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Advances in Water Resources and Hydraulic Engineering

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Table of contents

Vol. I. Water Resources and Hydrology

1. Distribution of System Deviation in Real Time Correction of Hydraulic Model Combing With Kalman Filter
Xiaoling Wu, Chuanhai Wang

2. Stochastic Modeling and Prediction of the Ganges Flow
Islam G. M. Tarekul, Kawahara Yoshihisa

3. Distributed Water Balance Model in Watershed Coupling with River Dynamic flow Routing Method
Ahmed Hassan, Norio Tanaka, Nobuyuki Tamai

4. Optimal Determination of the T-Hour Unit Hydrograph by Using Goal Attainment Method
Xiaohua Dong, Yunfa Zhao, Jie Yua, Qiyou Peng

5. Sensitivity Analysis of Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Models
Freddy Soria, So Kazama, Masaki Sawamoto

6. Genetic Programming to Forecast Stream Flow
S B Charhat, Y. H. Dandawat, S N Londh

7. Constrained Scaling Approach for Design Rainfall Estimation
YuePing Xu, YeouKoung Tung, Feifeng Cao, Yangbin Tong

8. Artificial Neural Network Technique for Raingauge Based Rainfall Nowcasing
Shan He, ShieYui Liong

9. Analysis of the Regional Flow Duration Curve for Dongjiang Basin, South China
Tao Jian, Guoru Huan

10. Daily Flow Estimation at Ungauged Regions Based on Regional Flow Duration Curves
Guoru Huan, Chuanbo Zhu

11. Calibration of the Conceptual Rainfall-Run off Model’s Parameters
Shuiyan Li, Rongzhi Qi, Weiwei Jia

12. Regional Climate Variations in South China Related to Global Climate Change and Local Urbanization
Qinglan Li, Ji Chen

13. Flash Flood Hydarologic Processes of a Small Headwater Catchment in Hong Kong
Yanqiu Li, Ji Chen, Mervyn Peart, Liqun Sun, WingKan Lok

14. Application of Vic and A Routing Scheme to Pearl River Basin in South China
Jun Niu, Ji Chen

15. Spatial Interpolation of Rainfall Based on DEM
Bing Huang, Tiesong Hu

16. A Grid-Based Kinematic Distributed Hydrological Model for Digital River Basin
Jintao Liu, Jie Feng, Martins Y. Otache

17. Uncertainty on a Short-Term Flood Forecast with Rainfall-Runoff Model
Hadi Kardhana, Akira Mano

18. Study on Safety Proofing of Flood Control in Water System Planning for the New Countryside of Southern Jiangsu
Cha Zhang, Xiangyan Xu

19. Numerical Simulation of Flood Estimation for Gis-Based Local Inundation Map
Jin Woo Lee, Seung Oh Lee, Yong-Sik Cho

20. Analysis on Mass Storm Flood in the Upper Minjiang River Since 1980S
Baoming Jin

21. Numerical Analysis for Evacuation Possibility From Small Underground Space in Urban Flood
N. Yoneyama, K. Toda, S. Aihata, D. Yamamoto

22. Spatial and Temporal Prediction of Flash Floods in Ungauged Area Based on GIS
Guangcai Chen, Ping Xie, Lihua Xiong, De Li

23. Research of Region Water Security Evaluation by Set Pair Analysis
Qian Huang, Shougang Tian, Baoxiang Zhang, Jiwen Huang

24. Functional Requirements and Deployment Analysis for Multi-Reservoir-Based Flood Control and Management Software System
Shengyang Li, Arthur E. Mynett

25. Construction of Evaluation Index System and Evaluation Model of Flood Disaster Risk
Guohua Fang, Yuqin Gao

26. Risk Evaluation of the Dahuangpu Flood Detention Area
Chaohong Zhou, Feiyu Jiao, Xiaorong Gu

27. Assessment of Safety on Evacuating Route During Underground Flooding
Taisuke Ishigaki, Ryuji Kawanaka, Yoshizumi Onishi, Hiroaki Shimada, Keiichi Toda, Yasuyuki Baba

28. An Indoor Test for Seepage Characteristic of Crossed Karst Pipe and Fissure
Zhenzhong Shen, Fen Chen, Jian Zhao

29. Numerical Simulation of Upconing and Freshwater Lens Breakage in a Coral Island
Congzhi Zhou, Qin Yang, Zhengdong Fang, Hengguo Liang, Hao Wang

30. Investigation of Inertial Effect in Simplified Porous Media Flow
Zhiyong Hao, Niansheng Cheng, Soon Keat Tan

31. Underground Inundation Analysis by Integrated Urban Flood Model
K. Toda, K. Kawaike, N. Yoneyama, S. Fukakusa, D. Yamamoto

32. Analytical Solution of Groundwater Tidal Response in Estuarine Aquifer
Jing Chen, Zhifang Zhou

33. Groundwater Movement on the Estuarine Deltaic Region of Yangtze River
Jing Chen, Zhifang Zhou

34. Tracing Groundwater With Strontium Isotopic Compositions in the Hexi Corridor Basin, Northwestern China
Yongsen Wang, Jiansheng Chen, Liang Chen

35. Isotopic Exchange of Soil Water in Water Cycle
Haiying Hu, Weimin Bao, Tao Wang, Simin Qu

36. Seasonal Change of Groundwater Flow and its Effect on Temperature Distribution in Sendai Plain
Luminda Gunawardhana, Kazama So, Sawamoto Masaki

37. Tentative Hydrologic Soil Classification for Tropical Soils
Aderson Sartori, Abel Maia Genovez, Francisco Lombardi Neto

38. Reserach on Inverse Geochemical Simulation of Phreatic Water in Western Jilin Province
Chao Du, Changlai Xiao, Bo Feng, Xiujuan Liang, Zhe Ma, Dongdong Zhang

39. Analysis of Groundwater Function in Western Jilin Province
Xiujuan Liang, Changlai Xiao, Wei Fan, Chao Du, Guangming Wang, Songlin Deng

40. Groundwater Numerical Simulation of Multi-Aquifers in Songnen Plain
Changlai Xiao, Xiujuan Liang, Fang Zhang, Bo Feng, Shaoming Xie

41. The Treatment of Source and Sink Data in Groundwater Numerical Simulation in the North Foot of Tianshan Mountain
Xufeng Liang, Xiaoling Xu, Wenke Wang, Zhao Wang, Junhai Lou, Jinliang Yang

42. Sequential Prediction of Daily Groundwater Levels by a Neural Network Model Based on Weather Forecasts
C. A. S. Farias, K. Suzuki, A. Kadota

43. Hydrograph Separations Based on Isotopicchemical Mixing Models
Zhongcheng Tan, Baohong Lu, Jiyang Wang

44. Site Suitability Analysis for Riverbank Filtration in the Han River, Korea
Sang Il Lee, Sang Sin Lee

45. Design of Road Surface Drainage Facilities Based on Varied Flow Analysis
HyeJin Ku, KyungSoo Jun

46. Experimental and Numerical Study on Inundation Flows in Urban Areas
Yoshihisa Kawahara, Yasushi Ito, Tatsuhiko Uchida

47. Experimental and Analytical Study of Hydraulic Fracturing of Cylinder Sample
Meili Zhan, Jinchang Sheng, Jian Cen

48. Permeability Changes in a Rock Fracture During Coupled Fluid Flow and Chemical Dissolution Processes
Jinchang Sheng, Xiaochen Xu, Meili Zhan, Shuyuan He, Baoyu Su, Jishan Liu

49. Characteristics of Streamflow Infiltration in the Piedmont Plain of Hebei Province, China
Shengyong Lu, Xubo Gao, Xuhui Fu

