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Table of contents

1. Experimentation Investigate of Gasoline Engine Emergency Alternative Fuel
Lianling Ren, Changfa Liu, Xingwang Wang, Rui Ge

2. Analytical Assessment of C2–C8 Alcohols as Spark-Ignition Engine Fuels
Thomas Wallner, Andrew Ickes, Kristina Lawyer

3. Improvement of the Automotive Spark Ignition Engine Performance by Supercharging and the Bioethanol Use
Constantin Pana, Niculae Negurescu, Alexandru Cernat

4. Theoretical and Experimental Investigations on the LPG Fuelled Diesel Engine
Niculae Negurescu, Constantin Pana, Alexandru Cernat

5. The Research Development in Direct Injection Spark-Ignition Natural Gas Engine
Jianjun Zheng
, Xiaodong Chen, Tiegang Hu, Zhangsong Zhan

6. Experimental Results Using Ammonia Plus Hydrogen in a S.I. Engine
Stefano Frigo
, Roberto Gentili, Giacomo Ricci, Giuseppe Pozzana, Massimiliano Comotti

7. Dual Fuel H2-Diesel Heavy Duty Truck Engines with Optimum Speed Power Turbine
Alberto Boretti

8. Well-to-Wheel Analyses for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Electric Vehicles Using Various Thermal Power Generation Technologies in China
Wei Shen, Weijian Han

9. Effects of Fuel Thermo-Physical Properties on Spray Characteristics of Biodiesel Fuels
Xinwei Cheng, Harun Ismail, Kiat Hoon Ng, Suyin Gan, Tommaso Lucchini

10. System Design for a Direct-Boost Turbocharged SI Engine Using a Camshaft Driven Valve
Christoph Voser, Christopher Onder, Lino Guzzella

11. Exploring the Potential of Dual Fuel Diesel-CNG Combustion for Passenger Car Engine
David Serrano, Lecointe Bertrand

12. Sustainable Mobility: Lithium, Rare Earth Elements, and Electric Vehicles
Timothy J. Wallington, Elisa Alonso, Mark P. Everson, Frank R. Field, Paul W. Gruber, Gregory A. Keoleian, Stephen E. Kesler, Randolph E. Kirchain, Pablo A. Medina, Emily K. Kolinski Morris, Rich Roth, Andrew M. Sherman

13. Controller Design and Emission Improvement for Lean-Burn CNG Engine Based on UEGO Controller
Xiaojian Mao, Junhua Song, Du Wang, Junxi Wang, Hangbo Tang, Bin Zhuo

14. Biogas as a Fuel for City Buses
Jerzy Merkisz, Wojciech Gis

15. High-Concentration Ethanol Fuels for Cold Driving Conditions
Juhani Laurikko, Nils-Olof Nylund, Jari Suominen, Mika P. A. Anttonen

16. The Effects of Intake Valve Closing Timing on Engine Performance and Emissions in a DME Compression Ignition Engine at Low Load Cold Start Condition
Jaeheun Kim, Choongsik Bae

17. Environmental Performance of Diesel Fuels Containing Oxygenated Additive Packages
Miłosław Kozak, Jerzy Merkisz, Piotr Bielaczyc, Andrzej Szczotka

18. A Study of Dual-Diluted Control Strategy for NG Engine
Yanchun Chen, Chao Wang, Dongxu Hua, Changbo Fu

19. Research and Development of Heavy-Duty NG Engine and its Key Technologies of Combustion
Huili Dou, Jun Li, Zhongshu Wang, Xiaocao Yu, Zhongchang Liu, Jingxue Li

20. Development of CHS Hybrid System for City Bus
Guangkui Shi, Renguang Wang, Hongtao Chen, Zhiguo Kong

21. Optimization of an Extended-Range Electric Vehicle
Haitao Min, Dongjin Ye, Yuanbin Yu

22. Driving Intention Identification Method for Hybrid Vehicles Based on Fuzzy Logic Inference
Qingnian Wang, Xianzhi Tang, Lei Sun

23. The Control Technologies of PMSM for FAW-TMH System
Cheng Chang, Huichao Zhao, Xiuhui Dong, Yandong Wen

24. Modeling and Simulation of Power Train System for Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Using Bond Graphs
Ke Song, Tong Zhang

25. Optimization of Hybrid Strategies with Heuristic Algorithms to Minimize Exhaust Emissions and Fuel Consumption
Michael Planer, Thorsten Krenek, Thomas Lauer, Zahradnik Felix, Bernhard Geringer, Michael Back

26. Development for Control Strategy of ISG Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on Model
Hongtao Peng, Zheng Li, Bin Chen, Jieyu Wu, Zhenglan Zhao, Yuehong Shu, Junjun Lei

27. Development of New Hybrid Transaxle for Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) 2.5-Liter Class Vehicles
Kunihiro Kobayashi, Takahisa Yashiro, Hiroshi Takekawa, Kazuhiro Fujita

28. Key Items for Future Hybrid Applications: Energy Storage and Power Electronics for Micro Hybrids up to Full Hybrids and EVs
Peter Willemsen, Feng Ji, Marc Nalbach

29. Direct-Computation-Based Traction Motor Control for Dynamic Performance Improvement in Electric Vehicles
Xi Zhang, Chengliang Yin

30. Energy Optimization for the Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle with CVT Under Driving Conditions
Yongxia Zheng, Feng Zhao, Yugong Luo, Keqiang Li

