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Communication Systems and Information Technology

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Table of contents

1. The Design and Implementation of DDR PHY Static Low-Power Optimization Strategies
Wei Ge, Mengnan Zhao, Cheng Wu, Jun He

2. Design on Triple Bi-directional DC/DC Converter Used for Power Flow Control of Energy Storage in Wind Power System
Yanlei Zhao, Naiyong Xia, Housheng Zhang

3. ESL Based SoC System Bandwidth Estimation Method
Zhen Xie, Xinning Liu, Weiwei Shan, Wei Ge

4. Cellular Automaton for Super-Paramagnetic Clustering of Data
Zhang Botao, Zhang Shuqiang, Yu Zhongqiu

5. Embedded Memory Wrapper Based on IEEE 1500 Standard
Maryam Songhorzadeh, Rahebeh Niaraki Asli

6. A SVPWM Control Strategy for Neutral Point Potential Compensation in Three-Level Inverter
Jinsong Kang, Yichuan Niu

7. Process Mining: A Block-Structured Mining Approach
Yan-liang Qu, Tie-shi Zhao

8. China RoHS: How the Changing Regulatory Landscape Is Affecting Process Equipment Reliability
Chris Muller, Henry Yu

9. Building Process Models Based on Interval Logs
Yan-liang Qu, Tie-shi Zhao

10. Fostering a Management Model of Librarians at Vocational College e-Libraries
Ling-Feng Hsieh, Mu-Chen Wu, Jiung-Bin Chin

11. Extension 2D to 3D of FAN Transform in Image
Fan Jing, Xuan Ying, Li Honglian

12. A Design of Low Cost Infrared Multi-touch System
Juan Wu, Yao-hui Hu, Guo-qiang Lv, Jing Yin

13. A Review of Research on Network-on-Chip Simulator
Haiyun Gu

14. Design Methodology of Dynamically Reconfigurable Network-on-Chip
Haiyun Gu

15. Numerical Simulation Study on a Flat-Plate Solar Air Collector
Wenfang Li, Shuhui Xu, Haiguang Dong, Jun You

16. Artificial Immune for Harmful Information Filtering
Yan Sun, Xue guang Zhou

17. Identification and Pre-distortion for GaN-PA
Yuanming Ding, Yan Wang, Akira Sano

18. On-Line Monitoring System of Methane Reaction Generator
Ma Baoji

19. Security Flaws in Two RFID Lightweight Authentication Protocols
Wang Shaohui

20. Study on Mechanical Parameters in Finite Element Analysis of Children’s Orbital-Bone
Weiyuan Lu, Zhixiang Liu, Xiuqing Qian, Tingting Ning, Huagang Yan

21. 3D Model Retrieval Based on Multi-View SIFT Feature
Shungang Hua, Qiuxin Jiang, Qing Zhong

22. Current Issues and Future Trends in Analysis of Automotive Functional Safety
Chunyang Mu, Xing Ma, Hongxing Ma, Xianlian Huang, Ling Zhang, Rong Fan

23. Development of an Automatic Steering System for Electric Power Steering (EPS) System Using Fuzzy Control Theory
Tao Hong, Xijun Zhao, Yong Zhai

24. Design and Implementation of Interactive Digital Shadow Simulation System
Qian Li, Qing-yi Hua, Jun Feng, Wei Niu, Hao Wang, Jie Zhong

25. Weighing Machine Modifications for Purblind and Sightless People
Vladimir Kasik, Martin Stankus

26. Active RFID Based Infant Security System
Lin Lin, Nan Yu, Tao Wang, Changan Zhan

27. Modified Segmentation Prony Algorithm and Its Application in Analysis of Subsynchronous Oscillation
Yujiong Gu, Dongchao Chen, Tiezheng Jin, Zhizheng Ren

28. Group Control Strategy of Welding Machine Based on Improved Active Set Algorithm
Chen Shujin, Zhang Junjun

29. Simulation and Experiment Research on the Effects of DC-Bias Current on the 500kV Power Transformer
Feng-hua Wang, Jun Zhang, Cheng-yu Gu, Zhi-jian Jin

30. A HID Lamp Model in Simulink Based on the Principle of Electric Arc
Xiaohan Guan, Zhongpeng Li

31. Coordinated Control for Complex Dynamic Interconnected Systems
Xin-yu Ouyang, Xue-bo Chen

32. Study on Calibration of Transfer Character of Ultrasonic Transducer
Qiufeng Li, Quanhong Zhang, Min Zhao, Lihua Shi

33. A Novel Non-contact Pulse Information Detection Method Based on the Infrared Sequence Images
Weibin Zhou, Bin Jing, Dian Qu, Guihong Yuan, Chunyan Wang, Haiyun Li