50. Estimation of Annual Ground Water Recharge in The Sedimentary Basin of The River Peixe, Paraíba, Brazil
Brito, L. M. Gracieli, Schuster, D. Hans, Srinivasan, S. Vajapeyam

51. Numerical Simulation of Urban Waterlogging Disaster Due to Plum Storm
Zhiyong Dong, Jiarong Lu

52. Development of Dualistic Model for Integrated Water Resources Management in the Haihe River Basin
Yangwen Jia, Hao Wang, Hong Gan, Zuhao Zhou, Yaqin Qiu, Jinjun You, Zhiguo Gan, Cunwen Niu

53. The Development and Application of WACM
Yuansheng Pei, Yong Zhao, Chuiyu Lu, Changhai Qin, Weihua Xiao

54. Drought and Water Supply Reliability of East River (Dongjiang) Basin in South China
Runrun Zhang, Ji Chen, Guangbai Cui

55. Connotation of Reservoir sustainable Utilization and Framework of evaluation Index System
Xinyang Liu, Jinyao Luo

56. Water Security Scenario Analysis: Methodology and A Case Study
Fang Tong, Zengchuan Dong

57. Regional Low Flow Frequency Analysis Using Bayesian Regression and Prediction at Ungauged Catchment in Korea
Sang Ug Kim, Kil Seong Lee, Kyungshin Park

58. Effects of Gravel and Date-Palm Mulch on Heat Moisture and Salt Movement in a Desert Soil
Hiroaki Terasaki, Teruyuki Fukuhara, Masaki Ito, Chao He

59. The Economic Impacts of Water Shortage During a Drought in Korea: Using Intraregional I-O Analysis
Dooho Park

60. Evaporativity and Productivity of a New Tubular Solar Still
Amimul Ahsan, Teruyuki Fukuhara

61. Influences of Angstrom’s Coefficients on Estimate of Solar Radiation and Reference Evapotranspiration by Penman-Monteith Equation
Junzeng Xu, Shizhang Peng, Yufeng Luo, Zheng Wei

62. A Simple Model to Estimate Wetted Soil Volume from the Trickle by Use of the Dimensional Analysis Technique
Farhad Mirzaei, Mojtaba Hatami, Fatemeh Mousazadeh

63. The Replicate Compression Heuristic for Improving Efficiency of Urban Water Supply Headworks Optimization
Lijie Cui, George Kuczera

64. Multi-Objective Risk Assessment on Water Resources Optimal Allocation
Wenquan Gu, Dongguo Shao, Xianfeng Huang, Tao Dai

65. Preliminary Evaluation of the Current Level of Flood Water Resource Utilization in the Yellow River Basin
Shao Xuejun, Jian Zhang, Zhongjing Wang, Sihui Liao

66. Study on Cybernetic Model of Optimal Allocation of Water Resources
Guohua Fang, Linjuan Zhong, Cuiqin Sun

67. Study on Optimal Regulation Modelling of Reservoir Discharge
Xianyun Cheng, Yicheng Wang, Honglu Liu

Vol.II. Environmental and Ecological Hydraulics

68. Flood Flow Analysis During Rising and Falling Stages in a Doubly Meandering Compound Channel
Islam G. M. Tarekul, Kawahara Yoshihisa, Tamai Nobuyuki

69. Study on Evaluation Index and Methods of River Ecosystem Health
Fengcun Yu, Guohua Fang, Yongxiao Cao

70. Structure & Function Based Approaches to Reconstructing Urban River System in River Network Area of China
Hui Xu, Yang Du, Cen Cui, Cuie Wei

71. Modelling of the Riparian Vegetation Dynamics Due to Reservoir Operations Through an Integrated Cellular Automata
Ye Fei, Chen Qiuwen, Cai Desuo, Mynett Arthur

72. Depth-Avegraged Modeling of Vegetated Open-Channel Flows Using Finite Element Method
Tae Beom kim, Sung-Uk choi

73. Research on Inactivation of Blue-Green Algae Using Water Hammer Pressure
Tatsuhisa Hamada, Yasumasa Yamada, Shigekatsu Endo, Hajime Ogawa

74. Connotation and Evaluation Indicators System of River Health
Wenxian Guo, Ziqiang Xia, Hongxiang Wang

75. Mean and Turbulence Strutures of Open-Channel Flows with Submerged Vegetation
Wonjun Yang, Sung Uk Choi

76. Study on Reason Why Ayu Migrates From Sea to River
Takayuki Nagaya, Yoshiki Shiraishi, Kouki Onitsuka, Makoto Higashino, Tohru Takami, Hitoshi Higashi, Juichiro Akiyama, Atsushi Ono, Yoshinobu Akaki

77. Planning Methodology of Destratification System in a Reservoir Against Algal Bloom
M Umeda, S Furuya, H Tanaka

78. Effects of Transmitted Light and Bubbles in Open-Channel Flows on Fish Behaviors
Kouki Onitsuka, Juichiro Akiyama, Tatsuya Kobayashi, Takuya Watanabe, Yohei Iiguni

79. The Comparison on Water Resources Effect of Typical Soil-Saving Dams in the Loess Plateau
Xiaoling Xu, Xufeng Liang, Junping Yan

80. Effect Assessment of Low Temperature Water in Reservior on the Growth of Wheat
Jiapeng Wu, Yusheng Huang, Kaiqi Chen

81. Edge-Effect of Ecological Riparian Zone
Jihong Xia, Ling Hu, Qianchao Pu

82. Study on Turbidity During Flood in Myoginohana Area of Lake Kasumigaura
Keisuke Yoshida, Tadaharu Ishikawa, Yuu Kobayashi, Fumi Sasaki, Sadao Aoyama, Makoto Ichiyama

83. Effects of Vegetation Arrangement Pattern on Flow Resistance in an Open Channel
Terunori Ohmoto, Takayuki Tanaka

84. A Study of Pollutant Mixing and Evaluating of Dispersion Coefficients in Laboratory Meandering Channel
Il Won Seo, Sung Won Park, Hwang Jeong Choi

85. Derivation of Boundary Condition for Quasi-3D Model of Water Exchange Between Neijiang and the Yangtze River
Zhao Lianfang, Yoshida Keisuke, Ishikawa Tadaharu, Zhu Wei, Futagi Keisuke

86. Study on the Diagnoses Index System for River Health
Wu Longhua, Hao Qingfang, Li Wenbin

87. Environmental Hybrid Solution for Energy Optimization in Water Supply Systems
H M Ramos, F Vieira

88. The Study on General Evaluation of Regional Eco-Environmental Water Demand
Weijun Wang, Jiezhen Wu, Xiaode Zhou, Wen Cheng

89. The Extended Kalman Filter for Short Term Prediction of Algal Bloom Dynamics
Joseph H. W. Lee, J. Q. Mao, K. W. Choi

90. Evaluation of Envirnmental Impact of Tigris River Pollution Between Jadirriya and Dora Bridges
Al-Shalchi Thana, Al-ani Najmiddin, Al-shami Alaa

91. A Study on Impact of Livestock and Poultry Breeding Pollution on Water Environment Safety in Shandong Province
Taiying Huo, Guihua Lu, Yumei Wang, Lijun Ren

92. Environmental Releases in Arid Areas
David Stephenson

93. Study on Pollution Deduction And Environmental Impact of Water-Saving Irrigation for Paddy Fields
Suigao Ye, Shizong Zheng, Xue Chen

94. Web-Based Virtual Environment for Decision Support System in Water Based System
Xuan Zhu, Arthur E. Mynett

95. Entrainment and Shear Instability of Stratified Flow in Curved Flume With 90° Bend
Kejian Chu, Zulin Hua, Linghang Xing, li Gu

