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Proceedings of 2013 4th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2013)

Qi, Ershi - Proceedings of 2013 4th International Asia Conference on Industrial Engineering and Management Innovation (IEMI2013), e-kirja


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Table of contents

Part I. Advanced Design and Manufacturing

1. Preparation of a Kind of Honey Effervescent Tablets
Ya-hui Zhang, Ze-yuan Huang

2. The Design and Research of a Kind of Timing Charging Controller
Li Ping, Jin-gang Xu

3. Models and Algorithms for Locating Facilities with Hybrid Demand for Service
Rui-ling Shen, Jia-zhen Huo, Xu-fang Li

4. The Complexity Conceptual Model of Lean Construction
Chun-ping Huang, Pu Liu, Pei Zhang

5. Research on Feature-Based Data Exchange Between Tribon and UG
Wei Liu, Xiong-hui Zhou, Xue-yu Ruan

6. Construction of System Framework of the Most Stringent Water Resources Management Regime
Ju-ling Qiao, Fang Liu

7. Research on the Integration Mechanism and Strategy of the Services Innovation and the Manufacturing Industry
Xin Zhu

8. Low-Carbon Design of Modern Lamps from the View of Material
Hong-yan Xue, Hui Yang, OTGengNaoRiBu

9. Application of Work Study to the Improvement of PCB-Assembly Line
Xin-xin Han, Xu-hong Guo

10. Nonintrusive Efficiency Estimation of Induction Motors Using an Optimized EKF
Hong-xia Yu, Chuang Li, Yan-hong Wang, Li Chen

11. Design of VAV BOX Controller Based on Fuzzy-PID Hybrid Control
Jing-liang Wei, Shu-jiang Li, Xiang-dong Wang, Ming Guo

12. Research of CRM/ERP Integrated Systems for New Materials SMEs with Scattered Customers
Kai Yang, Wu Zhao, Jun-song Zhang, Xiao-long Li

13. Research on Human Factors Engineering of Ming-Style Furniture
De-hua Yu

14. Decision Analysis for Closed-Loop Supply Chains with Manufacturing Cost Disruptions
Xiao-hua Han, Hai-yan Wu, Bei Wang

15. Study on the Transfer and Integration of Production Factors in Industry Transfer
Deng-bang Gao, Yun-shu Tang, Nan-ping Feng, Kai-le Zhou

16. Agglomeration and Specialization of Innovative Industry and Its Productivity Growth—Empirical Study Based on the Aerospace Industry in the Mainland of China
Jin Zhang, Yi-xi Zhu

17. Applying Interval Linguistic Variables on Project Evaluation of New Product Development
Chen-tung Chen, P. C. Fu, W. Z. Hung

Part II. Decision Analysis/Decision Support System

18. The Equipment Maintenance Mode Allocated D-Logical Decision Model and Its Economic Tradeoff Strategies
Hong-gen Chen

19. Customer Group Dividing for Product Platform
Wen-yan Zhao, Su-na Chen, Xiao-fang Xi

20. Study on the Relationship Between Local Government Behavior and the Differences of Regional Financial Development
Hai-bing Wu, Xiao Tang, Yan-qiong Zhou

21. The Optimal Bidding Strategies Research on Multi-attribute Reverse Auction Mechanism
Xiang-lin Pan, Xu-hua Lv

22. Research on DEA Model with Undesirable Factors and Shared Factors
Cheng-chao Qiu

23. Study on the Determinants of Financing Structure: Based on the Differences of Ultimate Controlling Rights
Kun Su, Gui-gui Su, Ji-lin Wang

24. Research on Benefits Distribution Model of Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Based on Investment of Resource and Risk Compensation
Wen Tang

25. Study on the Evaluation of Growth Capability of High-Tech Enterprises in China’s Regional Innovation System
Hai-chao Li, Xue-jing Chen