34. A Method of Neurons Classification and Identification
Xingfu Li, Donghuan Lv

35. A Broadband Image-Rejection Sub-harmonically Pumped Mixer MMIC for Ka-band Applications
Fang-Yue Ma, Yang-Yang Peng, Xiao-Ying Wang, Wen-Quan Sui

36. Study of Phase-Shift Laser Ranging on Travelling Crane Anti-collision System
Bisheng Cao, Zhou Wan, Zhongguo Jing, Xin Xiong

37. Bearing Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis of a Wind Turbine Using Parameter Free Detection
Shenggang Yang, Xiaoli Li, Ming Liang

38. An Approach of K-Barrier Coverage of WSN for Mine
Qianping Wang, Liangying Wang, Rui Zhou, Dong Jiang

39. Design and Implementation of Intrusion Detection System
Tai-ping Mo, Jian-hua Wang

40. Self Tuning PID Controller for Main Steam Temperature in the Power Plant
Amin Aeenmehr, Alireza Sina

41. A Novel Transformerless Single-Phase Three-Level Photovoltaic Inverter
Xiaoguang Yang, Youhua Wang

42. Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Fixed-Point Iteration for Electrical Capacitance Tomography
Cuihuan Li, Xiaoguang Yang, Youhua Wang

43. Research on Data Preprocessing in Exam Analysis System
Ming-hua Zhu

44. The Development and Application of Environmental Art Project Which Based on Semiotics in Information Age
Ke Zuo

45. Rotor Time Constant Estimation for the Vector Controlled Induction Motor Drive Based on MARS Scheme
Hua Li, Shunyuan Zhou

46. Small-World Request Routing System in CDNs
Lan Li

47. Experimental Study on Simulated Cerebral Edema Detection with PSSMI
Gui Jin, Mingxin Qin, Chao Wang, Wanyou Guo, Lin Xu, Xu Ning, Jia Xu, Dandan Gao

48. Medium Choice of Chinese Consumers in Obtaining Advertising Information about Minitype Automobile
Dao-ping Chen

49. The Finite Element Modeling for Mechanical Feature Analysis of Human Lumbar L4-L5 Segment
Juying Huang, Haiyun Li, Hao Wu

50. Hybrid Control Using Sampling PI and Fuzzy Control Methods for Large Inertia and Time Delay System
Jia Xie, Shengdun Zhao, Zhenghui Sha, Jintao Liang

51. An Operator Controllable Authentication and Charging Solution for Application Store
Jianbing Xing, Zhaoxia Li, Xiongwei Jia, Zizhi Qiao

52. A Modified Kalman Filter for Non-gaussian Measurement Noise
Muhmmad J. Mirza

53. A Novel Framework for Active Detection of HTTP Based Attacks
Liang Jie, Sun Jianwei, Hu Changzhen

54. Model Predictive Control for Single Phase Inverters
Yecheng Lv, Ningxiang Xie, Kai Wang

55. Evaluation Method and Standard on Maintainability of Cockpit
Junwei Zhao, Lin Zhou, Haitao Zhao, Xuming Mao, Youchao Sun

56. Smart Mobile User Adaptive System with Autonomous Sensor Networks
Ondrej Krejcar, Robert Frischer

57. Reduction of Player’s Weight by Active Playing Using Motion Sensors
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik

58. Use of Neural Networks Library for Material Defect Detection Diagnosis
Ondrej Krejcar

59. Multi-sensor Measurement Fusion via Adaptive State Estimator
Li-Wei Fong

60. A Simple Automatic Outlier Regions Detection
Kitti Koonsanit

61. The Feature Parameters Algorithm of Digital Signal in Circuit Based on Simulation
Xiaodong Ma, Guangyan Zhao, Yufeng Sun

62. Research of Stereo Matching Based on Improved Median Filter
Huiyan Jiang, Rui Gao, Xiaojie Liu

63. Generating Method of Three-Phase Voltage Sag in EV Charging System Performance Testing
Xiaoming Yue, Hui Fan, Jin Pan, Xiaoguang Hao, Zhimeng Zhang

64. Improved Predictive Control of Grid-Connected PV Inverter with LCL Filter
Huijie Xue, Wei Feng, Zilong Yang, Chunsheng Wu, Honghua Xu

65. Study on Application of Demand Prognosticating Model Based on Grey Theory
Han Qingtian, Li Lian, Zhang Yi

66. Research on Bayes Reliability Assessment for Test Data
Han Qingtian, Li Lian, Cui Jia

67. Improved Particle Swarm Optimization by Updating Constraints of PID Control for Real Time Linear Motor Positioning
Ying-Hao Li, Yi-Cheng Huang, Jen-Ai Chao

68. Small Form-Factor Driver for Power LEDs Powered with One Element Battery
Garate Jose Ignacio, de Diego Jose Miguel, Araujo Jose Angel