96. Experiments on Pollutant Transport of Centerline Discharge into the Braided River
Zulin Hua, Li Gu

97. A Study on Hydrological and Hydraulic Features of Trachidermus Fasciatus Migration
Dongsheng Wang, Xiuying Wang

98. Numerical Study on Mixing Characteristics of Elliptic Jets in Co-Flow
Zhu Gao, Hongwu Tang, Hechun Chen

99. An Improved Integral Model For a Round Turbulent Buoyant Jet Based on the Turbulent Measurements
Hongxuan Yang, Minjiao Lu, Kumakura Toshirou, Hayakawa Norio

100. Equation for Streamwise Variation of Secondary Flow in Sinuous Channels
Kyong Oh Baek, Il Won Seo

101. Study on Laser Induced Fluorescence in Elliptic Jet
Hong Chen, Jiantong Huang, Limo Tang, Hakem Mebarka

102. Observational Analysis of Bubble Plume in Two-Layer Density Stratified Water
Baoshi Shiau, Huangfu Lai

103. Numerical Simulation of Plane Buoyant Jets with Regular Waves
Qinghua Yue, Lingling Wang

104. Modelling of Dense Jet in Co-Flow and Counter Flow
K W Choi, Daeyoung Yu, Joseph H W Lee

105. 2D Turbulent Jet Study Based on Fluent
Xunbo Lu, Lingling Wang

106. Study on Efficiency of Aeration Type in Biological Aeration Filter on the Sewage Disposal
Baowei Hu, Chundi Yang, Wen Cheng

107. Digital Simulation of Dominant Eddies of A Co-Flowing Jet
Chris C. K. Lai, Joseph H. W. Lee, K. M. Lam

108. Application of Unstructured Cellular Automata on Ecological Modelling
Yuqing Lin, Arthur Mynett, Qiuwen Chen

109. Developing Flow Region of Axisymmetric Turbulent Jets
Bidya S. Pani

110. Vorticity Characteristics of Chinese Sturgeon Spawning Ground
Yu Yang, Zhongmin Yan, Jianbo Chang

111. Roughness Coefficient Relations of Open Channel with Flexible Submerged Vegetation
Bing Shi, Chuanyuan Wang, Zegao Yin, Lin Zhao

112. The Effect of Vegetation Rigidity on Flow Resistance
Zhongmin Yan, Xiaoyan Wang

113. Experimental Studies on Aeration Performance of Hydraulic Tunnel Excavation
Haifei Sha, Lili Fan, Shiqiang Wu, Hui Zhou, Huiling Chen

114. Mixing of Coflowing Jets in Rivers
B. S. Pani, J. H. W. Lee, A. C. H. Lai

115. Ammonium Ion Adsorption on Clays and Sand Under Freshwater and Seawater Conditions
F Abdulgawad, Evans Bettina Bockelmann, D Sapsford, K P Williams, Roger Falconer

116. Study on the Triggering Factors of Algal Bloom in Fuchunjiang Reservoir Based on a Vertically Integrated Hydrodynamic Model
Tingfeng Wu, Liancong Luo, Guangbai Cui, Boqiang Qin

117. Modeling of the Sewage Water Distribution in the Sea Near Hanko City of Finland
Huachen Pan, Marika Orava

118. Turbulence Modeling of Solute Transport in Open-Channel Flows Over Submerged Vegetation
Hyeongsik Kang, SungUk Choi

119. 3D Hydro Environmental Model of Dissolved Oxygen Distribution in Yangtze Estuary
Yigang Wang, Xi Li

120. New Approach for Estimation of Pollutant Load by Using Artificial Neural Network
Minghuan Liu, Kenji Yoshimi, Tadaharu Ishikawa, Kentaro Kudo

121. Numerical Simulation of Improving Water Quality with a Restored Canal at Dongbin Harbor
Seong Soo Park, Yongsik Cho

122. Numerical Modeling of Two-Dimensional Pollutnant Transport in Nakdong River
Jae Dong Kim, Young Do Kim, Siwan Lyu, Il Won Seo

123. Two-Dimensional Numerical, Eco-Toxicological Modeling of Chemical Spills
Suiliang Huang, Yafei Jia, Sam S. Y. Wang

124. A Study on Water Quality Modeling of Seonakdong River Using CE-QUAL-RIV1
Hwang Jin Young, Kim Young Do, Noh Joon Woo, Kwon Jae Hyun

125. Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Water Quality in Yangchenghu Lake
Yuliang Zhu, Juan Yang, Jialing Hao, Hongyan Shen

126. Biodegradation of Alogenated Anilines in River Water
Guanghua Lu, Wenting Song, Bijun Xu, Chao Wang

127. Study on the Adsorption of Aniline by Macroreticular Resin
Haizhen Zhang, Guanghua Lu

128. Flow and Contaminant Transport in A Multiply Connected Domain of Natural River
Liren Yu, Jun Yu

129. Theory and Practice About the Elimination of Salted Fog and Froth by Combining Main Pressure Flow with Assistant Open-Channel Flow
Ruixia Hao, Xinsheng Han, Ruisheng Li

130. A Pilot Study for an Enhanced Algal Spatial Pattern Prediction Using RS Images
Hong Li, Mijail Arias, Anouk Blauw, Steef Peters, Arthur E. Mynett

131. Water Quality Forecast of the Tributaries of Three-Gorge Reservoir
Chao Ma, Jijian Lian

132. Analysis of Nonpoint Source Pollution in Dahuofang Reservoir Watershed
Shiguo Xu, Chengwei Han, Dianwu Wang

133. Distribution of System Deviation in Real Time Correction of Hydraulic Model Combing with Kalman Filter
Xiaoling Wu, Chuanhai Wang

134. Do-Bod Modeling of River Yamuna Using STREAM-II for NCT Region, India
Deepshikha Sharma, Ram Karan Singh

135. Geochemical Evidence of Arsenic Transport in Shallow Ground Water, Bangladesh
Rahman Md.Tauhid-Ur, Mano Akira, Keiko Udo, Yoshinobu Ishibashi

136. Experimental Research on Solute Transport in Fractured Rock Masses
Meili Zhan, Ruxiong Zhu, Shuyuan He, Jinchang Sheng

137. Evaluation on the Groundwater Environmental Vulnerability of Jidong County
Jinfeng Liu, Changlai Xiao, Xiujuan Liang, Bo Feng, Chao Du, Chuanyin Xu

138. Experimental Research on Effect of Tide for Alongshore Groundwater Table
Longhua Wu

139. Groundwater Behaviour in Subsurface Area of Underground Dams
Gregory Costa, Hamaguchi Toshio

Vol.III. Fluvial Processes and River Engineering

140. Analysis of the Characters of Erosion and Deposition Downstream from the Reservoir
Fei Chen, Yitian Li

141. A Bed form Based Resistance Function for Alluvial Channels from Experimental Data
Vajapeyam S Srinivasan, Hugo M Alcantara

142. Transport Characteristics of Suspended Sediment on Mud Flat in a Tidal Channel
Kiyoshi Kawanishi, Tomoya Yokoyama

143. Fine Sediment Deposition by Floods on the Upstream of a Weir with a Channel Bend
Yoshiyuki Shirotori, Kozo Watanabe, Keiko Udo, Akira Mano

144. Local Scour Around Lateral Intakes in 180 Degree Curved Channel
A. A. Dehghani, M. Ghodsian, K. Suzuki, S. Alaghmand