26. Determinants of Revenue of Personal Income Tax in Vietnam
Nguyen Huu Cung, Qi-shen Zhou, Hua Liu

27. The Research of Inter-firm Network Organizations’ Embedded Risk Based on Grounded Theory
Zheng-yin Peng, Tian Cao

28. Research on Enhancing Long-Term Happiness: Gym Membership and Alcohol
Yuan Wang, Fan Li

29. Risk Analysis and Management Mechanism Innovation on Northwest China Urban Minority Floating Population—A Statistic Sample from City of Xi’an
Ze-zhao Liu, Hui-jia Wang, Juan-li Wang, J. Huang

30. The Influence of Enterprise Network Capability on Technology Innovation—Moderating Role of Learning Orientation
Xiao-qin Zhu, Lu Ma

31. Relationship Among New CEO’s Characteristics, TMT Adjustment and Performance—Empirical Study Based on ST Listed Enterprises
Wei-ning Li, Yi-ning Zhang

32. Research on Collaborative Management Mode of Engineering Cost Based on BIM Technology in Construction Stage
Jin-feng Zhang, Dong-mei Feng

33. A Study of Value-Based Consumer Behavior Under E-Business Environment
Shuang Xiao, Jiang Tian

34. The Comparative Study of Innovations Among Regions in China, the United States and Japan
Xiao-hua Ding, Xiang-dong Chen

35. Research of the Informed Trading Probability Monthly Effect in Chinese Stock Market
Jia-yi Li, Zhen-ming Fang

36. An Empirical Research on the Influence of Information Synergy on Nuclear Power Affiliated Enterprise’s Innovation Performance
Yu-qiong Li, Dong-mei Zhao, Kai Chen

37. Study on Methods of Optimizing Information Resource Management Based on Knowledge Service Capability
Ye Zhao, Fan Yang

38. Research on Financial Statements System Based on Enterprise Resource
Yu-ju Li, Rong Li

39. Evaluation of Financial Performance on Oil Industry Central Enterprises Based on Principal Component Factor Analysis
Yan-fang Gao, Ai-ping Gao, Ning Shi

40. Simulation and Comparison of Equipment Maintenance Strategies—A Blast Furnace Belt Conveyor Example
Ming-jian Yuan, C. Y. Chen, K. C. Yao, J. Y. Jheng

41. Starbucks Service Quality Provided by Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory Explored Customers’ Perception
Kuang-Tai Liu, Rong-Zhen Huang

42. Music Platform Competition and Advertising Strategy in the Duopoly Music Industry
Yi-Shin Lin, Yu-Shing Chang

43. A Study of Efficiency Valuation in Bank Industry – Evidence from Taiwan
Iuan-yuan Liu, Wen-hua Shen, Wei-wen Hsiao

44. Probabilistic Evaluation of a Business Process Performance
Shin-Guang Chen

45. A Study of Risk and Performance Evaluation in Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry
Jau-shin Hon, Hui-ling Lin, Ling-ya Su

46. Water Flow-Like Optimization Algorithm for Multi-objective Continuous Optimization Problem
Feng-Cheng Yang, Bryan Ni

Part III. Lean Manufacturing

47. Current Research Situation and Development Overview of Product Innovation Based on Lean Six Sigma
Xin Guo, Wu Zhao, Chen Wang

48. Value Stream Mapping Application in Service-Oriented Manufacturing Company A
Yan Zhao, Rui Miao, Min Ge, Jie-yun Zhang, Xiao-xu Deng

49. The Relationship of Team Efficacy, Team Learning Behavior and Team Performance
Ming-fei Li, Ting Li

50. ISM-Based Analysis of Influencing Factors and Countermeasures of Construction Safety
Zhui Dong, Heng-ying Li, Hai-qing Yin

51. Identify Unsafe Behavior Proneness Coal Miner: A Fuzzy Analogy Preferred Ratio Method
Zheng-quan Xu, Hua-qing Wang

Part IV. Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management

52. Multi-echelon Inventory Control Model and Algorithm in Coal Supply Chain
Kai Kang, Jing Zhang, Lu Ji, Cui-juan Shang

53. Design of the Quality Management System for Manufacturing Workshop Based on the Internet of Things
Qian-hong Yu, Hai-ping Zhu, Hong-cheng Yu, Yun-jie Feng

