Dössel, Olaf

World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany

Dössel, Olaf - World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, September 7 - 12, 2009, Munich, Germany, e-kirja


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Table of contents

1. Computer-aided Fracture Diagnosis and Classification Package Embedded in the Integrated Electronic Patient Record System
Dong-Yun Gu, Ke-Rong Dai, Song-Tao Ai, Ya-Zhu Chen

2. Technology of Multiphasic Intellectual Screening of Chronic Diseases for Children and Adolescents
V. V. Shapovalov, A. P. Nemirko

3. An Interactive Medical Support System for Dermatology in Rural Areas
E. Hanada, K. Ikebuchi, M. Miyamoto, M. Kitani, S. Yamaguchi, I. Dekio, E. Morita

4. Telematic Medical Systems for Individualized and Personalized Assistance
B. Wolf, P. Friedrich, J. Clauss, A. Scholz

5. A Software Architecture for a Telematic Rescue Assistance System
Michael Protogerakis, Arno Gramatke, Klaus Henning

6. Sharing tracking data between different systems using an Open Surgical Communication Bus
B. Ibach, J. Benzko, A. Janß, K. Radermacher

7. Innovation of Homely Rehab with Help of Telemedical Services
A. Mertens, D. Dünnebacke, B. Kausch, P. Laing, C. M. Schlick

8. Authentication of persons using acceleration sensors in a telemedicine setting
S. Becker, A. Scholz, M. Gül, D. Dill, B. Wolf

9. Web services and msd-format for secure data management in medical applications
H. Meier, I. Alich, H. Flick

10. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Data Manipulation - A new approach
J. Soares, V. Alves

11. Body Area Networks: Applications, Architectures and Challenges
Arie Reichman

12. Introducing electronic prescriptions in Belgium
M. Nyssen, T. Putzeys, L. Baert, P. Jongen, D. Broeckx, I. Huysentruyt, V. Vande Keere

13. Innovation Barriers for Telemonitoring
H. -G. Gruber, B. Wolf, M. Reiher

14. Development of a Telemedical System for Monitoring Patients with Chronic Respiratory Diseases
A. G. Polak, G. Głomb, T. Guszkowski, I. Jabłoński, B. Kasprzak, J. Pękala, A. F. Stępień, Z. Świerczyński, J. Mroczka

15. Fundamental examination of a self diagnostic system for the early stage of senile disuse dementia
E. Okuyama, N. Suzuki, M. Kaneko, S. Kaneko, S. Yamada, T. Shimura

16. Telemedical application for centralized home care of high-risk pregnancy based on control sharing approach
D. Roj, K. Horoba, J. Wrobel, M. Kotas, J. Jezewski, T. Przybyla

17. Structured electronic message exchange for physiotherapists
R. Buyl, M. Nyssen

18. Philips Astonish image processing software phantom evaluation used on planar mode acquisition images
J. A. M. Santos, A. G. Dias, A. L. Bastos

19. Posture and Motion Detection Using Acceleration Data for Context Aware Sensing in Personal Healthcare Systems
Achim Volmer, Niels Torben Krüger, Reinhold Orglmeister

20. Tumoral mass classification by specialists and the CAD scheme
A. C. Patrocinio, M. F. Angelo, S. Elias, L. P. Freitas, H. Schiabel, R. B. Medeiros

21. Feasibility and Effectiveness of Home Care Telemedicine in Patients with Heart Failure in Thuringia
M. Goernig, A. Kwetkat, B. Brehm, K. Fidorra, A. Roth, H. R. Figulla, U. Leder

22. A DPWS-Based Architecture for Medical Device Interoperability
S. Pöhlsen, S. Schlichting, M. Strähle, F. Franz, C. Werner

23. Compression of Vital Biosignals of Patient by Enhanced Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees Algorithm
Ershad Sharifahmadian

24. Ride Comfort Analysis using Physiological Parameters for e-Health Train
Youngbum Lee, Kwangsoo Shin, Yongsoo Song, Sungho Han, Myoungho Lee

25. TELEMON - A Complex System for Real Time Medical Telemonitoring
Hariton Costin, Cristian Rotariu, Ioana Alexa, Gina Constantinescu, Vlad Cehan, B. Dionisie, Gladiola Andruseac, V. Felea, E. Crauciuc, M. Scutariu

26. Computer-Aided Diagnosis in Medical Imaging: Achievements and Challenges
Kunio Doi

27. Feature Extraction from Medical Images for an Oral Cancer Reoccurrence Prediction Environment
Sebastian Steger, Marius Erdt, Gianfranco Chiari, Georgios Sakas