145. On the Energy Used for Suspended Sediment by Water in Open-Channels
Caian Huang, Jin Zhang

146. Hydraulic Experiments on Waves and Deformation of Mobile Riverbed with Sand Around Narrow Pass
Won-Il Kim, Jong-Woon Kim, Samhee Lee, Won-Sik Ahn

147. Statistical Analysis of Bedforms Developed Under Unidirectional Flow
Heide Friedrich

148. Numerical Computation of Turbulence Development in Flow Over Sand Dunes
N. Th. Fourniotis, N. E. Toleris, A. A. Dimas, A. C. Demetracopoulos

149. Statistical Analysis of Collision Between Saltation Particle and Bed Surface
Limo Tang, Hongwu Tang, Hong Chen, Niansheng Cheng

150. Bankfull Area Prediction Method Based on Erosion and Sedimentation
Lingyun Li, Baosheng Wu

151. On The Characteristics of Flow Movement in The Bending and Bifurcated River
Jia Zhuang, Jiong Zhang, Dong Huang, Guodong Zheng, Guanwen Lai

152. Modelling Dynamic Bed Roughness Associated with Bed Form Development
W B Rauen, B Lin, R A Falconer

153. 2-D Numerical Simulation of Flow in A Curved Open Channel
Gang Zhou, Hong Wang, Xuejun Shao, Dongdong Jia

154. Locally-Adaptive Grid System for 3D Numerical Simulation of Meander Migrition
Dongdong Jia, Xuejun Shao, Hong Wang, Gang Zhou

155. Improved Method for Non-Equilibrium Sediment Transport Equations with Confluence
Dangwei Wang, Guolu Yang, Min Wang

156. Trends in Water Runoff and Sediment Load in Selected World’s Rivers
Bingfeng Xu, Jin Liang, Baosheng Wu

157. Effects of Human Activities on Hydrology and Fluvial Process of Boluo Reach of the East River
Rongyao Ji, Yongjun Lu, Liqin Zuo

158. A New Estimation Method of Scour Depth in Energy Dissipation of Ski Jump Type
Xinzhou Zhang, Hui Xu, Hongling Qu

159. Wall-Normal Velocity, Turbulent Structures and Sediment Transport
Shuqing Yang

160. Simultaneous Measurements of Particle Settling Velocity and Oscillatng-Grid Turbulence
Qi Zhou, Niansheng Cheng

161. The Breakup of Armor Layer in a Gravel-Bed Stream with No Sediment Supply
Tao Wang, Xingnian Liu

162. Longitudinal Dispersion of Particle Motion Over Inclined Rough Plane
Tao Liu, Hongwu Tang, Niansheng Cheng

163. Sediment Carrying Capacity of Open Channel Flow Around Spur Dike
Pengfei Hei, Zhicong Chen, Xiang Ding

164. Study on Riverbed Evolvement of the Four Shoals of Xijiang Middle Reaches in Guangdong Province
Mingyuan Yang, Bingsheng Zou, Chaoming Lin

165. Downstream Grain-Size Variation to Interpret River-Channel Process-form in the Middle-Lower Yangtze River, China
Zhanjiao Wang, Zhongyuan Chen

166. Current Modeling of Water in a River Meander Considering Civil Engineering Problems in Building the Coastal Walls
S. M. Mosaddad, A. A. Bidokhti, M. Ezam

167. Quasi-3D Solver of Meandering River Flows by CIP-Soroban Scheme in Cylindrical Coordinates with Support of Boundary Fitted Coordinate Method
Keisuke Yoshida, Tadaharu Ishikawa

168. Effects of Spur Dike Directions on River Bed Forms and Flow Structures
Terunori Ohmoto, Ryuichi Hirakawa, Kunitoshi Watanabe

169. Characteristic of Roughness Coefficient Associated with Discharge in Gravel-Bed River
Jisung Kim, Won Kim, Chanjoo Lee, Yong Jeon Kim

170. A Mathematical Model for the Channel Bed Evolution During the Construction of Dongjiang Hydro-Project
Yilin Zhou, Jing Lu, Zhiliang Wang, Zaisen Xia

171. Influence of Near-Bed Coherent Structures on the Entrainment of Bed Gravels
Jianmin Ma, J. J. R. Williams

172. Flow Structures and Sedimentation Characteristics Around Colony-Type Vegetation at Flood Events
Norio Tanaka, Shiho Ito, Junji Yagisawa

173. Influence of Channel Width on the Flood Flows in a Stream Valley
Kazuhiko Hattori, Taisuke Ishigaki, Tetsuo Ueno

174. 1-D and 2-D Simulation of the Flow Around Discontinuous Dyke
Ryuji Kawanaka, Taisuke Ishigaki, Yuko Kuroki, Jumpei Ono

175. Flood Flow Analysis on Aerial Photos by Image Correlation Method with Support of Stereo Visualization
Yasuhisa Minoura, Tadaharu Ishikawa, Keisuke Yoshida

176. Study on the Mathematical Model of Non-Steady Water-Sand Movable Bed of Sedimentation Reservoir
Chunman Zhang, Hongwu Zhang, Peiqing Liu

177. Strategy of Flood Control in Taihu Basin
Zheng Gong, Zexin Lin

178. Overflow Characteristics on Grassed Inner Slope Due to Levee Overtopping
Kwang Seok Yoon, Jung Hwan Koh, Hyun Jae Chu

179. Estimation of Inflow to Inundation Area Due to Levee Breach
Hyun Jae Chu, Kwang Seok Yoon, Jong Kyu Lee

180. Hydraulic Analysis of Huaihe River Closure for Linhuaigang Flood Control Project
Yongdong Meng, Dingguo Jiang, Haiyuan Jin, Yu Zhao

181. Propagation Features of the 1998 Big Floods in the Jingjiang Reach of the Yangtze River
Yonghui Zhu, Beiling Fan, Shiming Yao, Guizhou Sun, Fazheng Li

182. Study on Necessity of Sanyanggang Gate at Estuary of Xinshu River
Qingyuan Zhu, Xia Shen, Dalin Hong

183. Techniques of Water Diversion and Sediment Prevention in Estuary Regions
Xirong Xu, Hongwu Tang, Wangyu Qin

184. Bimodal Sediment Distribution and Its Relation with the River Ecology in the Dadu River Basin
Shimin Tian, Zhaoyin Wang

185. The Effect and Measure of Water Quality and Sediment Adopting of Fries by Filling With River Flows for the Tianezhou Wetland
Menwu Wu, Li Yan, Li Chen, Jiayu Zhou, Rongli Chen

186. Numerical Simulation of Sediment Movement in Heavy Silt-Laden Forebay
Shentan Dou, Minghui Yu, Guolu Yang

187. Vertical 2-D Sediment Numerical Model in Front of Reservoir Dam
Minghui Yu, Yinling Deng, Weiqing Yu

188. Experimental Study on Changes of Bed Configuration Caused by a Permeable Groyne of Stone Gabion
Hitoshi Muraoka, Tutaka Fushimi, Akihiro Kadota, Koichi Suzuki

189. The Downcutting of Beijiang River’s Bed and Its Effect on Irrigating Environment
Zhihao Zhang, Guoyuan Li, Chunjing Liu, Haihua Hu

190. The Damage and Mechanism of Sediment by Dredging from Irrigation Districts to Environment in the Lower Yellow River
Zhihui Zhan, Qingfeng Yao, Jingyi Li, Lili Nie, Yuping Yuan

191. Adsorption of Phosphorus on Different Sediments
Mei Chen, Yang Xiao, Dexiang Wang

192. Experimental Investigation of Phosphorus Release from Haihe River Sediments Capped by Natural Zeolites and Its Modified Ones
Shujuan Sun, Suiliang Huang, Paul Smith

