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Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems

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Table of contents

1. The Algorithm of Discovery: Making Discoveries on Demand
Boris Stilman

2. The Art of Anticipatory Decision Making
Andrzej M. J. Skulimowski

3. On Modeling Human-Computer Co-Creativity
Oliver Hoffmann

4. Comparison of the Two Companies’ Staff by the Group Idea-Marathon Training on Creativity and Motivation
Takeo Higuchi

5. Using Appropriate Context Models for CARS Context Modelling
Christos Mettouris, George A. Papadopoulos

6. Computational Creativity for Intelligence Analysis
Robert Forsgren, Peter Hammar, Magnus Jändel

7. Bus Scheduling in Dynamical Urban Transport Networks with the use of Genetic Algorithms and High Performance Computing Technologies
V. A. Shmelev, A. V. Dukhanov, K. V. Knyazkov, S. V. Ivanov

8. MCDA and LCSA—A Note on the Aggregation of Preferences
João Carlos Namorado Clímaco, Rogerio Valle

9. A Model for Managing Organizational Knowledge in the Context of the Shared Services Supported by the E-Learning
Agostinho Sousa Pinto, Luís Amaral

10. Online Communities of Practice: Social or Cognitive Arenas?
Azi Lev-On, Nili Steinfeld

11. Knowledge Extraction and Annotation Tools to Support Creativity at the Initial Stage of Product Design: Requirements and Assessment
Julia Kantorovitch, Ilkka Niskanen, Anastasios Zafeiropoulos, Aggelos Liapis, Jose Miguel Garrido Gonzalez, Alexandros Didaskalou, Enrico Motta

12. Web Board Question Answering System on Problem-Solving Through Problem Clusters
Chaveevan Pechsiri, Onuma Moolwat, Rapepun Piriyakul

13. A PHR Front-End System with the Facility of Data Migration from Printed Forms
Atsuo Yoshitaka, Shinobu Chujyou, Hiroshi Kato

14. Investigating Unit Weighting and Unit Selection Factors in Thai Multi-document Summarization
Nongnuch Ketui, Thanaruk Theeramunkong

15. On the Use of Character Affinities for Story Plot Generation
Gonzalo Méndez, Pablo Gervás, Carlos León

16. Vicarious: A Flexible Framework for the Creative Use of Sensed Biodata
Paul Tennent, Joe Marshall, Brendan Walker, Paul Harter, Steve Benford, Tony Glover

17. Application of Rough Sets in k Nearest Neighbours Algorithm for Classification of Incomplete Samples
Robert K. Nowicki, Bartosz A. Nowak, Marcin Woźniak

18. An Application of Firefly Algorithm to Position Traffic in NoSQL Database Systems
Marcin Woźniak, Marcin Gabryel, Robert K. Nowicki, Bartosz A. Nowak

19. Length of Hospital Stay and Quality of Care
José Neves, Vasco Abelha, Henrique Vicente, João Neves, José Machado

20. Bio-inspired Hybrid Intelligent Method for Detecting Android Malware
Konstantinos Demertzis, Lazaros Iliadis

21. Predicting the Impact of Advertisements on Web Pages Aesthetic Impressions
Gianni Fenu, Gianfranco Fadda, Lucio Davide Spano

22. OntOSN—An Integrated Ontology for the Business-Driven Analysis of Online Social Networks
Richard Braun, Werner Esswein

23. Educators as Game Developers—Model-Driven Visual Programming of Serious Games
Niroshan Thillainathan, Jan Marco Leimeister

24. First Year Students’ Algorithmic Skills in Tertiary Computer Science Education
Piroska Biró, Mária Csenoch, Kálmán Abari, János Máth

25. Implementing a Social Networking Educational System for Teachers’ Training
Stavros Pitsikalis, Ilona-Elefteryja Lasica

26. Virtual Environment for Creative and Collaborative Learning
Anna Bilyatdinova, Andrey Karsakov, Alexey Bezgodov, Alexey Dukhanov

27. A Semiotic and Cognitive Approach to the Semantic Indexation of Digital Learning Resources
Françoise Greffier, Federico Tajariol

28. The Significance of ‘Ba’ for the Successful Formation of Autonomous Personal Knowledge Management Systems
Ulrich Schmitt

29. The Significance of Memes for the Successful Formation of Autonomous Personal Knowledge Management Systems
Ulrich Schmitt

30. Computer Creativity in Games—How Much Knowledge Is Needed?
David C. Moffat, Paul Hanson

31. When Engineering and Design Students Collaborate: The Case of a Website Development Workshop
Meira Levy, Yaron Shlomi, Yuval Etzioni

32. Knowledge-Managing Organizational Change Effectors, Affectors and Modulators in an Oil and Gas Sector Environment
Anthony Ayoola

33. From Computational Creativity Metrics to the Principal Components of Human Creativity
Pythagoras Karampiperis, Antonis Koukourikos, George Panagopoulos

34. A Social Creativity Support Tool Enhanced by Recommendation Algorithms: The Case of Software Architecture Design
George A. Sielis, Aimilia Tzanavari, George A. Papadopoulos

35. The Approach to the Extension of the CLAVIRE Cloud Platform for Researchers’ Collaboration
A. V. Dukhanov, E. V. Bolgova, A. A. Bezgodov, L. A. Bezborodov, A. V. Boukhanovsky

36. iDAF-drum: Supporting Practice of Drumstick Control by Exploiting Insignificantly Delayed Auditory Feedback
Kazushi Nishimoto, Akari Ikenoue, Masashi Unoki

37. Novel Methods for Analyzing Random Effects on ANOVA and Regression Techniques
Gergely Bencsik, Laszlo Bacsardi

38. nVidia CUDA Platform in Graph Visualization
Ondrej Klapka, Antonin Slaby

39. A Method for Opinion Mining of Coffee Service Quality and Customer Value by Mining Twitter
Shu Takahashi, Ayumu Sugiyama, Youji Kohda

40. Using Wiki as a Collaboration Platform for Software Requirements and Design
Irit Hadar, Meira Levy, Yochai Ben-Chaim, Eitan Farchi

41. Enhancing Software Architecture via a Knowledge Management and Collaboration Tool
Sofia Sherman, Irit Hadar, Meira Levy, Naomi Unkelos-Shpigel

42. Collaborative Requirement Prioritization for an E-Recruitment Platform for Qualified but Disadvantaged Individuals
Ahmet Suerdem, Basar Oztaysi

43. Text Comparison Visualization from Two Information Sources by Network Merging and Integration
Ryosuke Saga

44. Collective Knowledge and Creativity: The Future of Citizen Science in the Humanities
Milena Dobreva

45. Aligning Performance Assessments with Standards: A Practical Framework for Improving Student Achievement in Vocational Education
Metwaly Mabed, Thomas Köhler

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Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing
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