Tandon, G P

Experimental Mechanics of Composite, Hybrid, and Multifunctional Materials, Volume 6

Tandon, G P - Experimental Mechanics of Composite, Hybrid, and Multifunctional Materials, Volume 6, e-kirja


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Table of contents

1. Prediction of Properties of Coir Fiber Reinforced Composite by ANN
G. L. Easwara Prasad, B. S. Keerthi Gowda, R. Velmurugan

2. Impact of Semi-rigidity of Joint on Timber Composite Truss Beam
Sebastian Fuentes, Eric Fournely, Rostand Moutou Pitti, Abdelhamid Bouchair

3. Prediction of Properties of CRPCSC Particulate Composite by ANN
G. L. Easwara Prasad, B. S. Keerthi Gowda, R. Velmurugan, M. K. Yashwanth

4. Lithium-Ion Battery Electrode Inspection Using Flash Thermography
Nathan Sharp, Douglas Adams, James Caruthers, Peter O’Regan, Anand David, Mark Suchomel

5. In-Situ Characterization of Strain in Lithium Ion Battery Anodes
Jubin Chen, Thomas A. Berfield

6. Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Behavior of Nanoreinforced Carbon/Epoxy Composites
Joel S. Fenner, Isaac M. Daniel

7. Design of Multifunctional Energetic Structural Composites: A Preliminary Study on an Epoxy-Rubber Matrix with Exothermic Mixture Reinforcements
Emin Bayraktar, Diana Zaimova, Ming Jen Tan, Ibrahim Miskioglu

8. Experimental Measurement of the Energy Dissipative Mechanisms of the Kevlar Micro-fibrillar Network for Multi-scale Application
Quinn P. McAllister, John W. Gillespie, Mark R. VanLandingham

9. Manufacturing and Damage Analysis of Epoxy Resin-Reinforced Scrap Rubber Composites for Aeronautical Applications
D. Zaimova, E. Bayraktar, I. Miskioglu, N. Dishovsky

10. Compliant Multifunctional Wing Structures for Flapping Wing MAVs
Ariel Perez-Rosado, Alyssa Philipps, Eli Barnett, Luke Roberts, Satyandra K. Gupta, Hugh A. Bruck

11. Fabrication and Characterization of Bi-metallic, Structured Films with Ultra-low Thermal Expansion
Namiko Yamamoto, Eleftherios Gdoutos, Chiara Daraio

12. Macro Fiber Composites and Substrate Materials for MAV Wing Morphing
Bradley W. LaCroix, Peter G. Ifju

13. Experimental Characterization of Thermomechanically Induced Instability in Polymer Foam Cored Sandwich Structures
S. Zhang, J. M. Dulieu-Barton, O. T. Thomsen

14. Characterization of Mixed-Mode Energy Release Rates for Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Composites Using Digital Image Correlation
Joseph Puishys, Sandip Haldar, Hugh A. Bruck

15. Strain Rate Effects on Failure of a Toughened Matrix Composite
J. D. Schaefer, B. T. Werner, I. M. Daniel

16. HP/HT Hot-Wet Thermomechanical Behavior of Fiber-Reinforced High-Temperature Polymer Composites
Yusheng Yuan, Jim Goodson

17. Effect of Ply Dispersion on Failure Characteristics of Multidirectional Laminates
B. T. Werner, J. D. Schaefer, I. M. Daniel

18. Optimization and Service Life Prediction of Elastomeric Based Composites Used in Manufacturing Engineering
D. Zaimova, E. Bayraktar, I. Miskioglu, N. Dishovsky

19. Deformation and Failure of Angle-Ply Composite Laminates
B. T. Werner, J. D. Schaefer, I. M. Daniel

20. Progressive Failure of a Unidirectional Fiber-Reinforced Composite
Pascal Meyer, Anthony M. Waas

21. Process Optimization by Direct Integration of the RFID Chips During the Manufacturing of the Composite Parts Used in Aeronautical Engineering
H-A. Alhas, E. Bayraktar, C. Nizam, J. Khalil

22. Fiber Bragg-Grating Sensor Array for Health Monitoring of Bonded Composite Lap-Joints
Mahmoodul Haq, Anton Khomenko, Lalita Udpa, Satish Udpa

23. Semi-experimental Investigation of Bridging Tractions in Delamination
Ebrahim Farmand-Ashtiani, Joël Cugnoni, John Botsis

24. Methodologies for Combined Loads Tests Using a Multi-actuator Test Machine
Marshall Rouse

25. Mechanical Characterization and Modeling of Ceramic Foam Materials
I. M. Daniel, J. S. Fenner, M.-Y. Chen

26. Mechanical Characterization for Identifying an Appropriate Thermal Cycle for Curing Ceramic/Glass Composite Seals
Bodhayan Dev, Mark E. Walter

27. Behavior of Bonded Composite Repairs on Dynamically Loaded Pressure Vessels
Matthew Knofczynski, Michael W. Keller

28. Fracture Testing of Simulated FRP Repairs II
Tanveer Chawla, M. N. Cavalli

29. An Innovative Measuring Method of Young’s Modulus Using Postbuckling Behavior
Atsumi Ohtsuki

30. On the Use of Ultrasonic Pulse-Echo Immersion Technique for Measuring Real Attenuation
Miguel Goñi, Carl-Ernst Rousseau

Avainsanat: Engineering, Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials, Characterization and Evaluation of Materials, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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