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Advances in Electronic Engineering, Communication and Management Vol.2

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Table of contents

1. Constructions and Application of Network Learning Platform
Wenjun Liao, Guohong Gao, Ying Wang, Mingli Guo, Tong Jiang

2. A Blind Adaptive Matching Pursuit Algorithm for Compressed Sensing Based on Divide and Conquer
Wenbiao Tian, Guosheng Rui, Zheng Fu

3. Multi-resolution Model Applied to Knowledge Base System for Personalized Service
Zhenzhen Yi, Ke Zhao, Kai Li, Shuxing Du

4. The Construction of the Security Ability System in Coal Enterprise
Liu-an Kong, Wen-jing Wu

5. Discussion on Certain Problems and Countermeasures on Expansion of Management Advisory Services of Accounting Company in China
Chenyun Ye, Lingyan Kou

6. Research on Control System of Inspecting and Adjusting Off Pattern for Rotary Screen Printing Machine
Aiqin Sun, Jidai Wang, Dongyue Zhang

7. Analysis of Test Scheme for a Bayesian Plan of Qualification Test in Binomial Case
Zhiqian Ren, Zhimao Ming

8. Wireless Sensor Networks Fusion Based on the Hybrid of Ordering Filter and Adaptive Weight
Changjiang Wang, Liqin Fu, Yongmei Zhang

9. Process Control and Intelligent Algorithms of Network Optimization Problems under Uncertain System
Jing Zhang

10. A Hybrid Clustering Based on ACO and Single-Pass
Wen Xiong

11. Advanced Sensing Device for Gesture Recognition
Yong Mu Jeong, Ki-Taek Lim, Seung Eun Lee

12. Research on the Reactive Power Control of Distributed Photovoltaic System
Zhiqiang Jia, Weiping Luo

13. Application of Gateway in Fault Location System of Belt Conveyor
Shaojie Yin, Jinsheng Sun

14. A Contract Performing Scenario Model for Web Services Collaboration
Denghui Zhang, Ji Gao

15. A SVM Approach for MCs Detection by Embedding GTDA Subspace Learning
Xinsheng Zhang, Minghu Wang, Fan Yu

16. Differential Evolution Using Local Search for Multi-objective Optimization
Youyun Ao

17. The Research about Fuzzy Control of Electric Generator Stator Bar-Ends Cure-Heating
Jie Bai, GaoJun Li, XiaoDong Tan

18. The Study on Phase-Control of Vacuum Circuit Breaker for Electric Railway Substation
Jie Bai, KeLiang Shu, XiaoDong Tan

19. General Information Diffusion Method in Risk Analysis
Qiong Li, Jianzhong Zhou, Donghan Liu

20. Multi-agent Based Bank Queuing Model and Optimization
Qicong Zhang

21. Simulation of Agent-Based of Intelligent Public Transit System
Qicong Zhang

22. Design and Simulation of Fuzzy Decoupling for Combustion Process of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler
Hao Tong, Xiaopeng Zhao, Guozhuang Liang

23. The Application of Ant-Colony Clustering Algorithm to Earthquake Prediction
Xiaoyan Shao, Xiang Li, Lingling Li, Xinru Hu

24. Rapid LED Optical Model Design by Midfield Simulation Verified by Normalized Cross Correlation Algorithm
YongJiang Di

25. Wireless Data Acquisition and Control System Based on DCS
Genghuang Yang, Abreham Fekibelu, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

26. ARM and DSP Based Device for Power Quality Monitoring
Genghuang Yang, Feifei Wang, Shigang Cui, Li Zhao

27. Chinese Ecological Risk Early-Warning Indicator System and Empirical Research
Zeng Yongquan

28. The Optimization on the Multiperiod Mean Average Absolute Deviation Fuzzy Portfolio Selection
Zhang Peng, Pan Jin

29. [r, s, t] - Colouring of Join Graphs S
+ O

Mingzhong Mo

30. Study on Product Design for Seniors
Chunqing Yang

31. A Time-Efficient FPGA-Based FFT Processor
Xudong Wang

32. The Research on the Impact of Project Communication to Project Performance
Zhongqing Wang, Qiang Hu

33. Time-Frequency Filtering for LFM Based on Time S-Transform and Time Inverse S-Transform
HuaShan Chi, HongXing Wang, Min Zhang, PeiHong Zhao

34. A BP-LZ77 Compression Algorithm Based on BP Network
HongWei Yan, HuiShan Lu, Qiang Gao

35. Modeling and Optimization of Frequency Hopping Sequence Designation in Asynchronous Network
DaoCheng Lei, YongLin Yu, Gang Wang, RunNian Ma

