Arnold, Rainer

Rule of Law, Human Rights and Judicial Control of Power

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Table of contents

Part I. Rule of Law and Judicial Control of Power

1. Constitution and Judicial Review: Comparative Analysis
Emilio Alfonso Garrote Campillay

2. On the Jurisdictional Control of the Acts of the Government of Romania
Eugen Chelaru

3. Judicial Review of Public Power in Poland
Michał Jackowski

4. To Be, or Not to Be, That Is the Question. The Process of Unconstitutionality like an Abstract Judicial Review at the Peruvian Constitution
Carlos Hakansson

5. Judicial Review and Public Power in Kenya: Revisiting Judicial Response to Select Political Cases
Luis Gabriel Franceschi, Linet Muthoni, Emmah Senge Wabuke

6. Direct Participation of the People in Public Power—Advantages and Disadvantages of a Referendum, Croatian and European Perspective
Biljana Kostadinov

7. The Role of Civil Society in the Control of Public Power
María Pérez-Ugena Coromina

8. Basic Features of the Constitutional System in Kosovo
Enver Hasani

9. Role of the Constitutional Justice in Controlling the Balance Between State Powers in the Republic of Moldova
Alexandru Tănase

10. Judicial Control of Public Power As a Legal Instrument For Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Ukraine
Victor Muraviov, Nataliia Mushak

Part II. Judicial Control, its Effects and Limits

11. Respect for Judicial Precedent as a Limit on the Exercise of Public Power
Santiago Legarre

12. Reception of the Proportionality Test By Chilean Scholars: A Critical Analysis
Ignacio Covarrubias Cuevas

13. Constitutional Tribunals’ Judicial Review of Public Power in Poland
Boguslaw Banaszak

14. The Margin of Appreciation of the Albanian Constitutional Court on the Constitutionality of Emergency Decrees of Executive Power
Arta Vorpsi

15. The Project of Constitutional Reform in Austria
Heribert Franz Köck

Part III. Human Rights and Judicial Control

16. Consensus and the Intensity of Judicial Review in the European Court of Human Rights
Soledad Bertelsen

17. The Jurisdiction on the Social Rights: A Conflict Between the Courts and Public Power in the Italian Legal System
Valentina Colcelli

18. Depreciation of State Sovereignty at the Turn of the 21st Century
Mariusz Muszyński

19. The International Criminal Court as an International Judicial Control of the National Public Power? (the ICC’s Standpoint on the Complementarity Principle in the Prosecutor V. Simone Gbagbo Case)
Péter Kovács

20. Judicial Review of EU Legislation as an Instrument to Ensure Consistency of National and EU Law
Joanna Osiejewicz

21. The Relationship Between Positive Obligations of Incrimination Under the ECHR and the Constitutional Principle of Legality in Criminal Matters in the Italian Legal System
Francesca Polacchini

22. Role of the European Court of Human Rights in the Turkish Constitutional Court’s Rulings Regarding the Freedom of Association
Selin Esen

23. Beyond the Judicial Review of Public Power: The Horizontal Effects of Constitutional Rights in Chile
José Ignacio Martínez-Estay, Jaime Arancibia Mattar

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Ius Gentium: Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice
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