appetite for Playing the Away Game
Christian Leuprecht

6. Post-Interventionist or Newly Responsible? Europe as a Security Provider
Sven Biscop

7. The Democratic Civil-Military Relations of Austerity: Thoughts about the Past and the Present
Donald Abenheim

8. Factual Knowledge and Public Support for German Military Operations: The Case of the German ISAF Mission in Afghanistan
Rüdiger Fiebig

9. The Future of Liberal Interventionism in UK Foreign Policy
Tim Oliver

10. A Note on Military Intervention in an Era of Globalization
Manas Chatterji

II. Meso-Level Perspectives

11. Military Strategic Trends since 9/11
Ben Barry

12. A British Perspective on Future Contingency Operations
John Henderson

13. The Price of Disengagement: Past Trends and Prospects for Portuguese Participation in International Military Missions
Helena Carreiras

14. Expeditionary Capabilities and the Use of Force in a Post-Interventionist Era: The Case of Sweden
Franz Kernic

15. Democratic Soldiers as Marginal Men: The Impact of Security-Cultural Transformations on the Military in Europe
Sabine Mannitz

16. The Quest for ‘Evidence-Based Soldiering’
Joseph Soeters

17. A Premium on Organizational and Technological Efficiency: Making the Comprehensive Approach Work
Ralph Thiele

18. Unmanned Warfare: Towards a Neo-Interventionist Era?
Niklas Schörnig

19. The Legacy of Military Heterogeneity in a Post- Interventionist Era: Diversity as a Challenge to the Military Ideal of Homogeneity
Heiko Biehl

20. Expectations: An Underestimated Factor in International Crisis Management
Walter Feichtinger

III. Micro-Level Perspectives

21. Militaries and the Multiple Negotiations of Intervention
Eyal Ben-Ari

22. Generation ISAF – Operational Realities, Self-Image and Organization
Anja Seiffert, Julius Hess

23. Auf verlorenem Posten
Marco Seliger

24. How Military Interventions Increase the Gap between Soldiers und Politics
Jens Warburg

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