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ROBOT 2017: Third Iberian Robotics Conference

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Table of contents

1. Landmark Detection for Docking Tasks
Francisco Ferreira, Héber Sobreira, Germano Veiga, António Moreira

2. Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter SLAM with Prior Map: An Experimental Evaluation
Goran Popović, Juraj Oršulić, Damjan Miklić, Stjepan Bogdan

3. Object Tracking in a Moving Reference Frame
Pedro Relvas, Paulo Costa, António Paulo Moreira

4. Vision-Based Control for an AUV in a Multi-robot Undersea Intervention Task
Emilio Garcia-Fidalgo, Alberto Ortiz, Miquel Massot-Campos

5. The K-Framed Quadtrees Approach for Path Planning Through a Known Environment
Ana Rodrigues, Pedro Costa, José Lima

6. Collision Avoidance for Multi-robot Systems with Coincident Paths Based on Fictitious Collision Points Using Nonlinear Formulation
Marina B. A. Souza, Edimar José Oliveira, Leonardo Willer Oliveira, Antonio Paulo G. M. Moreira

7. Integrating an Autonomous Robot on a Dance and New Technologies Festival
Paula Abad, Miguel Franco, Rosa Castillón, Iñigo Alonso, Ana Cambra, Jorge Sierra, Luis Riazuelo, Luis Montano, Ana C. Murillo

8. A Perspective of Security for Mobile ServiceRobots
Gary Cornelius, Patrice Caire, Nico Hochgeschwender, Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez, Paulo Esteves-Verissimo, Marcus Völp, Holger Voos

9. Project and Trajectory Control of an Autonomous Aerator for Aquaculture
Rilene Carolina Goelzer, Letieri Avila, Vinicius Menezes Oliveira

10. On-Line Adaptive Side-by-Side Human Robot Companion to Approach a Moving Person toInteract
Ely Repiso, Anaís Garrell, Alberto Sanfeliu

11. A Robotized Dumper for Debris Removal inTunnels Under Construction
Danilo Tardioli, Luis Riazuelo, Teresa Seco, Jesús Espelosín, Jorge Lalana, José Luis Villarroel, Luis Montano

12. Roboethics and Robotic Governance – A Literature Review and Research Agenda
Dominik B. O. Bösl, Martina Bode

13. Coordinated Multi-UAV Exploration Strategy for Large Areas with Communication Constrains
Juan Braga, A. Pedro Aguiar, João Borges Sousa

14. A Nonlinear Model Predictive Control for an AUV to Track and Estimate a Moving Target Using Range Measurements
R. Praveen Jain, Andrea Alessandretti, A. Pedro Aguiar, João Borges Sousa

15. Architecture of a Flight Endurance Enhancement System for Maritime Operations with Fixed Wing UAS
Leopoldo Rodríguez, Jose A. Cobano, Anibal Ollero

16. Immersive Touring for Marine Archaeology. Application of a New Compact Omnidirectional Camera to Mapping the Gnalić shipwreck withan AUV
Josep Bosch, Nuno Gracias, Pere Ridao, David Ribas, Klemen Istenič, Rafael Garcia, Irena Radic Rossi

17. Towards Inspection of Marine Energy Devices Using ROVs: Floating Wind Turbine Motion Replication
Satja Sivčev, Edin Omerdić, Gerard Dooly, Joseph Coleman, Daniel Toal

18. Robot Localization System in a Hard Outdoor Environment
Teresa Conceição, Filipe Neves dos Santos, Paulo Costa, António Paulo Moreira

19. Improving Dead-Reckoning Performance of Skid-Steered Wheeled Robots Using an Improved Kinematic Model
Sedat Dogru, Lino Marques

20. A*-Based Solution to the Coverage Path Planning Problem
Sedat Dogru, Lino Marques

21. GRAPE: Ground Robot for vineyArd Monitoring and ProtEction
Ferran Roure, Germán Moreno, Marcel Soler, Davide Faconti, Daniel Serrano, Pietro Astolfi, Gianluca Bardaro, Alessandro Gabrielli, Luca Bascetta, Matteo Matteucci

22. Path Planning for Automatic Recharging System for Steep-Slope Vineyard Robots
Luís Santos, Filipe Neves Santos, Jorge Mendes, Nuno Ferraz, José Lima, Raul Morais, Pedro Costa

23. Multi-Robot Planning for Perception of Multiple Regions of Interest
Tiago Pereira, A. Paulo G. M. Moreira, Manuela Veloso

24. Low Resolution Lidar-Based Multi-Object Tracking for Driving Applications
Iván Pino, Víctor Vaquero, Beatrice Masini, Joan Solà, Francesc Moreno-Noguer, Alberto Sanfeliu, Juan Andrade-Cetto

