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Handbook of Eudaimonic Well-Being

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Table of contents

1. The Most Important Idea in the World: An Introduction
Joar Vittersø

Part I. Philosophical Eudaimonism

2. The Philosophical Basis of Eudaimonic Psychology
Daniel M. Haybron

3. Ethics and Eudaimonic Well-Being
Johannes Hirata

4. Aristotle on Eudaimonia: On the Virtue of Returning to the Source
Blaine J. Fowers

5. Conceptual Challenges for a Science of Eudaimonic Well-Being
Lorraine L. Besser

Part II. Identifying the Elements of Psychological Eudaimonics

6. Beautiful Ideas and the Scientific Enterprise: Sources of Intellectual Vitality in Research on Eudaimonic Well-Being
Carol D. Ryff

7. Eudaimonia as a Way of Living: Connecting Aristotle with Self-Determination Theory
Richard M. Ryan, Frank Martela

8. Internal Motivation, Instrumental Motivation, and Eudaimonia
Barry Schwartz, Amy Wrzesniewski

9. Eudaimonia and Wisdom
Alan Law, Ursula M. Staudinger

10. Eudaimonic Growth: The Development of the Goods in Personhood (or: Cultivating a Good Life Story)
Jack J. Bauer

11. Hedonia, Eudaimonia, and Meaning: Me Versus Us; Fleeting Versus Enduring
Michael F. Steger

12. The Eudaimonics of Positive Emotions
Barbara L. Fredrickson

13. On the Synergy Between Hedonia and Eudaimonia: The Role of Passion
Robert J. Vallerand

14. The Eudaimonics of the True Self
Rebecca J. Schlegel, Joshua A. Hicks, Andrew G. Christy

15. Eudaimonic and Hedonic Orientations: Theoretical Considerations and Research Findings
Veronika Huta

16. Genes, Environments and Core Features of Eudaimonic Wellbeing
Espen Røysamb, Ragnhild Bang Nes

17. The Feeling of Excellent Functioning: Hedonic and Eudaimonic Emotions
Joar Vittersø

18. Measuring Eudaimonic Well-Being
Carmel Proctor, Roger Tweed

Part III. Living Eudaimonically

19. Well-Doing: Personal Projects and the Social Ecology of Flourishing
Brian R. Little

20. The Eudaimonics of Human Strengths: The Relations Between Character Strengths and Well-Being
Claudia Harzer

21. The Mind of the “Happy Warrior”: Eudaimonia, Awe, and the Search for Meaning in Life
Alexander F. Danvers, Makenzie J. O’Neil, Michelle N. Shiota

22. Heroism and Eudaimonia: Sublime Actualization Through the Embodiment of Virtue
Zeno E. Franco, Olivia Efthimiou, Philip G. Zimbardo

23. The Eudaimonics of Health: Exploring the Promise of Positive Well-Being and Healthier Living
Jay Kimiecik

24. Eudaimonia, Aging, and Health: A Review of Underlying Mechanisms
Anthony D. Ong, Alicia Patterson

25. Wholeness and Holiness: The Spiritual Dimension of Eudaimonics
Kenneth I. Pargament, Serena Wong, Julie J. Exline

26. Positive Interventions That Erode the Hedonic and Eudaimonic Divide to Promote Lasting Happiness
Dianne A. Vella-Brodrick

Part IV. Eudaimonia and the Society

27. Eudaimonia and Culture: The Anthropology of Virtue
Francis Mckay

28. Eudaimonic Well-being: A Gendered Perspective
Leah J. Ferguson, Katie E. Gunnell

29. Sentimental Hedonism: Pleasure, Purpose, and Public Policy
Paul Dolan, Laura Kudrna

30. The Eudemonics of Education
Hans Henrik Knoop

31. Developing Well-Being and Capabilities as a Goal of Higher Education: A Thought-Piece on Educating the Whole Student
Eranda Jayawickreme, Sara E. Dahill-Brown

32. Developing a Eudaimonia Research Agenda in Travel and Tourism
M. Joseph Sirgy, Muzaffer Uysal

33. Hedonism, Eudaimonia, and the Serious Leisure Perspective
Robert A. Stebbins

34. Eudaimonia and ‘Species Being’: A Marxist Perspective
Hartley Dean

Part V. Against Eudaimonia

35. Socrates’ Dissatisfaction, a Happiness Arms Race, and the Trouble with Eudaimonic Well-Being
Sarah J. Ward, Laura A. King

36. Putting Eudaimonia in Its Place
Kennon M. Sheldon

37. Social Planning Without Bentham or Aristotle: Towards Dignified and Socially Engaged Well-being
Neil Thin

Part VI. Epilogue

38. The Future of Eudaimonic Well-Being: Subjectivism, Objectivism and the Lump Under the Carpet
Valerie Tiberius

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