Minai, Ali A.

Unifying Themes in Complex Systems VII

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Table of contents

1. CALM: Complex Adaptive System (CAS)-Based Decision Support for Enabling Organizational Change
Richard M. Adler, David J. Koehn

2. Multi-level behaviours in agent-based simulation: colonic crypt cell populations
Chih-Chun Chen, Sylvia B. Nagl, Christopher D. Clack

3. Developing a complex approach to health phenomena (step 1)
Myriam Patricia Cifuentes

4. Virtual Spring-Based 3D Multi-Agent Group Coordination
Roozbeh Daneshvar, Liwen Shih

5. Exploration for Agents with Different Personalities in Unknown Environments
Sarjoun Doumit, Ali Minai

6. The Self-Made Puzzle: Integrating Self-Assembly and Pattern Formation Under Non-Random Genetic Regulation
René Doursat

7. The Necessity of Conceptual Skill Enhancement to Address Philosophical Challenges of New Science : Background and Implications
Robert A. Este

8. Evolutionary Perspective on Collective Decision Making
Dene Farrell, Hiroki Sayama, Shelley D. Dionne, Francis J. Yammarino, David Sloan Wilson

9. Disrupting Terrorist Networks — A Dynamic Fitness Landscape Approach
Philip V. Fellman, Jonathan P. Clemens, Roxana Wright, Jonathan Vos Post, Matthew Dadmun

10. The World as Evolving Information
Carlos Gershenson

11. Inferring Diversity: Life After Shannon
Adom Giffin

12. Life at the “edge of chaos” in a genetic model
Y. Grondin, D. J. Raine, V. Norris

13. The Effects of Complexity on the Product-Service Shift
Ella-Mae Molloy, Carys Siemieniuch, Murray Sinclair

14. Rapid Software Evolution
Borislav Iordanov

15. Structural Changes and Adaptation of Algal Population under Different Regimens of Toxic Exposure
Valentina Ipatova, Valeria Prokhotskaya, Aida Dmitrieva

16. Modularity and Self-Organized Functional Architectures in the Brain
Laxmi Iyer, Ali A. Minai, Simona Doboli, Vincent R. Brown

17. An Introduction to Complex-System Engineering
Michael L. Kuras

18. Statistical properties of agent-based market area model
Zoltán Kuscsik, Denis Horváth

19. Complexity and the Social Sciences: Insights from complementary theoretical perspectives
A. J. Masys

20. Agent Based Model of Livestock Movements
D. J. Miron, I. V. Emelyanova, G. E. Donald, G. M. Garner

21. Random graph models of communication network topologies
Hannu Reittu, Ilkka Norros

22. Using RDF to Model the Structure and Process of Systems
Marko A. Rodriguez, Jennifer H. Watkins, Johan Bollen, Carlos Gershenson

23. How do agents represent?
Alex Ryan

24. Wisdom of Crowds in Prisoner’s Dilemma Context
Min Sun, Mirsad Hadzikadic

25. A Complex Systems Approach to the Design and Evaluation of Holistic Security Ecosystems
Mihaela Ulieru

26. Exploring Watts’ Cascade Boundary
Daniel E. Whitney

Avainsanat: Physics, Statistical Physics, Dynamical Systems and Complexity, Complexity, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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