54. Modeling and Analysis of the Manufacturer Model of Closed-Loop Supply Chain
Le Ma, Yi Chai, Rong-rong Zhu

55. The Investigation of Standardized Routing Design of Project Logistics Based on the Process Screening Method
Jing Lv, Bin Lin, Meng-lai Zhu, Da-liang Chen

56. Research on IOT-Based Material Delivery System of the Mixed-Model Assembly Workshop
Yun-long Wan, Hai-ping Zhu, Yan-ping Mu, Hong-chen Yu

57. The Self-Organized Criticality of Customer System
Xiao-guang Luo

58. Research on CRM System of Manufacture Techno-service Enterprise
Ru-hong Ma, Xiao-hui Dong, Da-zhi Jiang

59. An Empirical Research on the Effects of Ingredient Brand Equity on Consumer’s Brand Evaluation
Yan-qun Zheng, Meng-ju Shi

60. Green Supply Chain Coordination – A Game Theoretic Approach
Yun Huang, Kuifun Ip

61. Innovative Diffusion in Stochastic Lotka-Volerra System
Yenming J. Chen

62. Scenario Planning and Implementing of a Dairy Cattle UHF RFID Management System
Yu-Shing Chang, Y. S. Lin, N. C. Wu, C. H. Shih, C. H. Cheng

63. An Application of ANP in the Selection of Supplier in Fishing Tackle Manufacturing Company
Po-Ya Tang, Jen-Der Day

Part V. Operations Research

64. A Hybrid Heuristic for Multi-shop Car Sequencing Problem with a Buffer
Yong-yi Wu, Hai-ping zhu

65. (τ, L) Maintenance Policy of Cold-Standby System Under Reliability Constraints
Zhi-yong Hu, Li-yang Xie, Xiang-wei Kong

66. Shifts from Collectivism to Individualism in Multinational Organization Context (in Mainland China)
Ming-fei Li, Aliaksandr Palavinchykau

67. Research on the Unbalanced Development of the Tourism Industry in Qinhuangdao
Gang-min Weng, Li-li Jia

68. Optimization on Earned Value Method Combined with Critical Path
Qi-bin Zheng, Xing Bi

69. Analysis the Western Colleges and Universities of Science and Technology Innovation Team Building Under the Shared Leadership Theory Horizon
Xiao-qin Zhu, Zhao-hui Du

70. An Innovative Methodology of Systematic Strategy: Key Success Paths Approach
M. F. Wu, F. T. Cheng, P. L. Chang

Part VI. Production Planning and Control

71. Modeling and Multiobjective Optimization for Energy-Aware Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling
Ji-hong Yan, Fen-yang Zhang, Xin Li, Zi-mo Wang, Wei Wang

72. Optimizing Six Sigma Processes to Satisfy Customers by TRIZ Innovation Methodology
Xin-jun Zhao, Ying Zhao

73. Data Mining Based Approach for Jobshop Scheduling
Yan-hong Wang, Ye-hong Zhang, Yi-hao Yu, Cong-yi Zhang

74. The Multilevel and Multiskill Labor Staffing and Scheduling Model for Data Entry Companies
Zheng Tan, Feng Wu, Zheng-xiang Zhang

75. A Study for Correlate Impact of Risks in Large-Scale Equipment Tests Based on Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Chen Li, Fa-jie Wei

76. Research on Construction Risk of Real Estate Based on Factorial Analysis
Wen-jie Hu, Xing Bi

77. Risk Assessment of Financial Lease for Medical Equipment Based on Neutral Network
Xing Bi, Wei-feng Yin, Xin Dong

78. The Feasibility of Amended Creditmetrics Model’s Application of Commercial Bank in China
Xing Bi, Feng Xue

Part VII. System Modeling and Simulation

79. System Dynamics Modeling in Coal Mine Safety
Xian-gong Li, Xue-feng Song, Xin-chun Li

80. Study on the factors for Innovation Capability of Equipment Manufacturing Industry Based on Structural Equation Model: Empirical Analysis of Guizhou Province
Shu-jun Chang, Ting Wang, Hong-liang Hu, Yang Gao

