Frémond, Michel

Mechanical Modelling and Computational Issues in Civil Engineering

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Table of contents

1. Monumental Dams
Ruggiero Jappelli

2. Approach of Mechanical Behaviour and Rupture of Cohesive Granular Media. Validation on a Model Medium
Jean-Yves Delenne, Moulay Saïd Youssoufi, Jean-Claude Bénet

3. Phase Change of Volatile Organic Compounds in Soil Remediation Processes
Ali Chammari, Bruno Cousin, Jean-Claude Bénet

4. Thermo-mechanical Behaviour of a Soil. Yield Surface Evolution
Moulay Saïd Youssoufi, Christian Saix, Frédéric Jamin

5. Water Transport in Soil with Phase Change
Ali Chammari, Bétaboalé Naon, Fabien Cherblanc, Jean-Claude Bénet

6. Tunnels in Saturated Elasto-plastic Soils: Three-dimensional Validation of a Plane Simulation Procedure
Carlo Callari, Stefano Casini

7. A Plasticity Model and Hysteresis Cycles
Nelly Point, Denise Vial

8. Computational Analysis of Isotropic Plasticity Models
Nunziante Valoroso, Luciano Rosati

9. A Non-linear Hardening Model Based on Two Coupled Internal Hardening Variables: Formulation and Implementation
Nelly Point, Silvano Erlicher

10. Comparison between Static and Dynamic Criteria of Material Stability
Antonio Grimaldi, Raimondo Luciano

11. Material Damage Description via Structured Deformations
Marc François, Gianni Royer-Carfagni

12. Singular equilibrated stress fields for no-tension panels
Massimiliano Lucchesi, Miroslav Silhavy, Nicola Zani

13. Damage of Materials: Damaging Effects of Macroscopic Vanishing Motions
Elena Bonetti, Michel Frémond

14. A Numerical Method for Fracture of Rods
Maurizio Angelillo, Enrico Babilio, Antonio Fortunato

15. Softening Behavior of Reinforced Cementitious Beams
Sonia Marfia, Elio Sacco

16. An Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Plating of Reinforced Concrete Beams with FRP Laminates
L. Ascione, V. P. Berardi, E. Nardo, L. Feo, G. Mancusi

17. Reliability of CFRP Structural Repair for Reinforced Concrete Elements
Antonio Bonati, Giovanni Cavanna

18. Elastic Plates with Weakly Incoherent Response
G. Lancioni

19. A Finite Element for the Analysis of Monoclinic Laminated Plates
Ferdinando Auricchio, Elio Sacco, Giuseppe Vairo

20. A Mixed FSDT Finite-Element Formulation for the Analysis of Composite Laminates Without Shear Correction Factors
Ferdinando Auricchio, Elio Sacco, Giuseppe Vairo

21. On the use of Continuous Wavelet Analysis for Modal Identification
Pierre Argoul, Silvano Erlicher

22. Propagation of Phase Change Front in Monocrystalline SMA
André Chrysochoos, Christian Licht, Robert Peyroux

23. Entropy balance versus energy balance Application to the heat equation and to phase transitions
Pierluigi Colli, Elena Bonetti, Michel Frémond

24. On the Choice of the Shunt Circuit for Single-mode Vibration Damping of Piezoactuated Structures
Paolo Bisegna, Giovanni Caruso, Franco Maceri


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