193. Ecological Impacts of Seabuckthorn in the Pisha Sandstone Area
Kang Zhang, Mengzhen Xu, Zhaoyin Wang, Xuehua Duan, Cifen Bi

194. Slope Hazard Risk Due to Rainfall Condition In Future
Seiki Kawagoe, So Kazama, Masaki Sawamoto

195. Influence on “Pdnrbc” by Sediment Concentration on Baishatan Cross Section
Bo Feng, Changlai Xiao, Alkali Mohammed, Yubo Xia, Shuaijie Li

196. Design of Three Gorges Reservoir Hydrological and Sediment Analysis and Management System
Huichao Dai, Wenshe He, Dingguo Jiang

197. Study of Influence on Cohesive Deposits Incipient Motion and Erosion by Dry Bulk Density
Caiwen Shu, Guangming Tan, Jun Wang

198. Instantaneous-Advective Structures of Large Scale Coherent Vortices Around a Single Groyne
Akihiro Kadota, Eiji Kojima, Kenzo Shinya, Koichi Suzuki

Vol.IV. Estuarine and Coastal Hydraulics, Resttlement and Social Aspects

199. Numerical Calculation of the Impact of Offshore Wind Power Stations on Hydrodynamic Conditions
Wei Zhang, Haifeng Xia, Bin Wang

200. Analysis of Hydrodynamic Characteristics and Estuarine Dynamic Process of the Dongjing River Delta Based on 1-D Numerical Model
Wei Zhang, Ling Li, Xue Dong

201. Modeling Nonlinear Wave Based on SPH Method
Tongfei Li, Yingqi Liu, Chenming Zhang, Jinhai Zheng

202. Study on Prediction of Tide and Ocean Current by Data-Driven Model
Zhaochen Sun, Mingchang Li, Shuxiu Liang

203. Indian Ocean Tsunami on 26 December 2004: Numerical Modelling of Inundation in the City of Matara on the South Coast of Sri Lanka
J. J. Wijetunge

204. Numerical Solutions of Berthing Stability by Wave-Permeable Breakwater
Xi Li, Yigang Wang

205. A Three Dimensional Baroclinic Flow Numerical Model in Estuarine and Coastal Regions Using Double Sigma Coordinates System
Jianfeng Tao, Changkuan Zhang

206. Numerical Simulation of a Tsunami Propagation Considering the Regional Characteristic
Ju-Yeol Sim, Tae-Min Ha, Yong-Sik Cho

207. Large Wave Simulation of Spilling Breakers Over Immersed Longshore Bar
Aggelos S. Dimakopoulos, Athanassios A. Dimas

208. Simulation of Pipeline Vibration and Scour
Dongfang Liang

209. Modeling Wind and Tide-Induced Currents In The Eastern Ionian Sea: Patraikos Gulf (Greece)
N. Th. Fourniotis, G. M. Horsch

210. Depth Averaged Modelling of Characteristics of the Arabian Gulf
Xiaolin Wang, Bockelmann-Evans Bettina, Falconer Roger

211. Direct Measurement of Wave-Induced Bottom Shear Stress Under Irregular Waves
Zaijin You, Baoshu Yin, Guang Huo

212. Influence of Estuarine Breakwater Constructions on Kerala Coast in India
Kunhimammu Paravat, T. Jayadee, P. I. Sheik Pareet

213. Three Dimensional Numerical Modeling of the Cross-Flow Features in Approach Channel
Mingxiao Xie, Wei Zhang

214. Longshore Sediment Transport and Breakwater Layout Optimization
Yuhai Wang, Liqun Tang, Jinrong Chen

215. Experimental Study of Influence on Temperature Rise Due to Retraction of Water Intake in Cooling Water Engineering
Chun Tian, Qiang Cheng, Ruixia Hao

216. An Analytical Approach to the Mild Slope Equation Using Power Series
Sung-Jae Lee, Tae-Hwa Jung, Yong-Sik Cho

217. Simulation and Prediction of Runup Heights Due to Great Indian Ocean Tsunami
Ranjan Behera Manasa, K Murali, S.A Sannasiraj, V Sundar

218. Infiltration Flow Through a Sand Spit at the Nanakita River Mouth
Hitoshi Tanaka, Kazuki Aoyanagi, Toru Nemoto, Hiroto Yamaji

219. Long-Term Effects of Detached Breakwaters in Nankoku Beach, Kochi Coast Japan
Kazunori Wada, Masaki Washida

220. Control of Substance Transport Using Submerged Asymmetrical Structures in Wave Fields
Hideo Oshikawa, Toshimitsu Komatsu

221. Analyzing of Stable Slope in Tidal Supply Canals (Case Study-Iran)
M. A. Rahimi Jamnani, N. Nikbakht Jahromi

222. Examination of Unified Sediment Transport and Cross Shore Morphology Model
Budianto Ontowirjo, Akira Mano

223. Shoreline Changes Around Artificial Headlands Along the Misawa Coast, Japan
Mikio Sasaki, Takahiro Takeuchi

224. Study on the Suspended Sediment Transport in Nansha Harbor
Jie He, Wenjie Xin

225. Study on Hydraulic Calculation and Closure Technique for Sea Reclamation Works
Dechun Chen, Hen He

226. Shoreline Dynamics of Dhanushkodi, Rameswaram Using Gis
Usha Natesan

227. Design of Headland Control, Beach Protection Scheme
Zhiqian Wang, Soon-Keat Tan, Niansheng Cheng

228. Inner and Outer Particles Searching Method With Its Applying in SPH Method
Chenming Zhang, Yingqi Liu, Tongfei Li, Jinhai Zheng

229. Attenuation of Wave Energy by Double Chambered Breakwaters
C Krishnakumar, V Sundar, S A Sannasiraj

230. Experimental Study for Decomposition of Higher Harmonic Waves Over Submerged Structure Using Four Wave Gages
Jin Ho Park, Tae Hwa Jung, Seung Oh Lee, Yong-Sik Cho

231. Effect of Offhsore Low-Crested Barrier in Reduction of Wave Pressures on Caissons
M. G. Muni Reddy, S. Neelamani, S. A. Sannasiraj, R. Natarajan

232. Statistical Distribution of Wave Orbital Velocity in Finite Water Depth
Zaijin You

233. Hydrodynamic Modeling of Residence Time in Little Manatee River, USA
Wenrui Huang, Xiaohai Liu, Xinjian Chen

234. New Index for Lagoon by the Change of Water Quality
Kunihiro Ogihara, Yoshinori Ishibashi, Tadayasu Uehara, Angrahini, Nadjadji Anwar, Edijantno, Teguh Harianto, Umbolo Lasminto

235. Simulation of Water Exchange in Bohai Bay
Xiaobao Li, Dekui Yuan, Jian Sun

236. Optimal Wind Protection Fence That Minimize the Spray Transport to the Downstream
Mulati Yusaiyin, Norio Tanaka, Toshimitsu Takagi

237. Oxygen Consumption Processes Due to Resuspension of Sediment in Ariake Sea
H. Li, N. Mutsunaga, T. Tokunaga, Y. Hisada

238. Oxygen Consumption Through the Bed Surface in Ariake Sea
T. Tokunaga, H. Li, Y. Yamada, N. Matsunaga

239. On The Characteristics of Wind-Induced Current in Lake Ogawara, Japan
Yuto Sasajima, Tadaharu Ishikawa, Yasushi Tsuruta, Mitsuho Amano, Shinichi Endo