36. Chinese Demographic Risk Early-Warning Indicator System and Empirical Research
Zeng Yongquan

37. A Sparse Recovery Method of DOA Estimation for Uncorrelated Sources with Multi-snapshot
MaoWei Yin, DongYang Xu, ZhongFu Ye

38. Compensation of Double Closed Loop Control Systems with Time-Delay and Data Packet Losses
HuiSheng Gao, XiaoRui Li, Jun Wang

39. Optimization Design of Improving Signal Integrity for Enhancing Differential-Mode Transmission Lines
Wen-Jong Chen, Ming-Huang Wu

40. Coordinate Transformations in Satellite Navigation Systems
Pengfei Zhang, Chengdong Xu, Chunsheng Hu, Ye Chen

41. The Verification Method Research of Mining Right Boundary Based on GIS Technology in Shanxi Province
Bei Jia, Huijuan Li, Baoping Wang

42. Research on Evaluation Model of Digital Library Service Quality
YanHui Liu, DaLi Xie, XiaoBo Wang

43. Bayesian Model Averaging for Lasso Using Regularization Path
Mei Wang, Erlong Yang

44. Optimization Design of Parameters with Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Multi-hole Extrusion Process
Wen-Jong Chen, Dyi-Cheng Chen, Wen-Cheng Su, Fung-Ling Nian

45. Decision-Making Model of Business Continuity Management
Gang Chen

46. Research on Energy Supply Modes of Electric Vehicle
Changxian Cheng, Jianhua Yan

47. Why Does Firm Choose Internet Marketing Channel? A Firm Perspective and Contingent Framework
Maohong Liu, Xiaoliang Feng, Minxue Huang

48. Study on Diluted Symmetric Discrete-Time Hopfield Network
Li Tu, Yan Wang

49. Research on the BM Algorithm Based on the Intrusion Detection System
Xuewu Liu, Lingyi Peng, Chaoliang Li

50. Modeling and Analysis of DNA Mutation Effects on Protein Structure with Finite State Machine
Rui Gao, Wen-Song Hu, Cheng-Qiu Zhang

51. Design and Implementation of Solar Thermal Utilization Information System Based on GIS
Yu Zhang, Shijun He, Shutai Zhang, Zhonghua Chen, Wenjun Zhou, Yanyan Dai, Shiting Zhao, Fan Bai

52. Research of Lip Contour Extraction in Face Recognition
Kunlun Li, Ruining Xin, Miao Wang, Hui Bai

53. Public-Keys-Based Entity Authentication Protocol with Digital Signature for Cognitive Radio Networks
Chao Wang, JiWen Guo

54. An IPA Analysis of Effective Teaching Activities in China
Haiyan Kong

55. A Robust Control Scheme for Nonlinear Systems
Limin Liu

56. A Research for Bilingual Courses of Embedded Systems
Limin Liu

57. Research on Negative Inventory Balances Management of Modern Manufacturing Industry under ERP Environment
LinKun Li, KaiChao Yu, YiMing Li

58. Design of Automatic Control System of Fructose Crystallization
Jian Chu, Qing Lu

59. Text Clustering Method Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm
ZhanGang Hao, Tong Wang, XiaoQian Song

60. Layout Optimization Method of Traffic Information Data Acquisition System Based on Linear Programming
Wei Li

61. Application of MUSIC Algorithm to Scenario-Based Training Database Construction Method of ISAR Images
Sang-Hong Park, In-O Choi, Jae-Heung Ye, Young-Jun Kim

62. The LFT Formulation of Dynamical Systems with the Uncertainties of Parameter Variations
Jieh-Shian Young

63. The Design and Implementation of Wireless Network System for Temperature Control Based on ARM
Tianhao Hu, Kunchang Chen, Xinli Wu, Dichong Wu, Canlin Mo, Renwang Li

64. Research of Interactive Product Design for Virtual Tourism
Zhongyan Hu, Zaihui Cao, Jinfa Shi

65. Rapid Implementation of Communication-Related Simulation Equipment on the Open Web-Based Virtual Lab
Yue Zhao, Fuan Wen

66. The Principle and Application Exploration of Kademlia’s Structured P2P
Xiaochun Shi, Guoqing Liu, Jinchun Feng

67. Automatic Color Temperature Control Circuit
Tai-Ping Sun, Chia-Hung Wang, Huei-Jyun Lin, Kai-Yan Li

68. Study on Integrated Circuit Design for Multi-color LED Pulse-Width Modulation
Tai-Ping Sun, Chia-Hung Wang, Fu-Shiung Tsau, Jia-Hao Li

69. An Embedded Controller for Smart Products
Limin Liu

70. Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation on the Quality of Vehicle Equipment Maintenance Based on Membership Degree Transformation Algorithm
XiaoLing Wei, ZhiWen Chen, ZhenZhong Zhou