28. WEB 2.0 and Social Networking: Perspectives of A Healthcare Web Portal
M. Bava, A. Zambon, L. Vecchi-Brumatti, A. Accardo, G. Tamburlini

29. Pattern recognition techniques in recognition of neoplastic changes in images of cell nuclei
A. Dulewicz, P. Jaszczak, B. D. Piętka

30. Tambov State Technical University Telemedical Centre as the Main Part of the Regional Telemedical Net
S. Mischenko, S. Frolov, M. Frolova, M. Lyadov

31. The Mobile Implementation of HL7 API for u-Healthcare Devices
D. I. Shin, P. J. Pak, S. J. Huh

32. Database system for administration of heterogeneous medical studies
A. Häfner, S. Schulz, R. Schröder, K. Witt, A. Voss

33. Telemedical control of a robotic external fixator
R. Wendlandt, K. Seide, C. Jürgens, J. Müller

34. Deterministic tracking of contrast enhanced MR-Angiography (CE-MRA) data by using established methods of Diffusion-Tensor-Imaging (DTI)
D. Güllmar, A. Deistung, J. R. Reichenbach

35. Quasi-Static Field Modeling of Human Limb for Intra-Body Communication
S. H. Pun, Y. M. Gao, P. U. Mak, M. Du, M. I. Vai

36. CAD Scheme for differential diagnosis of lacunar infarcts and normal Virchow-Robin spaces on brain MR images
Y. Uchiyama, T. Asano, T. Hara, H. Fujita, H. Hoshi, T. Iwama, Y. Kinosada

37. The Development of Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software for Detection of Individual Autonomic Response on Music and Quran Recitation
M. Rezal, Tati L. R. Mengko, J. Jofizal

38. Personalized Pain Diary on a Handheld Device
U. G. Hofmann, T. Michalski, V. Tronnier, M. M. Bonsanto

39. Architecture of Mobile and Desktop Stations for Noninvasive Continuous Blood Pressure Measurement
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova, Robert Frischer

40. Complex Biomedical System with Mobile Clients
Ondrej Krejcar, Dalibor Janckulik, Leona Motalova

41. Image Processing-Based Eyelid State Detection
T. Fernandes, A. F. Henzen, A. F. Charão, F. K. Schneider, H. R. Gamba, P. M. Gewehr

42. Patient-specific hemodynamics prediction and virtual endovascular intervention using MediGRID and free software
K. N. Beronov, O. Dzhimova, M. Vossberg, D. Krefting

43. Interactive Voice Response System for home telemonitoring of heart failure patients
P. Melillo, L. Pecchia, M. Bracale

44. A platform for patient monitoring in home health care including an interpretation tool for heart failure patients
P. Hult, M. Oscarsson, L. Rattfält, P. Ask

45. A Solution Method for Enlarging the Reconstruct Width of the IGRT-Used Cone-Beam CT by Image Concatenating
Jian Zhu, Min Liu, Yong Yin

46. Software environment for fast DCE-MRI analysis
A. M. Hoetker, P. Mildenberger, Ch. Düber, K. Oberholzer

47. A Web Service Based Tool to Support General Practitioners in a First Level Diagnosis of Melanoma
A. Bellodi, V. Parodi, M. Giacomini

48. Virtual Chameleon - A System to Provide Different Views to Both Eyes
F. Mizuno, T. Hayasaka, T. Yamaguchi

49. Radiotherapy Software for Department Management and Organisation
Maxime Coevoet

50. Satisfaction of patients and therapists with an upper limb tele-rehabilitation service
C Giacomozzi, M Bernabeu, D Cordella, H J Hermens, B Huijgen, S Ilsbroukx, V Macellari, R Magni, S Scattareggia, M Zampolini, M Rogante

51. Characterizing the Patient Flow Pathway during Chest pain Diagnosis in an Emergency Department
D. Dixon, J. Eatock, F. J. FitzGibbon, S. Robinson, L. Rocke, L. Swales

52. A WEB Tool for Analysis of Spectrophotometric Data for the Treatment of Patients with HIV
S. Bertolini, M. Giacomini, I. Martini, J. McDermott, O. E. Varnier

53. Two Low-Cost Solutions for Cardiac Mobile Monitoring
R. I. Gonzalez, R. Guardarrama, F. Leon, A. Rodriguez, D. Jimenez