240. Urban Landscape Change in the Brazilian Coastal Ecotone
Guilherme T. N. P. Lima, Lídia Bertolo, Rozely F. Santos

241. In Situ Measurement on Tidal Current off The Shimabara Peninsula in The Ariake Bay, Japan
T. Saita, S. Yano, A. Tai, Y. Hashimoto, T. Komatsu

242. Effect of Water Flow on Larval Settlement in The Nagura Amparu Tidal Lagoon
Atsushi Kawachi, Tadaharu Ishikawa

243. Investigation of Water Exchange Through Riverbeds in Tidal Rivers
Katsuaki Komai, Tadashi Hibino, Shoji Fukuoka

244. Modelling Study on Subsurface Flows Affected By Macro-Pores In Marsh Sediments
Pei Xin, Guangqiu Jin, Ling Li

245. Simulation of Salinity Intrusion Into Nanakita River, Japan, Taking Into Account Effects of Morphological Changes And Wave Set-Up
Nguyen Trung Viet, Hitoshi Tanaka

246. Research on Ecological Environment Conservation and Treatment in Three Gorges Reservior Area
Fuqing Liang

247. Reflection and Countermeasure of Ecological Resettlement in Three Gorges Reservoir Area of Changjiang River
Fuqing Liang

248. Study on Evaluation of Submersed Cultivated Land Resources Caused by Water Conservancy and Hydroelectric Engineering
Runsen Zhang, Guoqing Shi

249. Discussion of Resettlement Cost Externalization of Water Resources and Hydropower Projects
Shaojun Chen

250. Participation Capacity Building in Involuntary Resettlement and Rehabilitation Induced by Dam Project
Shaojun Chen

251. The Study on Poverty Influence Factors of Resettlers from Water Conservancy Project Based on Ridge Regression Model
Li Huang, Guoqing Shi

252. Post-Resettlement Support: Policy Aimed at Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development
Guoqing Shi, Xiaonan Chen, Qingnian Yu

253. Discussion on Resettlement Science
Guoqing Shi

254. Designing of Safety Protection Net for Vulnerable Groups Among Involuntary Migration
Zhenyan Han, Ying Zhou, Tao Jing

255. Economic Integration Between the Outside Resettled from Three Gorges and the Coastal Resettlement Sites
Jiajun Xu, Guoqing Shi

256. Case Study of Ecological Migration Along Luntai Tarim River Nature Reserve
Jian Zhou, Guoqing Shi, Jingyi Li

257. Study on the Countermeasures to Improve the Enforcement Effects of the Reservoir Resettlement Post-Relocation Supporting Policies
Jianyuan Huang, Xiaoqiang Li

258. Constructing the Participation Mechanism of Reservoir Resettlement
Qingnian Yu, Yinru Lei

259. Water Usage Level Evaluation and Industry Structure Adjusting Policy in Zishui Basin
Taozhen Huang, Jianyuan Huang

260. Assessment Study on Social Impact by Hydropower Exploitation in Nujiang River
Peng Fu, Kaiqi Chen

261. The Establishment of Water Markets in Water Imported Areas of the East-Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
Yongxiao Cao, Guohua Fang, Fengcun Yu

Vol.V. Hydraulic Structures for Water Projects

262. Vortex Drop Shaft for Supercritical Flow
Giuseppe Giudice, Corrado Gisonni, Giacomo Rasulo

263. Design Optimization on the Channel Outlet of the Yangtze River to Hanjiang River
Yuan Feng, Li Chen, Qian Bao, Liang Sun

264. On Easily-Split Surface of Embankment Using Split Grouting
Hongyun Ren, Haijun Liu

265. Similarity Analysis of Time Series of Reservoir Water Level and Dam Foundation Uplift Pressure
Dongjian Zheng, Zhaohui Lu

266. Research to the Stilling Basin Types of the Spillway Outlet
Jiacai Lv, Mingming Liu

267. Inclined Jumps Over Sills Part 1 Upstream Geometry
J. Demetiou, S. Hadjieleftheriou

268. The Explicit Solution of the Sequent Depth Ratio for the Hydraulic Jump in Trapezoidal and Triangular Channels
Zigan He, Hangen Ni, Yakun Liu

269. Safety Evaluation and Corrosponding Methods On Dams Graded by Risk Analysis
Weihua Fang

270. Hydraulic Control of Safe Operation of Large-Scaled Hypervelocity Discharge Tunnel
Changhai Han, Jianjun Zhao, Yuanyuan Dang, Feng Sun

271. Study on Dynamic Features of Delivery Valve of Ship Locks of the Three-Gorge Project
Shaoze Luo, Baokang Fan, Yaan Hu, Feng Sun

272. Inclined Jumps Over Sills Part 2 Downstream Geometry
J. Demetiou

273. Developing an Optimization Model for Life-Cycle Hydraulic Facilities Management
Xueqing Zhang, Hui Gao

274. Study on Gate Deadband and Dynamic Response of Unsteady Flow in Canal System
Zhiliang Ding, Changde Wang, Guangming Tan

275. Blast Design of Rock Excavation Based on Vibration Cotrol for Powerstation-Expanded Projects
Li Jin, Wujin Chen, Fayong Zhang, Yi Luo

276. Experiments and Researches on Flow-Induced Vibrationon of Large Radial Working Gate in Sand Sluicing Chamber
Genhua Yan, Jianping Zhao

277. Project Application and Anti-Vibration Problem of Gate with Vast Aspect Ratio
Genhua Yan

278. Apply Caisson Dam and Pillar Dam for Barrier Construction in Vietnam
Truong Dinh Duz, Tran dinh Hoa, Tran Thai, Thai Quoc Hien

279. Study on the Mechanisms and Properties of Repair Mortar for Hydraulic Concrete Surface
Chaohua Jiang, Da Chen, Yujuan Wu, Wei Zhang

280. The Analyses of Diversion Ration of Flow Downstream of Ganjiang River
Jieren Chen, Wenbin Lv, Chun Luo, Bin Wu

281. Study on Theoretical Solutions of Equivalent Deformation Parameters of RCCD Construction Interfaces
Lanting Zhou, Chongshi Gu, Bijun Qian

282. Developments in Design of Prestressed Pier
Xuezhi Sun

283. Study on Coupled Dynamic Optimization Method of Guide Wall Structures
Huokun Li, Jijian Lian

284. Experimental Study on Resistance Characteristics in Pulling Process of Pontoon Gate
Zongfu Fu, Zhongmin Yan

285. Instability of Rock-Fill Spur-Dykes in Mountainous Rivers and Countermeasures
Mingyuan Yang, Yan Lu, Yongjun Lu

286. Optimization of Hydraulic Design for Short Intake Based on Complex Method
Xibin Huang

287. Automatic Geometrical Optimization by Way of Numerical Flow Models
S. Erpicum, P. Archambeau, B. Dewals, M. Pirotton

288. Structural Stress States of Radial Gate of Deep Discharge Orifice in Various Operating Gatage
Chuntian Zhou, Jiacai Lv, Xiaopeng Sun

289. Ideal Transient Process of Unsteady Open-Channel Flow
Qingsong Qiao, Kailin Yang

290. An Improvement on Wetting and Drying Method for Moving Boundary in Shallow Water Flow Models
Hongtao Nie, Jian Sun, Jianhua Tao

291. Impact of Abutment Dimension on the Recirculation Length: An Experimental Study
Dongdong Jia, Xuejun Shao, Bo Wang, Gang Zhou

292. The Study on Energy Dissipation of Two-Jet With Varying Spacing on a Plunge Pool Based on CFD
Aiping Jiao, Peiqing Liu, Xianliang Liu