69. The Empirical Analysis of the Impact of Industrial Structure on Carbon Emissions
Mei Liao, Tianhao Wu

70. An Ant-Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Pengliu Tan, Xiaojun Deng

71. Transient Sensitivity Computations for Large-Scale MOSFET Circuits Using Waveform Relaxation and Adaptive Direct Approach
Chen Chun-Jung

72. Incremental Circuit Simulation for Large-Scale MOSFET Circuits with Interconnects Using Iterated Timing Analysis
Chen Chun-Jung

73. Inversion of Array Lateral-Logging Based on LSSVM
Yu Kong, Li Zhang, Linwei Feng, Yueqin Dun

74. Voice Recognition Based on the Theory of Transmission Wave and LSSVM
Yu Kong, Yue Min, Jing Xiao

75. Design of a Two-Phase Adiabatic Content-Addressable Memory
Meng-Chou Chang, Yen-Ting Kuo

76. Branch Importance Assessment under Cut-Off Power Flow Based on EM Clustering
Feng Yuan, Wang Li-ming, Xia Li, Bu Le-ping, Shao Ying

77. Knowledge Discovery of Energy Management System Based on Prism, FURIA and J48
Feng Yuan, Xia Li, Wang Li-ming, Pu Le-ping, Shao Ying

78. Study on the Medium-Term and Long-Term Forecast Technology of Wind Farm Power Generation
Yang Gao, Li Liu, Guoyan Liang, Shihai Ma, Chenwei Tian

79. Optimal Space Vector Modulation Control for Three-Phase Inverter
Su Xiaofang, Rao Binbin, Li Shijie, Zheng Ruilan

80. Optimal Dead-Time Elimination for Voltage Source Inverters
Su Xiaofang, Rao Binbin, Zeng Yongsheng

81. Research of the Influence Factors in Single-Phase Inverter Output
Xiaofang Su, Binbin Rao, Chong Chen, Junbo Liu

82. The Inspiration of the Economic Restructuring in Ruhr of Germany to the Sustainable Development of Mining Cities in Henan Province of China
Wang Liping

83. Design of Metal Pipe Defect Detection Device Based on Electromagnetic Guided Wave
Shuwang Chen, Deliang Li, Zhangsui Xu

84. Implement of Explosion-Proof and Intrinsic Safe Model Mult-protocol Converter
Ming-san Ouyang, Cheng-jie Zhu, Zhe Liang

85. The Application in Mobile Computing of Spatial Association Rules Mining Algorithm Based on Separating Support Items
Gang Fang

86. Automatic Test Case Generation for Web Applications Testing
Lulu Sun, Junyi Li, Shenglan Liu

87. Design of Holmium Laser Treatment Instrument Control System Based on STM32
Youjie Zhou, Chunhua Xiong, Changbo Lu

88. Research on Attribute Granular Computing and Its Fuzzification Method Based on Qualitative Mapping
Ru Qi Zhou, Yi Lin Wu, Yi Qun Chen

89. A CT Image Denoise Method Using Curvelet Transform
Junmin Deng, Haiyun Li, Hao Wu

90. Research System Optimization of the Wireless Mesh Networks Based on WLAN
Jin Wen

91. Stabilization Control of Chaotic System Based on LaSalle Invariant Principle
Chunchao Shi, Yanqiu Che, Jiang Wang, Xile Wei, Bin Deng, Chunxiao Han

92. Parameter Estimation in a Class of Chaotic System via Adaptive Steady State Control
Chunchao Shi, Yanqiu Che, Chunxiao Han, Jiang Wang, Bin Deng, Xile Wei

93. Algorithms of 3D Segmentation and Reconstruction Based on Teeth CBCT Images
Wenjun Zhang

94. A Calculation Method for Series Lagging Correction Based on Root Locus
Li Wang

95. The Computer Simulation and Real-Time Control for the Inverted Pendulum System Based on PID
Yong Xin, Bo Xu, Hui Xin, Jian Xu, Lingyan Hu

96. Application of Fractal Dimension in Analysis of Soil Micro Pores
Shu-hua Zhang

97. Assessment of Loess Collapsibility with GRNN
Shu-hua Zhang

98. Grey Comprehensive Relational Analysis of Fighting Efficiency Influencing Factors of AEW Radar
Guangdong Liang, Guangshan Lu, An Zhang, Yanbin Shi

99. Diesel Misfire Fault Diagnosis Using Vibration Signal over Cylinder Head
Liu Li-tian, Liao Hong-yun, Chen Xiang-long, Feng Yong-min, Xiao Yun-kui