54. The Use of Thesauri for Cancer Prevention in Workplace
M. Giacomini, R. Gazzarata, S. Bertolini, F. Rizzo, D. Vecchio

55. Wearable Biomedical Signal Measurement Terminal
J. H. Hong, E. J. Cha, T. S. Lee

56. Accelerometer based motion noise analysis of ECG signal
D. K. Han, J. H. Hong, J. Y. Shin, T. S. Lee

57. Improvement in the Accuracy of RR Interval through R-wave Interpolation
E. M. Lee, E. J. Cha, T. S. Lee

58. GPU-based Fast 3D Ultrasound-Endoscope Image Fusion for Complex-Shaped Objects
Hongen Liao, Masayoshi Tsuzuki, Etsuko Kobayashi, Ichiro Sakuma

59. A CAD System for Screening X-ray Chest Radiography
G. Horváth, G. Orbán, Á. Horváth, G. Simkó, B. Pataki, P. Máday, S. Juhász, Á. Horváth

60. An Investigation of Computer-Generated Visual Feedback for the Support of Low Back Pain Therapy
D. Brodbeck, M. Degen, J. Kool, P. Oesch

61. Quality of Service Evaluation of Telemedicine Network Design with IEEE 802.11b Technology
A. Zambrano, M. Huerta, M. Diaz, M. Andrade, P. Marchena

62. Implementation of a Standard Service of Repository for Cardiological Unit
S. Faveri, M. Giacomini, S. Nadai, F. Greco

63. ECCA - Endoscopic Capsule Capview cAtaloguer
Sérgio Lima, João P. Silva Cunha, Miguel Coimbra, José M. Soares

64. Data Mining for Floral Distribution Pattern Detection
S. Pivetti, M. Giacomini, G. Casazza, L. Minuto

65. A Review of the OpenEHR Implementation in Indonesian National Health Information System: Integrated Health Post
Agung W. Setiawan, Astri Handayani, Antonius D. Setiawan, G. A. Putri Saptawati, Andriyan B. Suksmono, Tati R. Mengko

66. Prevalence Prognosis of the End Stage Renal Disease Patients in Greece
A. Rodina, K. Bliznakova, K. Stavrianou

67. Implementation of a miniaturised activity monitor to support convalescence
D. Dill, M. Gül, A. Scholz, S. Becker, M. Bachmeier, B. Wolf

68. Wireless ECG Network
M. Bergblomma, M. C. Ekström, M. Ekström, J. G. Castaño, M. Björkman, M. Lindén

69. Visualization of Orientation Distribution Functions (ODFs) with MATLAB
C. Ros, D. Güllmar, M. Klatt, J. R. Reichenbach

70. Classification of Spectroscopic Images in the DIROlab Environment
F. O. Kaster, B. M. Kelm, C. M. Zechmann, M. A. Weber, F. A. Hamprecht, O. Nix

71. Design a NGN Network to Telehealth Using Wi-Fi Technologies
J. Pirrone, I. Mendizabal

72. E-health System for Monitoring of Chronic Diseases
R. Ciorap, D. Andritoi, V. Pomazan, L. Petcu, F. Ungureanu, D. Zaharia

73. Recognition System for Mesothelials Cells Classification
V. E. Martínez, A. F. Rodríguez, J. F. Remolina, O. M. Álvarez

74. Automating patient dose audit and clinical audit using RIS data
R. Wilde, S. Baily, C. Baker, P. Charnock, D. McCreavy, B. M. Moores

75. Texture classification of images from Endoscopic Capsule by using MLP and SVM - A comparative approach
C. S. Lima, J. H. Correia, J. Ramos, D. Barbosa

76. HLA haplotypes frequencies tool for support of search for unrelated stem cells donors
D. Steiner, J. Broz, L. Kupková, A. Rosenmayr, L. Lhotská

77. A Mobile Device for Textile-integrated Long-term ECG Monitoring
S. Lamparth, S. Fuhrhop, M. Kirst, G. v. Wagner, J. Ottenbacher

78. Wearable Respiratory Rate Monitoring using Piezo-resistive Fabric Sensor
J. W. Jeong, Y. W. Jang, I. Lee, S. Shin, S. Kim

79. WEB Based Tool for the Organization of Knowledge in Neurology
M. Giacomini, M. Cafferata

80. Transanal Resection of the Recto-sigmoid Colon: Feasibility Study for a Natural Orifices Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery Technique Based on the Principles of Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery
Hemanga Bhattacharjee, Gerhard Buess, Fransisco Becera