293. Pure Frequency Domain Analysis for Detecting Pipeline Leaks
Xinlei Guo, Kailin Yang

294. Method to Analyze Hydraulic Fracturing in Earth Core Rock-Fill DAM and its Application Based on Probabilistic Approach
Hai Wei, Zhenzhong Shen

295. Preparing a Computer Software for Hydraulic Design of Open Water Transfer Structures
Mojtaba Hatami, Farhad Mirzaei

296. Nonlinear FEM Analysis of the Spiral Case Keeping Constant Internal Pressure Based on Simulation
Xinyong Xu, Zhenyue Ma, Zhiqiang Song, Baoyou Zhao, Wei Xu

297. Comparison of Several Finite Difference Schemes in Flow Modeling Over an Ogee Spillway
M. R. Shaghaghian, N. Talebbeydokhti

298. Numerical Simulation on the Flow Field of Inlet Structure of Dongsong Pumping Station
Shude Bi, Yonggang Zhang, Ning Han, Xinping Long

299. Model Test for Optimum Hydraulic Design of Intake Channel of Pumping Station
Jianjun Zhao, Cheng Lu, Jun Lu, Xinghong Luo

300. Model Study on Flood Discharge Atomization of Hydropower Stations Adopting Energy Dissipation by Hydraulic Jump
Shiqiang Wu, Xiufeng Wu, Hui Zhou, Huiling Chen

301. Hydraulic Vibration Analysis of Bulb Tubular Pump-House Considering Foundation Radiation Damping
Xin Wang, Tongchun Li, Lanhao Zhao

302. Study on the Effect of Fluid-Solid Coupling and Foundation Radiation Damping on Seismic Response of Arch Dam
Hao Ren, Tongchun Li, Lanhao Zhao, Xin Wang, Dong Liang

303. Flow Analysis Around a Submerged Groyne
HongKoo Yeo, JoonGu Kang

304. Physical And Numerical Investigation of the Skimming Flow Over a Stepped Spillway
Rita Fernandes Carvalho, António Táboas Amador

305. Auto Up-Wind and Skew Up-Wind Numerical Solution of 3D Convection-Diffusion Equation under High Reynods Number
Minquan Feng, Bangmin Zheng

306. The Auto-Monitoring and Simulation of Dyke Break in the River Networks
Yu Dai, Deguan Wang, Jie Han, Yingyan Du

307. Hydrauic Jumps in a Channel Crossing-A Numerical Approach
C. W. Li, C. Zeng

308. Numerical Simulations on Orifice Energy Dissipation
Ning He, Zhenxing Zhao

309. Numerical Study of Large Eddy Structures—Separated Flows Passing Sills
June Lu, Lingling Wang

310. Two-Dimensional CIP-Soroban Solver Toward an Efficient Water Flow Analysis in a Reservoir
Takashi Kojima, Takashi Nakamura, Tadaharu Ishikawa

311. One and Two-Dimension Coupling Simulation for Dam-Break Flood
Xiuli Sun, Minquan Feng

312. An Experimental Investigation on Flow Structure in Channel with Consecutive Bends
Bo Wang, Dongdong Jia, Gang Zhou, Xuejun Shao

313. Numerical Modeling of Flow Condition in a Bottom Outlet
M. R. Najafi, R. Roshan, A. R. Zarrati, M. R. Kavianpour

314. The VOF Method Based on Refined Grids Partition of Partial Domain
Zegao Yin, Bing Shi, Tuqiao Zhang, Jian Ma

315. Resistance Computation in Overbank Flows
Alastair G. Barnett, Asaad Y. Shamseldin

316. Application of Weighted Block Recursive Partial Least Squares Regression for Dam Safety Monitoring
Bo Li, Chongshi Gu, Zhilu Li, Lili Liu

317. Hydralic Analysis of Post-Failure Behaviour Due to Bank Slope Landslide
Qiang Ren, Weiya Xu, Yongdong Meng

318. Study on the Comprehensive Safety Assessment of Earth Fill Dam Based on AHP Methods
Hui Peng, Defu Liu, Bin Tian, Jinlin Zuo

319. Dam Safety Legislation: A Focus on the Different Approaches
Monica Soares Resio Zuffo, Ana Inés Borri Genovez

320. Development of a Critical Structure State Alarm System Based on the Instrumentation of the Botafoc Breakwater#8 Caisson
Gárate J. L. Almazán, Monzón M C Palomino, Montes J R García, Mateos A Matías, González A Parada, Serret J R Amorós

321. A Systematic Procedure to Predict Flows Induced by Major Dysfunctions on Complexes or Cascades of Dams
Benjamin J. Dewals, Pierre Archambeau, Sébastien Erpicum, Michel Pirotton

322. Analytical Solution for Assessing Randomness in Dam Design, Risk and Safety Analysis-I: Theory
Abate K. Negede, Hans-B. Horlacher

323. Analytical Solution for Assessing Randomness in Dam Design, Risk and Safety Analysis-II: Case Study
Abate K. Negede, Hans-B. Horlacher

324. Monitoring and Dynamic Feedback Design for Hydropower Stations Slope
Haiyuan Jin, Weiya Xu, Yongdong Meng, Jinlong Zhang, Kang Liu

325. Safety Inspection and Evaluation of Steel Penstocks in Hydroelectric Stations
Shengyi Zheng, Guangming Yang, Shifeng Xia

326. Safety Evaluation and Dynamic Coupling Analysis of Counter-Arched Slab in Plunge Pool
Bin Ma, Jijian Lian, Xizhu Liu

327. Deformation Mechanism Analysis of High Rock Slope Based on Safety Monitoring
Jinlong Zhang, Weiya Xu, Haiyuan Jin, Linwei Wang, Dewen Cai

328. Analysis of Water Hazard Caused by Huashiban Landslide on Tiger Leaping Gorge
Yongdong Meng, Weiya Xu, Linwei Wang

329. River Ice Conditions Forecast by Artificial Neural Networks
Tao Wang, Kailin Yang, Yongxin Guo

330. Prototype Debugging on Four-Step Operation Mode of TGP Lock Under Impounded Level 156m During Completion Stage
Ya-an Hu, Ruikai Zhang, Yun Li, Jun Li

331. Research of Image Processing Technique in Flow Visualization
Baowei Hu, Wenjuan Cheng, Lin Zhou, Wen Cheng

332. The Effect of Freshwater Biofilms on Skin Friction Drag
Jessica Andrewartha, Jane Sargison, Alan Henderson, Kate Perkins, Greg Walker

333. Flowrate and Velocity Measurement in Nakdong River Using ADCP
Min Wook Yoo, Young Do Kim, Siwan Lyu, Il Won Seo

334. Experimental Study of Open Channel Flow with Groins
Zupeng Gu, Syunsuke Ikeda

335. Evaluating of Hydraulic Operation of Water Measurement Structures (Case Study, Khuzestan, Iran)
S. Minaee, N. Nikbakht, M. Behzadinasab

336. Optimising ADV Sampling Locations in Simulated Vegetated Flows
P. A. Xavier, C. A. M. E. Wilson

337. Performance of a Combined Three-Hole Conductivity Probe for Measuring Velocity in Air-Water Jets
N. H. C. Pereira, J. E. Borges, J. Matos, K. Frizell

338. Measurement of Cross-Sectional Average Velocity in a Shallow Tidal River with a Next-Generation Acoustic Velocity Meter
Kiyoshi Kawanishi, Arata Kaneko, Mahdi Razaz, Toru Abe

339. An Advanced Discharge Measurement Technique: Real-Time Automatic Discharge Acquisition Remote-Control System Using Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meters
Chang Wan Kim, Min Ho Lee, Sang Hwa Jung