25. From Fast to Accurate Wireless Map Reconstruction for Human Positioning Systems
Eduardo Ferrera, Jesús Capitán, Pedro Jośe Marrón

26. Cooperative Cloud SLAM on Matrix Lie Groups
Kruno Lenac, Josip Ćesić, Ivan Marković, Ivan Petrović

27. Circle Formation in Multi-robot Systems with Limited Visibility
Eman Hasan, Khaled Al-Wahedi, Belal Jumah, Diana W. Dawoud, Jorge Dias

28. A Multidrone Approach for Autonomous Cinematography Planning
Arturo Torres-González, Jesús Capitán, Rita Cunha, Anibal Ollero, Ioannis Mademlis

29. Appropriate Spherical Coordinate Model for Trocar Port Constraint in Robotic Surgery
Anthony Remazeilles, Miguel Prada, Irati Rasines

30. Practical Aspects of Deploying Robotherapy Systems
Francisco Martín, Jonathan Ginés

31. Enhancing a Robotic Rehabilitation Model for Hand-Arm Bimanual Intensive Therapy
Enrique García Estévez, Irene Díaz Portales, José Carlos Pulido, Raquel Fuentetaja, Fernando Fernández

32. LifeBots I: Building the Software Infrastructure for Supporting Lifelong Technologies
Antonio Bandera, Juan P. Bandera, Pablo Bustos, Fernando Férnandez, Angel García-Olaya, Javier García-Polo, Ismael García-Varea, Luis J. Manso, Rebeca Marfil, Jesús Martínez-Gómez, Pedro Núñez, Jose M. Perez-Lorenzo, Pedro Reche-Lopez, Cristina Romero-González, Raquel Viciana-Abad

33. CLARC: A Cognitive Robot for Helping Geriatric Doctors in Real Scenarios
Dimitri Voilmy, Cristina Suárez, Adrian Romero-Garcés, Cristian Reuther, Jose Carlos Pulido, Rebeca Marfil, Luis J. Manso, Karine Lan Hing Ting, Ana Iglesias, Jose Carlos González, Javier García, Angel García-Olaya, Raquel Fuentetaja, Fernando Fernández, Alvaro Dueñas, Luis Vicente Calderita, Pablo Bustos, T. Barile, Juan Pedro Bandera, Antonio Bandera

34. Heterogeneous Ontologies and Hybrid Reasoning for Service Robotics: The EASE Framework
John Bateman, Michael Beetz, Daniel Beßler, Asil Kaan Bozcuoğlu, Mihai Pomarlan

35. Towards an Ontology for Task and Planning in Autonomous Systems: An Emergency Scenario
Julita Bermejo-Alonso, Jorge Salvador, Ricardo Sanz

36. Knowledge and Tasks Representation for an Industrial Robotic Application
Rodrigo Bernardo, Rodolfo Farinha, Paulo J. S. Gonçalves

37. An Ontology Framework for Physics-Based Manipulation Planning
Mohammed Diab, Muhayyuddin, Aliakbar Akbari, Jan Rosell

38. What Can Ontologies Do for Robot Design?
Francisco Ramos, Alberto Olivares-Alarcos, Andrés Salomón Vázquez, Raúl Fernández

39. Deep Semantic Abstractions of Everyday Human Activities
Jakob Suchan, Mehul Bhatt

40. Artificial Flagellum Microrobot. Design and Simulation in COMSOL
Enrique Mancha, José Emilio Traver, Inés Tejado, Javier Prieto, Blas M. Vinagre, Vicente Feliu

41. Knowledge-Oriented Physics-Based Motion Planning for Grasping Under Uncertainty
Muhayyuddin, Aliakbar Akbari, Jan Rosell

42. A Simulation Tool for Visualizing the Assembly Modes and Singularity Locus of 3RPR Planar Parallel Robots
Adrián Peidró, Óscar Reinoso, José María Marín, Arturo Gil, Luis Payá, Yerai Berenguer

43. On the Use of Mixed Reality for Setting up Control and Coordination Strategies for Teams of Autonomous UAV
F. Orjales, F. Lopez Peña, A. Paz-Lopez, A. Deibe, R. J. Duro

44. Flexible Work Cell Simulator Using Digital Twin Methodology for Highly Complex Systems in Industry 4.0
Pedro Tavares, Joao André Silva, Pedro Costa, Germano Veiga, António Paulo Moreira

45. Automatic Selection of User Samples for a Non-collaborative Face Verification System
Fernando E. Casado, Carlos V. Regueiro, Roberto Iglesias, Xosé M. Pardo, Eric López

46. Robot Semantic Localization Through CNN Descriptors
Edmanuel Cruz, José Carlos Rangel, Miguel Cazorla

47. 3D Object Mapping Using a Labelling System
Félix Escalona, Francisco Gomez-Donoso, Miguel Cazorla