81. Research on Simulation of the Emergency Information Dissemination Based on Netlogo
Hui-jing Xie, Ying-zi Tan, Ying-qiu Xu

82. A Research on Strategies for the Sustainable Development of Tourism Service Products Based on the Theory of Service Management—A Case Study in Brocade of Hainan Li Nationality
Xiao-huai Wu, Li-juan Zhang

83. The Application of System Dynamics in Financial Management
Ying Zhang, Ying-dong Gao, Jie Li

84. On the China Resource Tax Policies of Exhaustible Resources in the Inter-temporal Dynamic Optimization—Coal Industry as an Example
Zhen-yu Guo, Xiao-ping Wei

85. Study on Customer Value Driving Model of Network Marketing Environment
Ji-lin Wang

86. Research on Technological Innovation Efficiency of China’s High-Tech Industry Based on Network SBM Model and DEA Window Analysis
Jian-li Chen, Ling-jie Meng

87. Empirical Test the Province and Industry Differences of Financial Restatement in China
Bing Zhou, Qian Zhang

88. Mechanism and Model of Rural Innovation Development System Formation Based on Knowledge Network Embedding
Jing Tian, Yun Zeng

89. Research on the Selection of Construction Supplier in the Construction Supply Chain Environment
Wei-yan Xie, Xing Bi

90. Research on Mode of Commercial Cloud of Tianjin Binhai New Area
Da-tong Xu, Jiang Shen, Xiao-qin Liang

91. Research on Path of the Construction of Ecological City Under Polycentric Governance – Taking Tianjin Eco-city as an Example
Ze-min Ji, Meng Shen

92. Using Simulation Game and Enhancement to Overcome Two Obstacles That Block the Introduction of SDBR to Production Management Society
Chia-Ling Huang, S. Y. Chen, Rong-Kwei Li

93. Applying NGBM to Avoid Erroneous Grey Prediction
Chun-I Chen, Shou-Jen Huang

94. A Centroid Based Fuzzy Weighted Average for Ranking Alternatives
Ta-Chung Chu, P. A. H. Nguyen

95. Forecasting the Output Values of Taiwan Bicycles and Spare Parts with Fourier Modified Grey Model
Lei-Chuan Lin, Shan-Yau Wu, Ying-Fang Huang

96. Flexible Simulation Model for Multi-style Shoes Manufacturing: A Case Study
James C. Chen, A. P. Putra, N. Anggono, K. J. Wang, S. W. Lin, C. C. Chen

97. A Forecasting Model for Short Term Tourist Arrival Based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition and Support Vector Regression
Jun Wang, Ming-ming Hu, Peng Ge, Pei-yu Ren, Rong Zhao

98. A Method to Convert Integer Variables of Mixed Integer Programming Problems into Continuous Variables
Chung-Chien Hong, Yu-Hsin Huang

99. Simulation-Based Evolution Algorithm for Automated Material Handling System in a Semiconductor Fabrication Plant
James T. Lin, Chao-Jung Huang

100. Comparison with Gender and Postures on Neck Muscle Strength
Bor-Shong Liu, Tsung-Yen Ho, Wei-Yun Chuang

101. Improving Green Manufacturing Education in China Universities and Colleges
Li Chen, Qing-chun Xiang

102. Modeling Cost-Effectiveness with Energy Saving for Lighting Device Decisions
Earl-Juei Wang, Yin-Kai Huang

Avainsanat: Economics/Management Science, Innovation/Technology Management, Engineering Economics, Organization, Logistics, Marketing, Industrial and Production Engineering, Engineering, general

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