100. Proof of a Conjecture about k-Graceful Graph
Li Wuzhuang, Yan Qiantai

101. High Dynamic GPS Signal Analysis and Acquisition Algorithm
Xiaoming Han, Guangyu Zheng, Shusheng Peng

102. On the Mutual Information and Capacity of Coded MIMO with Interference Alignment
Haitao Li, Haiying Yuan

103. Interdisciplinary Education Model of Fashion Marketing and E-Commerce
Zhaoyan, Renli

104. Research on the Image Registration Algorithm Based on Regional Feature
Xiaoyan Cao, Xiangxin Shao, Xinying Li, Chunying Wang, Yan Zhou

105. Accurate Curvature Approximation of 3-Dimension Discrete Points
Shilin Zhou, Jianping Yin, Xiaolin Yang, Junyun Wu

106. The Research of a Symmetrical Component Method and Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation of Electric Arc Furnace
Xuezhe Che, Fenglong Shen, Jianhui Wang

107. Numerical Simulation of Electrokinetic Flow in a Nanotube with Variable Physical Properties
Davood D. Ganji, Mofid Gorji-Bandpy, Mehdi Mostofi

108. Physical Properties of Camellia Oleifera Heated by Micro-wave
Jian Zhou, Lijun Li, Yihua Hu, Ke Cheng, Zhiming Yang, Ye Xue

109. Research on Trust-Based Dynamic Role Access Control Model
Dongping Hu, Guohua Cui, Aihua Yin, Liang Chen

110. Design of Special Welding Machine Based on Open CNC System
Haibo Lin

111. Optimization Algorithm on the Intelligence Schedule of Pubic Traffic Vehicles
Cui Yonghong, Wang Qingrong

112. The Criterion of Intrinsic Safe Circuit Characteristic Based on Electric Arc Power
Ligong Wang

113. Multiple View Locality Preserving Projections with Pairwise Constraints
Xuesong Yin, Qi Huang, Xiaodong Chen

114. Analysis of E-SCM
Huang Hua, Peng Cong

115. Information Sharing of Partnership in Supply Chain and Enhancement of Core Competitiveness of Enterprises
Huang Hua, Peng Cong

116. Novel Spatial Diversity Equalizer Suitable for 16-QAM Signal
Rao Wei

117. Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Pneumatic Rotary Actuator
Logah Perumal

118. Evolutionary Neural Network Based on Immune Continuous Ant Colony Algorithm
Gao Wei

119. Reliable and Delay-Efficient Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mohammad Ali Jabraeil Jamali, Adel Fathi, Javad Pashaei

120. Interfacial Impedance Sensor Employing Bio-activated Microbeads and NiHCF-Coated Interdigitated Microelectrodes: A Model Analysis
Nuno M. M. Pires, Tao Dong, Zhaochu Yang, Lei Zhang

121. An Improved Fp-Tree Algorithm
Haijun Zhang, Changchang Zhang, Bo Zhang

122. A Decoupling Method for Evaluating Lightning-Induced Overvoltages on One Certain Line of an Overhead Transmission Lines System
Dongming Li, Cheng Wang, Xiaohu Liu

123. Power Flow Calculation in the Voltage Output Stage
Sun Qiuye, Li Zhongxu, Ma Dazhong, Zhou Jianguo

124. Research on Trajectory Control of Polishing Robot Based on Secondary Deceleration and Dynamic Model
Tongying Guo, Languang Zhao, Haichen Wang

125. Security of Industrial Control System
Peng Jie, Liu Li

126. The Application of Automatic Control Theory in Software Engineering
Wensong Hu, Xingui Yang, Min Zhu, Yan Zhang

127. Portable MIT-BIH Physiological Signal Playback System Based on Android
Wensong Hu, Li Ming, Min Zhu, Linglin Xia

128. The Application of Network Model on Power Station
Min Zhu, Wensong Hu, Yan Zhang

129. The Application of Algorithm in Power Station
Min Zhu, Wensong Hu, Yan Zhang

130. The Application of IP/UDP Protocols in 51 Microcontrollers
Wensong Hu, Yuyuan Zhu, Min Zhu, Ke Zuo

131. A Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on User Information.
Daner Chen

132. The Personalized Recommendation Algorithm Based on Item Semantic Similarity.
Yulong Ying

133. Application Research of Four-Branch Antenna Design by Improved Orthogonal Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Jincui Guo, Xiaojuan Zhao, Jinxin Zou

134. Research on Aviation Forewarning Systems Based on Business Intelligence
Liu Yongjun, Hu Qing, Ruan Wenjuan

135. The Need for Teleradiology System in Medical Remote-Diagnosis Process
Mohammad H. Al-Taei, Ziyad T. Abdul-Mehdi, Subhi H. Hamdoon

136. The Clustering Methods Based on the Most Similar Relation Diagram
Yan Yu, Wei Hong Xu, Yu Shan Bai, Min Zhu

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Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering
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