Nannipieri, Paolo

Nucleic Acids and Proteins in Soil

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Table of contents

1. New Frontiers in Soil Microbiology: How To Link Structure and Function of Microbial Communities?
Blaž Stres, James M. Tiedje

2. Chemical Structure of Organic N and Organic P in Soil
Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

3. Nucleic Acid Extraction from Soil
Lars R. Bakken, Åsa Frostegård

4. Role of Stabilised Enzymes in Microbial Ecology and Enzyme Extraction from Soil with Potential Applications in Soil Proteomics
Paolo Nannipieri

5. Soil Proteomics: Extraction and Analysis of Proteins from Soils
Oladele A. Ogunseitan

6. The Various Sources and the Fate of Nucleic Acids in Soil
Wilfried Wackernagel

7. Stabilization of Extracellular DNA and Proteins by Transient Binding to Various Soil Components
Kaare M. Nielsen, Luca Calamai, Giacomo Pietramellara

8. Assessing Bacterial and Fungal Community Structure in Soil Using Ribosomal RNA and Other Structural Gene Markers
George A. Kowalchuk, Barbara Drigo, Etienne Yergeau, Johannes A. Veen

9. Advances in Microarray-Based Technologies for Soil Microbial Community Analyses
Christopher W. Schadt, Jizhong Zhou

10. Stable Isotope Probing: A Critique of Its Role in Linking Phylogeny and Function
Mike Manefield, Robert I. Griffiths, Mark J. Bailey, Andrew S. Whiteley

11. Gene Detection, Expression and Related Enzyme Activity in Soil
Martin Krsek, William H. Gaze, N. Z. Morris, Elizabeth M. H. Wellington

12. Enzyme Activities in Soil
Liliana Gianfreda, Pacifico Ruggiero

13. How to Assess the Abundance and Diversity of Mobile Genetic Elements in Soil Bacterial Communities?
Kornelia Smalla, Holger Heuer

14. Bacterial Conjugation in Soil
Jan Dirk Elsas, Sarah Turner, Jack T. Trevors

15. Horizontal Gene Transfer by Natural Transformation in Soil Environment
Anne Mercier, Elisabeth Kay, Pascal Simonet

16. Reporter Genes in Bacterial Inoculants Can Monitor Life Conditions and Functions in Soil
Jan Sørensen, Ole Nybroe

17. Reporter Gene Technology in Soil Ecology; Detection of Bioavailability and Microbial Interactions
Mette Burmølle, Lars Hestbjerg Hansen, Søren J. Sørensen

18. Marker Genes As Tools To Study Deliberately Released Soil Bacteria
Christoph C. Tebbe, Rona Miethling-Graff


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