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Acetylsalicylic Acid

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“The book is well organized and allows easy access to the various topics. Each major section summarizes its important aspects. The book has an excellent index and separate appendixes dealing with biochemical abbreviations and abbreviations of clinical terms. This outstanding book should prove useful to physicians, biochemists, chemists and anyone else with an interest in aspirin.” –Biotechnology Advances, 2010

“…an up-to-date resource on the state of the art… has considerable value as a reference for more established information on the history, pharmacology, and clinical applications of aspirin therapy.” –Australian Biochemist, 2009

“…plausible, fascinating and scientifically inspiring reading… an intellectual treat. Professor Schrör has to be genuinely congratulated on this work.” –Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, 2009 (review in German)

“This first edition of a book on Aspirin (Acetylsalicylic Acid) is more exciting reading than many historic novels, especially for pharmacologists, neurologists and cardiovascular specialists… The book is didactically well structured and easy to read despite the wealth of information provided. No question is left unanswered in this straight-forward presentation…” –Austrian Journal of Cardiology, 2009 (review in German)

Written by a leading expert on Aspirin-related research, this is the first comprehensive treaty of the history, pharmacological effects and clinical applications of one of the most successful drugs ever.

The text is written with a wide audience in mind and to be readily understandable for clinicians as well as biomedical researchers and pharmacologists alike. The content is up to date and includes the latest results of clinical and academic research, with a balanced view on the disputed properties of this famous drug.

Key Features:

  • A must-have for everyone working with Aspirin.

  • An invaluable compendium for clinicians and biomedical researchers on one of the most successful drugs in history.

  • Written by one of the leading experts on the drug with more than 350 publications.

  • First comprehensive treaty of the history, pharmacological effects and clinical applications of this famous drug.

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