Kuhlin, Bernd

The Practical Real-Time Enterprise

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Table of contents

1. The Real-Time Enterprise Facts, practices and prospects
I..Business processes in modern companies

2. Inter-company business processes and e-collaboration
Dieter Spath, Thomas Renner, Anette Weisbecker

3. Business process management in real-time companies
Arnold Picot, Thomas Hess

4. Real value in real time
Michael Meyer

5. Competitive response: a new lens for evaluating company performance
Tom Davies, Barry Gilbert, Jeff Swartz

II..Typical examples from industries

6. Building the Real-Time Enterprise at DaimlerChrysler
Susan J. Unger

7. Real-time-oriented service architectures in the airline sector
Bernd Voigt

8. The Extended Enterprise — Economic integration in real-time
Claus E. Heinrich, Alexander Zeier

9. Strategic perspectives for the hotel industry
Michael-W. Hartmann

III..Technological networking

10. Technical networking
Ralf Steinmetz, Manuel Görtz, Harald Müller

11. Designing more productive business processes with convergent networks
Bernd Kuhlin

12. QoS Architectures and Resource Management in the Intranet
Jörg Eberspächer, Josef Glasmann

IV..Technical process support

13. Business process evolution in real-time
Shai Agassi

14. I&C Technologies for a Real-Time Enterprise (RTE)
Friedrich Kopitsch

V..Enterprise security

15. Secure mobile business solutions for real-time enterprises
Claudia Eckert

16. Identity & Access Management Faster ROI and improved security through efficient assignment of rights and access control
Walter Fumy, Jörg Sauerbrey

17. Real-time business requires security, trust and availability
Martin Schallbruch


18. Intelligent IT sourcing in the financial industry: background, preconditions and requirements of future IT organization design
Clemens Jochum

19. Outsourcing as a strategic management decision
Jürgen Frischmuth, Christian Oecking

20. Less costs, more functionality
Johann Csecsinovits

VII..Challenges facing qualification and management

21. Visual management
Dieter Spath, Rita Nøstdal, Martina Göhring

22. From CIO to Chief Process Officer
Ferri Abolhassan

23. How to be switched on — without being switched off
Rob House

VIII..The steps in evolving into an “E-Enterprise”

24. The RTE: it starts with early warnings
Steve Blood

25. Towards the E-Enterprise: standards, networks and co-operation strategies
Wolfgang König, Tim Weitzel

26. The evolution to real-time architecture
Andreas Pfeifer

27. Distributed mini-factory networks as a form of real-time enterprise: concept, flexibility potential and case studies
Ralf Reichwald, Christof M. Stotko, Frank T. Piller

28. Organic IT: cut IT costs, speed up business
Frank E. Gillett, Thomas Mendel

29. Living and working in a global network
Jörg Luther

30. Delivering the promise. Making it pervasive
Andy Mattes

IX..The visions

31. Knowledge-based companies — objectives and requirements
Claus Weyrich

32. Living and working in a networked world: ten trends
Hans-Jörg Bullinger, Rolf Ilg

33. Swarm organization — a new paradigm for the E-enterprise of the future
Andreas Neef, Klaus Burmeister

34. Young professionals look to the communication of tomorrow
35. Information and communication in 20XX
Georg Berner


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