Bangsow, Steffen

Use Cases of Discrete Event Simulation

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Table of contents

1. Investigating the Effectiveness of Variance Reduction Techniques in Manufacturing, Call Center and Cross-Docking Discrete Event Simulation Models
Adrian Adewunmi, Uwe Aickelin

2. Planning of Earthwork Processes Using Discrete Event Simulation
Johannes Wimmer, Tim Horenburg, Willibald A. Günthner, Yang Ji, André Borrmann

3. Simulation Applications in the Automotive Industry
Edward J. Williams, Onur M. Ülgen

4. Simulating Energy Consumption in Automotive Industries
Daniel Wolff, Dennis Kulus, Stefan Dreher

5. Coupling Digital Planning and Discrete Event Simulation Taking the Example of an Automated Car Body in White Production
Steffen Bangsow

6. Modeling and Simulation of Manufacturing Process to Analyze End of Month Syndrome
Sanjay V. Kulkarni, Kumar G. Prashanth

7. Creating a Model for Virtual Commissioning of a Line Head Control Using Discrete Event Simulation
Steffen Bangsow, Uwe Günther

8. Optimizing a Highly Flexible Shoe Production Plant Using Simulation
F. A. Voorhorst, A. Avai, C. R. Boër

9. Simulation and Highly Variable Environments: A Case Study in a Natural Roofing Slates Manufacturing Plant
D. Crespo Pereira, D. Rio Vilas, N. Rego Monteil, R. Rios Prado

10. Validating the Existing Solar Cell Manufacturing Plant Layout and Pro-posing an Alternative Layout Using Simulation
Sanjay V. Kulkarni, Laxmisha Gowda

11. End-to-End Modeling and Simulation of High- Performance Computing Systems
Cyriel Minkenberg, Wolfgang Denzel, German Rodriguez, Robert Birke

12. Working with the Modular Library Automotive
Jiří Hloska

13. Using Simulation to Assess the Opportunities of Dynamic Waste Collection
Martijn Mes

14. Applications of Discrete-Event Simulation in the Chemical Industry
Sven Spieckermann, Mario Stobbe

15. Production Planning and Resource Scheduling of a Brewery with Plant Simulation
Diego Fernando Zuluaga Monroy, Cristhian Camilo Ruiz Vallejo

16. Use of Optimisers for the Solution of Multi-objective Problems
Andreas Krauß, János jósvai, Egon Müller

Avainsanat: Engineering, Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering, Simulation and Modeling

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