31. Development of Plug-in Hybrid System for Midsize Car
Matsumoto Shinichi, Takeuchi Hiroaki, Itagaki Kenji

32. Study on System Efficiency and Power Flow Optimization for Dual-Mode Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Li-jin Han, Chang-le Xiang, Wei-jing Yan, Yun-long Qi, Ran Liu

33. Development of Commercial Hybrid Vehicle Automatic Transmission System
Chiaki Umemura, Kazumi Ogawa, Toshinori Murahashi, Yasutoshi Yamada

34. A Dynamic Coordinated Control Strategy for Mode-Switch of Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on the Effect Control
Na Zhang, Feng Zhao, Yugong Luo

35. ‘Commercial Vehicle Electrification’ Challenges in Dimensioning and Integration in the Entire Vehicle
Winter Martin

36. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle with a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Traction Type
Danut Gabriel Marinescu, Ion Tabacu, Florin Serban, Viorel Nicolae, Stefan Tabacu, Ionel Vieru

37. Design and Simulation of Air Cooled Battery Thermal Management System Using Thermoelectric for a Hybrid Electric Bus
Vahid Esfahanian, Saber Ahmadi Renani, Hassan Nehzati, Nima Mirkhani, Mohsen Esfahanian, Omid Yaghoobi, Ali Safaei

38. Analysis of Rotor’s Magnetic Bridge and Yoke Design to EM’s Performance Influence
Ming Han, Wenxiang Huang, Pingliang Luo

39. HyBoost: An Intelligently Electrified Optimised Downsized Gasoline Engine Concept
Jason King, Matthew Heaney, James Saward, Andrew Fraser, Mark Criddle, Thierry Cheng, Guy Morris, Paul Bloore

40. Development of B70HEV and B50PHEV Based on Faw-TMH Powertrain
Jun Li, Minghui Liu, Dongqin Liu, Ziliang Zhao, Xingwang Yang

41. The Research of Electromagnetic Fields During Testing of a Hybrid Powerplant and a Hybrid Car Prototype
Elena Teriaeva

42. Research on the Efficiency of the Dual-Mode Hybrid Vehicle
Weijing Yan, Changle Xiang, Lijin Han, Donghao Zhang

43. Power Transmission Properties of Dry Hybrid V-Belt with Protuberant Tension Member on Contact Surfaces of Blocks: It’s Effect with Respect to Speed Ratio
Hirotoshi Kawakami, Kazuya Okubo, Toru Fujii, Hiroyuki Sakanaka, Ryuichi Kido

44. A Comparative Analysis of Optimization Strategies for a Power-Split Powertrain Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Jackeline Rios, Pierluigi Pisu

45. Development of a Compact-Class Range Extended Electric Vehicle Demonstrator
Michael Bassett, Jonathan Hall, John Powell, Simon Reader, Marco Warth, Bernd Mahr

46. Modeling of the Lithium Battery Cell for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
Hyun-sik Song, Tae-Hoon Kim, Jin-Beom Jeong, Dong-Hyun Shin, Baek-Haeng Lee, Byoung-Hoon Kim, Hoon Heo

47. On-Board Powerplant Numerical Optimization of Internal Combustion Engines in Series Hybrid-Powertrains
Thorsten Krenek, Thomas Lauer, Bernhard Geringer, Bacher Christopher

48. Torque-Vectoring Driveline for Electric Vehicles
Bernd-Robert Hoehn, Karsten Stahl, Philipp Gwinner, Ferdinand Wiesbeck

49. Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Design Optimization: Energy Consumption and Cost
João P. Ribau, João M. C. Sousa, Carla M. Silva

50. Simulation-Based Energy Flow Study of Purely Electric-Drive Vehicles
Bin Wang, Mian Li, Min Xu, Jianhua Zhou

51. Design of Auxiliary Electric Driving System in Rear Wheels of Vehicles
Hongzan Xu, Quan Sun, Xufeng Wu, Qiqian Jin, Yi You, Fuquan Zhao

52. Study on the Relationship Between EV Cost and Performance
Pupeng Wan, Zhiqiang Du, Qiqian Jin, Yi You, Fuquan Zhao

53. Hil Validation of Extended-Range Electric Vehicle Control Unit Based on Orthogonal Test
Haibo He, Qiqian Jin, Tingting Dong, Fuquan Zhao

54. Development of a Control System of Hybrid Power System Based on the XPC Target for Electric Vehicles
Yaming Zhang, Rui Xiong

55. A Study on Effective Thermal-Shock Test Improvement of Battery Packs for PHEVs
Byoung-Hoon Kim, Hong-Jong Lee, Jin-Beom Jeong, Baek-Haeng Lee, Dong-Hyun Shin, Hyun-Sik Song, Tae-Hoon Kim, Ji-Yoon Yoo

56. Challenges in NVH for Electric Vehicles
Benjamin Meek, Herman Auwear, Koen Langhe

57. Study on New Concept Powertrain for Range-Extended Electric Vehicles
Minghui Liu, Ziliang Zhao, Xingwang Yang, Chuan Li, Guopeng Luo

58. Parameters Optimization of PHEV Based on Cost-Effectiveness from Life Cycle View in China
Jiuyu Du, Hewu Wang, Minggao Ouyang

59. Approach of Gasoline Hybrid Technology for “95G CO2/KM” Emissions Regulation
Jun Li, Ziliang Zhao, Yihong Zheng, Minghui Liu, Heqi Liang

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