81. Interactive Teleradiology
I. Drnasin, G. Gogic, S. Tonkovic

82. A SMS-Based Platform for Cardiovascular Tele-monitoring
M. Triventi, E. Mattei, F. Censi, G. Calcagnini, Stefano Strano, P. Bartolini

83. A Novel Method to Study DICOM Tags and Definitions for Structured Report and Image Analysis Purposes
A. Moein, K. Youssefi

84. Computer Assisted Imaging for Nodule detection on a Multi-slice CT Image
Manju Singh, H R Singh

85. Ambulant ECG Recording with Wet and Dry Electrodes: A Direct Comparison of two Systems
S. Fuhrhop, S. Lamparth, M. Kirst, G. v. Wagner, J. Ottenbacher

86. Wireless Internet Based Communication Robot for Healthcare Application
Kuo-Sheng Cheng, Ching-Lin Li, Shao-An Deng, Yen-Fen Ko, Hsin-Hua Li, Cheng-Chun Hsu

87. A Video-based Algorithm for Elderly Fall Detection
Jared Willems, Glen Debard, Bart Vanrumste, Toon Goedemé

88. Computer Aided Detection of Hepatic Nodules in DCE MR Images
D. J. Lv, J. Zhang, X. Y. Wang, J. Fang

89. Barriers of Implementing Applicable Remote Health Care System in China
Xirui Wang, Timo Korhonen

90. Extracting the Inner and Outer Borders of Bladder Wall and Flattening the Extracted Wall for MR Cystography
Z. Liang, C. Duan, D. Gu, H. Lu

91. Building a Home Care System with the ISO/IEEE 11073 Standard
Jia-Rong Wu, Yuh-show Tsai

92. The Development of Remote Monitoring System Using International Standard
Hironori Takeuchi, Akinobu Kumabe, Pu Zhang, Yuichi Kogure, Masatake Akutagawa, Yousuke Kinouchi, Qinyu Zhang

93. Diagnostic quality of high resolution JPEG 2000 compressed CT and MR brain images
J. Paz, M. Perez, I. Miranda

94. Use of Analytic Image Concept in MR Parallel Imaging
Josiane Yankam Njiwa, Christof Baltes, Markus Rudin

95. Smart Sensors for Environmental BioSecurity Control at Operating Rooms
J. D. Uceda, C. Sánchez, M. Elena, S. Blasco, P. Cerro

96. Application of a Mobile Telemedicine System with Multi Communication Links for Disaster Reliefs in Indonesia
Ediana Sutjiredjeki, Soegijardjo Soegijoko, Tati Latifah R. Mengko, Suhartono Tjondronegoro, Kastam Astami, Hary Utomo Muhammad, Suherman

97. Portable Intelligent Bioelectric Signals Acquisition System with an Adaptive Frontend Implemented Using FPGA and FPAA
Pedro Antonio Mou, Chang Hao Chen, Sio Hang Pun, Peng Un Mak, Mang I Vai

98. DICOM in Surgery - Requirements for Digital Data Exchange in the Perioperative Surgical Workflow
M. Gessat, T. Treichel, H. U. Lemke, O. Burgert

99. Movement Monitoring in the HomeCare System
M. Cerny

100. Targeted Image Reconstruction in Positron Emission Mammography
G. Picado, N. Matela, N. Oliveira, P. Almeida

101. Radiation Effects Quantification in Breast Radiotherapy by Mammography Image Processing
M. Sotiropoulos, A. Zygogianni, N. Lagopati, C. Antypas, C. Arbillia, J. Kouvaris, M. E. Lyra

102. The Design of an Efficient CAD System for Capsule Endoscope
Rung-Sheng Liao, Yu-Chuang Hu, Yi-Jen Fang, Jenn-Lung Su

103. IVITooL. A scalable platform for medical data integration
P. Cerro, J. A. Cabo, M. Elena, S. Blasco, J. D. Uceda, M. López-Alonso

104. Decision Support System on Hypertension Treatment
D. A. Bottino

105. Overall Sigma Level of an Imaging Department through Process Innovation
J. García-Porres, M. R. Ortiz-Posadas

106. A Systematic Approach to Analyze the Optimization Potential for ICT-Tools Supporting Collaborative Work Processes in Healthcare
Daniela Fuchs, Beatrice Podtschaske, Ingo Marsolek, Wolfgang Friesdorf

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