48. Robust Hand Pose Regression Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Francisco Gomez-Donoso, Sergio Orts-Escolano, Miguel Cazorla

49. 3D Semantic Maps for Scene Segmentation
Cristina Romero-González, Jesus Martínez-Gómez, Ismael García-Varea

50. Detecting and Manipulating Objects with a Social Robot: An Ambient Assisted Living Approach
John Alejandro Castro-Vargas, Alberto Garcia-Garcia, Sergiu Oprea, Sergio Orts-Escolano, Jose Garcia-Rodriguez

51. Learning Leg Pattern Using Laser Range Finder in Mobile Robots
Eugenio Aguirre, Miguel García-Silvente, Marcelo García-Pérez

52. Movement Direction Estimation Using Omnidirectional Images in a SLAM Algorithm
Yerai Berenguer, Luis Payá, Oscar Reinoso, Adrián Peidró, Luis Miguel Jiménez

53. How to Transfer a Semantic Segmentation Model from Autonomous Driving to Other Domains?
Ana B. Cambra, Adolfo Muñoz, Ana C. Murillo

54. Inertial Navigation with Mobile Devices: A Robust Step Count Model
Jacobo Lopez-Fernandez, Roberto Iglesias, Carlos V. Regueiro, Fernando E. Casado

55. Fine 3D Path Following of a Quadcopter
Manuel Zafra Villar, Jose María Cañas Plaza

56. Testing the Control Architecture of a Micro-Aerial Vehicle for Visual Inspection of Vessels
Francisco Bonnin-Pascual, Alberto Ortiz, Emilio Garcia-Fidalgo, Joan P. Company-Corcoles

57. Efficient Inspection of Underground Galleries Using k Robots with Limited Energy
S. Bereg, L. E. Caraballo, J. M. Díaz-Báñez

58. Sensor-Based 3-D Pose Estimation and Control of Rotary-Wing UAVs Using a 2-D LiDAR
Alexandre Gomes, Bruno J. Guerreiro, Rita Cunha, Carlos Silvestre, Paulo Oliveira

59. Design of a High Performance Dual Arm Aerial Manipulator
Pedro Grau, Alejandro Suarez, Victor Manuel Vega, Angel Rodriguez-Castaño, Anibal Ollero

60. Experimental Approach to the Aerodynamic Effects Produced in Multirotors Flying Close to Obstacles
P. J. Sanchez-Cuevas, Guillermo Heredia, Anibal Ollero

61. Simulation Environment for the Evaluation and Design of Reactive Obstacle Avoidance Algorithms in UAS Operating in Low AltitudeAirspace
Katarina Borovina, John Hallam

62. Obstacle Avoidance Framework Based on Reach Sets
Alojz Gomola, João Borges Sousa, Fernando Lobo Pereira, Pavel Klang

63. A Montecarlo Reactive Navigation Algorithm for a Dual Arm Aerial Robot
Fran Real, Ángel R. Castaño, Jesús Capitán

64. Feature Based Potential Field for Low-Level Active Visual Navigation
Rômulo T. Rodrigues, Meysam Basiri, A. Pedro Aguiar, Pedro Miraldo

65. Aerial Image Mosaicking for Multi-purpose Civil Applications
Abdulla Al-Kaff, Juan Camilo Soto Triviño, Raúl Sosa San Frutos, Arturo Escalera, José María Armingol Moreno

66. Command-Filtered Backstepping Redesign forAerial Manipulators Under Aerodynamic andOperational Disturbances
Carlos R. de Cos, José Ángel Acosta, Anibal Ollero

67. Evasive Maneuvering for UAVs: An MPC Approach
Manuel Castillo-Lopez, Miguel A. Olivares-Mendez, Holger Voos

68. Cuttlefish Optimization Algorithm in Autotuning of Altitude Controller of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Wojciech Giernacki, Tadeo Espinoza Fraire, Piotr Kozierski

69. A Game of Drones: Game Theoretic Approaches for Multi-robot Task Allocation in Security Missions
Kala Garapati, Juan Jesús Roldán, Mario Garzón, Jaime Cerro, Antonio Barrientos

70. Enhancing RRT Planning for Interception withDistance and Probability Maps Based onFMM
David Garzón-Ramos, Mario Garzón, Jorge León, Antonio Barrientos

71. Ultra-Wideband Time of Flight Based Localization System and Odometry Fusion for a Scanning 3 DoF Magnetic Field Autonomous Robot
Jose Lima, Paulo Costa

72. Quality Study of Robot Trajectories Based onthe Anisotropic Fast Marching Method
Santiago Garrido, Luis Moreno, Fernando Martin, David Alvarez

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