340. Application of Multi-Evidence Reasoning for Identification Vectors of Flow Field
Longhua Wu

341. Simultaneously Measurements of Velocity and Pressure on the Bed Wall in a Backward-Facing Step Flow
Kouki Onitsuka, Juichiro Akiyama, Yoshitake Zohshi

342. Application of Transit Time Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Low Lift Pumping Station Using
Jiren Zhou, Chao Liu, Li Cheng, Yan Jin, Jieqiang Leng

343. Energy Dissipator of Slit Concrete Sabo Dams
Youichi Yasuda, Iwao Ohtsu

344. Effect of Installation of Fishway on Flow Characteristics Around Weir
Youichi Yasuda, Iwao Ohtsu

345. Flow Characteristics of Pool-Type Fishway with Trapezoidal Section
Youichi Yasuda, Takashi Ohnishi, Iwao Ohtsu

346. Flow Characteristics of a Pool Type Fishway Installed in Sabo Dam During Flood Stage
Youichi Yasuda, Iwao Ohtsu

347. Efficiency of Sediment Settling Basins
Robert H. A. Janssen

Vol.VI. Hydropower Hydraulics

348. Scour Depth for Different Pile Positions at the Toe of a Block Ramp
Stefano Pagliara, Rajib Das, Michele Palermo

349. Experimental Research on the Length of 3D Hydraulic Jump in Joint Energy Dissipator
Duan Chen, Shan Wang, Jibin Han

350. Discharge Rating Curve and Scale Effects Correction in Morning Glory Spillways
Laura Maria Canno Ferreira Fais, Ana Inés Borri Genovez

351. Analyses of Minimum Submergence and Air Discharge in Vertical Shafts with Different Inlets
Laura Maria Canno Ferreira Fais, Ana Inés Borri Genovez

352. Vortex Shaft Outlet
Giuseppe Giudice, Corrado Gisonni, Giacomo Rasulo

353. Experimental Study of Elimination of Vortices Along Guide Wall of Bank Spillway
Jibao Wang, Hechun Chen

354. Hydraulic Design of A Multi-Level Intake Structure
K. Safavi, A. R. Karaminejad, H. Jamali, H. A Sarkardeh, A. R. Zarrati

355. Hydraulic Characteristics of Service Gate Downstream Fin of Discharge Tunnels
A. Mohaghegh, J. H. Wu, Z. C. Hu, L. P. Wang

356. Hydraulic Characteristic Analysis of Changing Top-Altitude Tail Tunnel and its Application
Jianxu Zhou, Qing Su, Fulin Cai

357. Research on the Layout of Guide Piers in the Inlet-Outlet for Pumped Storage Power Station
Qingsheng Chen, Jinli Jin

358. 3-D Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Characteristics of Lateral Intake of Pumped Storage Plant
Fulin Cai, Jianxu Zhou, Ming Hu, Jie Ma

359. Pressure and Velocity Fluctuations in Stilling Basins
Raúl A. Lopardo, Martín Romagnoli

360. 3D Numercial Simulation of Elbow-Inlet Passage
Li Cheng, Jiren Zhou, Chao Liu, Yan Jin

361. Kárahnjúkar Dam Spillway: Optimization by Hydraulic Model Tests
Michael Pfister, Thomas Berchtold, Adriano Lais

362. Scour Control Downstream of Block Ramps in Basins with Continuous and Dentated Sill
Stefano Pagliara, Michele Palermo

363. Experimental Study on Inner Velocity and Energy Dissipation of Shaft Spillway With Whirling Current
Huayong Chen, Jun Deng, Jing Hu, Bo Xie, Bin Liu, Jun Liu

364. Design Conditions for Morning-Glory Spillways: Application to Potrerillos Dam Spillway
Claudio A. Fattor, Jorge D. Bacchiega

365. Analysis on Pressure-Falling Phenomenon Caused by Air Chamber in Pressured Water Supply Pipe
Haibo Jiang, Xiangdong Zhao

366. Dynamic Pipe Fracture in Water Pipeline
Kazumi Ishikawa, Yukio Kono, Akira Haga, Kazuo Kato

367. Air Transport Caused by Chute Aerators
Michael Pfister, Willi H. Hager, Hans-Erwin Minor

368. Experimental Study of Aerated Two-Phase Flow Patterns in Tandem Cascade
Can Kang, Minguan Yang

369. Surge Effects in Pressure Systems for Different Pipe Materials
H M Ramos, A Borga

370. Effect of Aeration on Cavitation Charac-Teristics of Cylindrical Protrusions with Different Heights
Zhiyong Dong, Yihong Wu, Dong Zhang

371. Vortex Characteristics of Spiral Flow in Pipe
Xiangdong Zhang, Xihuan Sun, Xiaokang Xin

372. Study on Flow-Induced Vibration of Delivery Valvr of Shiplocks
Shaoze Luo, Yaan Hu, Baokang Fan, Feng Sun

373. Analysis of an Accident Happened at an Oil Well
Guiji Li, Jianmin Zhang, Cheng’en Wang

374. Analysis on Flow-Induced Vibration of Underwater Horizontal Gate
Hao Ren, Tongchun Li, Lanhao Zhao, Xiangming Yu, Dong Liang, Zhiguo Niu

375. Extension of the Efficient Quasi-2D Water Hammer Model to Complex Pipe System
Huanfeng Duan, Mohamed S. Ghidaoui, Yeou-Koung Tung

376. Experimental Research on the Salt-Out Flow in Chemical Pump
Dong Liu, Min’guan Yang, Gao Bo, Kang Can

377. Experimental Study and Numerical Simulation of Interior Flow in Centrifugal Pump
Dong Liu, Min’guan Yang, Xiaolian Wu, Weiyong Xi

378. Research of Liquid-Solid Two Phase Flow in the Chemical Pump
Dong Liu, Min’guan Yang

379. Study on Reverse Water Hammer of the Kaplan Turbine
Yanze Liu, Jinshi Chang

380. Numerical Simulation of Cavitation Flow in Tandem Cascade
Can Kang

381. Study of the Internal Flow in Centrifugal Pump
Qun Wang, Dong Liu, Xiang Dong

382. New Inverse Method of Centrifugal Pump Blade and its Optimization
Renhui Zhang, Junhu Yang, Rennian Li

383. Conception and Design of A Micro-Hydro in a Water Supply System
H M Ramos, M Mello

384. Experimental Study on the Effect of Habitat Isolation on River Ecology
Xuehua Duan, Zhaoyin Wang

385. 3-D Flow Simulation of an Ice-Harbor Fishway
Fujihara Masayuki, Akimoto Mai, Izumi Mattashi

386. Effects of Notch Ratio on Migration Rate in Pool-And-Weir Fishways
Kouki Onitsuka, Juichiro Akiyama, Yusuke Mori, Yohei Iiguni, Tatsuya Kobayashi

387. The Effects of Discharge Ratio on Helix Flow at “Y” Shaped Junction
Xiaogang Wang, Zhongmin Yan

388. Changes and Countermeasures of Reservoir Water Quality After Storage of Three Gorges Reservoir
Huichao Dai, Dingguo Dai

389. Chinese Sturgeon Spawning Habitat Horizontal Mean Vorticity Computation and Analysis
Yuankun Wang, Ziqiang Xia

390. Modeling of the Flow Changes Due to Reservoir Operations and the Impacts on Aquatic Ecosystem Downstream
Ruonan Li, Qiuwen Chen, Arthur Mynett, Shiyong Wu, Hongmei Wang

391. A Review on Conservation Issue in Chinese Paddlefish, Psephurus Glasius
Yong Gao, Guangjing Cao, Yongbo Chen, Jianbo Chang

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