71. Moving Vehicle Detection Based on Union of Three-Frame Difference
Caiyuan Chen, Xiaoning Zhang

72. Improving the Learning Performance by Providing Intellectual Suggestions
Mohammad Sarem, Mostafa Bellafkih, Mohammad Ramdani

73. The Study of Substation Automation Remote Communication for Multi-granularity Access Control System
Lichun Shi, Haimei Xiao

74. Parameter Estimation of Sinusoidal Signal under Low SNR
Mingjian Sun, Xiaowei Zhang, Fanming Meng

75. Contour Algorithm Based on GVF Snake
Fan Zhang, Shengwei Li, Gang Zheng, Rui Li

76. The Design of Partial Electric and Control System for 500kV Substation
Haimei Xiao, Lichun Shi

77. Research on the Secure Access of E-Commerce
Longjun Zhang

78. A Secure Authentication Scheme of Wireless Mesh Network
Longjun Zhang

79. Research on Capacity Allocation in a Supply Chain System Based on TOC
Kaijun Leng, Yuxia Wang

80. Research of Data Acquisition Controller for DO Based on FPGA
WeiSheng Zhong, YaPing Wang

81. Research on the Simplification of BOM Maintenance under the Condition of ERP
Jia Zhang, Kaichao Yu

82. Simulation and Analysis of the Common-Emitter Circuit in Analog Electronics Teaching
Xiao-Hong Wu, Bin Wu, Jun Sun, Zhen-Yu Wang

83. Research on the Evaluation of the Third Party Reverse Logistics Suppliers
QingKui Cao, JingHua Zhang

84. Simulation Analysis of Traffic Capacity for Ticket Gates of Metro Station
Xin Han, Xie He, Beihua Cong

85. Analysis of Compensation Strategies for Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on DSFR-PLL Control
Xiaoying Zhang, Jun Yan, Zhiwei Wen, Dan Jin

86. Design of H.264 Encoder Based on ADSP-BF561
Qinghui Wang, Guian Wu, Ying Gao

87. Optimized Implementation of H.264 Integer Transform Based on Blackfin 533
QingHui Wang, HuaPing Xue, JingJing Yang

88. Power Line Communication System Design for LED Transmission
Tai-Ping Sun, Chia-Hung Wang, Jia-Yu Chen

89. The Design of Multi-parameter and Portable Monitor for Sleep Apnea Status
XiaoMei Liu, Ying Lian, ShaoChun Chen, ShanShan Tang

90. The Design of Body Sensor Network Based on CC430
XiaoMei Liu, ShanShan Tang, ShaoChun Chen, Ying Lian

91. Historical and Status Quo Analysis on the Production and Consumption of China’s Electric Power Energy
Jie Yao, Jin Zhu, Wei Gao

92. A High Performance Audio Watermarking Algorithm Based on Substitution in Wavelet Domain
Huan Hao, Liang Chen, Yipeng Zhang, Yinguang Zhang, Bo Zhang

93. Generalization Model of State Observers Based on Delay-Quantization Method
Leiming Liu, Chaonan Tong

94. Design of Doherty Amplifier in Digital TV Transmitter
Chen Jun, Su Kaixiong

95. Fusion Method of Feature Weight Based on Evidence Support Matrix
Guochu Chen, Rui Miao, Yue Li

96. Implementation and Application of DSP-LCD Driver Based on Framebuffer
Qinghui Wang, Xiaoying Chang, Ansong Feng

97. A Novel Energy Efficient Cluster-Based Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Bin Jiao, Youping Xiong

98. A 3D Temperature Field Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Acoustic Travel-Time Tomography
Hua Yan, Kun Li, ShanHui Wang

99. Evaluating Gigabit Switches Using Perfect Communication
JianMing Zhao, YongNing Guo

100. Application of Virtual Prototype Technology to Simulation Test for Airborne Software System
Yang Wang, Lifeng Wang, Zewei Zheng

101. Deconstructing the Ethernet
Zhong Chen, YongNing Guo

102. Comment on a Research and Analysis Four-Prime RSA
Yongning Guo, Chenglian Liu

103. An Improved FastIMM Algorithm Based on α-β and α-β-γ Filters
Junchen Sha, Jianping Xing, Zhenliang Ma, Liang Gao, Can Sun, Juan Sun

104. An Approach on Feature Selection of Cascaded Support Vector Machines with Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Ruihu Wang, Zhangping Hu, Liang Chen, Jing Xiong

105. Quantitative Analysis of Survivability Based on Intrusion Scenarios
Chengli Zhao, Zhiheng Yu

106. Facial Expression Recognition Based on Local Binary Patterns and Least Squares Support Vector Machines
Xiaoming Zhao, Shiqing Zhang

107. Facial Expression Recognition Using Kernel Locality Preserving Projections
Xiaoming Zhao, Shiqing Zhang

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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