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Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Volume 1

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Table of contents

1. Dynamic Deformation Behavior of AA2099-T8 Under Compression and Torsion Loads
Daniel O. Odoh, Gbadebo M. Owolabi, Akindele G. Odeshi

2. High Strain Rate Performance of Pressureless Sintered Boron Carbide
Tomoko Sano, Matthew Shaeffer, Lionel Vargas-Gonzalez, Joshua Pomerantz

3. Interpretation of Strain Rate Effect of Metals
Kun Qin, L. M. Yang, Shi-sheng Hu

4. High Strain Rate Friction Response of Porcine Molar Teeth and Temporary Braces
S. J. Chen, Y. H. Chen, Liren Tsai

5. Dynamics of Interfaces with Static Initial Loading
Jacob C. Dodson, Ryan D. Lowe, Jason R. Foley, Christopher Mougeotte, David Geissler, Jennifer Cordes

6. Loading Rate Effects on Mode I Delamination of Z-Pinned Composite Laminates
Andrew Schlueter, Niranjan D. Parab, Weinong Chen

7. Multi-scale Testing Techniques for Carbon Nanotube Augmented Kevlar
E. D. LaBarre, M. T. Shanaman, J. E. Tiffany, J. A. Thomas, X. Calderon-Colon, M. Morris, E. D. Wetzel, A. C. Merkle, M. M. Trexler

8. Single Fiber Tensile Properties Measured by the Kolsky Bar Using a Direct Fiber Clamping Method
J. H. Kim, N. A. Heckert, W. G. McDonough, K. D. Rice, G. A. Holmes

9. A Testing Technique for Characterizing Composite at Strain Rates up to 100/s
Guojing Li, Dahsin Liu

10. A New Technique of Dynamic Spherical Indentation Based on SHPB
Song Li, Liang Haozhe

11. Analysis and Simulations of Quasi-static Torsion Tests on Nearly Incompressible Soft Materials
Adam Sokolow, Mike Scheidler

12. Damage of Rubber Foams During Large Cyclic Compression
Jevan Furmanski, Carl M. Cady, Andrea Labouriau, Brian M. Patterson, Kevin Henderson, Eric N. Brown

13. Extreme Tensile Damage and Failure in Glassy Polymers via Dynamic-Tensile-Extrusion
Jevan Furmanski, Eric N. Brown, George T. Gray, Carl Trujillo, Daniel T. Martinez, Stephan Bilyk, Richard Becker

14. Strain Rate and Temperature Dependence in PVC
M. J. Kendall, C. R. Siviour

15. Strain Rate Dependence of Yield Condition of Polyamide 11
Masahiro Nishida, Rie Natsume, Masayuki Hayashi

16. Effect of Strain Rate on Mechanical Response of PBX Simulants
Chunghee Park, Hoon Huh, Jungsu Park

17. Effect of Loading Rate on Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Polycarbonate
Anshul Faye, Sumit Basu, Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran

18. Mixed Mode Fracture Behavior of Layered Plates
Arun Jose Jacob, Servesh Kumar Agnihotri, Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran

19. Failure Analysis of Micron Scaled Silicon Under High Rate Tensile Loading
Steven Dubelman, Nithin Raghunathan, Dimitrios Peroulis, Weinong Chen

20. Dynamic Fracture Analysis of Semi-circular Bending (SCB) Specimen by the Optical Method of Caustics
Guiyun Gao, Jie Zhou, Zheng Li

21. Effect of Loading Rate on Dynamic Fracture Behavior of Glass and Carbon Fiber Modified Epoxy
Vinod Kushvaha, Austin Branch, Hareesh Tippur

22. Application of Element Free Galerkin Method to high Speed crack Propagation Analysis
A. Agarwal, N. N. Kishore, V. Parameswaran

23. Improving Ballistic Fiber Strength: Insights from Experiment and Simulation
C. W. Lomicka, J. A. Thomas, E. D. LaBarre, M. M. Trexler, A. C. Merkle

24. Simulating Wave Propagation in SHPB with Peridynamics
Tao Jia, Dahsin Liu

25. Investigation of Dynamic Failure of Metallic Adhesion: A Space-Technology Related Case of Study
D. Bortoluzzi, M. Benedetti, C. Zanoni, J. W. Conklin, S. Vitale

26. Shock Wave Profile Effects on Dynamic Failure of Tungsten Heavy Alloy
E. N. Brown, J. P. Escobedo, C. P. Trujillo, E. K. Cerreta, G. T. Gray

27. Adhesively Joined Crush Tube Structures Subjected to Impact Loading
Luis F. Trimiño, Duane S. Cronin

28. Dynamic Buckling of Submerged Tubes due to Impulsive External Pressure
Neal P. Bitter, Joseph E. Shepherd

29. High Strain Rate Response of Layered Micro Balloon Filled Aluminum
Venkitanarayanan Parameswaran, Jim Sorensen, Manish Bajpai

30. Dynamic Triaxial Compression Experiments on Cor-Tuf Specimens
Alex B. Mondal, Wayne Chen, Brad Martin, William Heard

31. Deceleration-Displacement Response for Projectiles That Penetrate Concrete Targets
M. J. Forrestal, T. L. Warren, P. W. Randles

32. Dynamic Fracture and Impact Energy Absorption Characteristics of PMMA-PU Transparent Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs)
K. C. Jajam, H. V. Tippur, S. A. Bird, M. L. Auad

33. Estimating Statistically-Distributed Grain-Scale Material Properties from Bulk-Scale Experiments
William L. Cooper

34. Spall Behavior of Cast Iron with Varying Microstructures
Gifford W. Plume, Carl-Ernst Rousseau

35. A Scaling Law for APM2 Bullets and Aluminum Armor
M. J. Forrestal, T. L. Warren, T. Børvik

36. A Novel Torsional Kolsky Bar for Testing Materials at Constant-Shear-Strain Rates
Jason R. York, John T. Foster, Erik E. Nishida, Bo Song

37. A New Method for Dynamic Fracture Toughness Determination Using Torsion Hopkinson Pressure Bar
Addis Kidane, Jy-An John Wang

38. Characterization of Sheet Metals in Shear over a Wide Range of Strain Rates
Kevin A. Gardner, Jeremy D. Seidt, Matti Isakov, Amos Gilat

39. Material Identification of Blast Loaded Aluminum Plates Through Inverse Modeling
K. Spranghers, D. Lecompte, H. Sol, J. Vantomme

40. Implosion of a Tube Within a Closed Tube: Experiments and Computational Simulations
Sachin Gupta, James M. LeBlanc, Arun Shukla

41. Testing Techniques for Shock Accelerometers below 10,000 g
Waterloo Tsutsui, Nithin Raghunathan, Weinong Chen, Dimitrios Peroulis

42. ONR MURI Project on Soil Blast Modeling and Simulation
Richard Regueiro, Ronald Pak, John McCartney, Stein Sture, Beichuan Yan, Zheng Duan, Jenna Svoboda, WoongJu Mun, Oleg Vasilyev, Nurlybek Kasimov, Eric Brown-Dymkoski, Curt Hansen, Shaofan Li, Bo Ren, Khalid Alshibli, Andrew Druckrey, Hongbing Lu, Huiyang Luo, Rebecca Brannon, Carlos Bonifasi-Lista, Asghar Yarahmadi, Emad Ghodrati, James Colovos

43. Dynamic Behavior of Saturated Soil Under Buried Explosive Loading
A. Yarahmadi, R. Brannon

44. Sand Penetration: A Near Nose Investigation of a Sand Penetration Event
John Borg, Andrew Vooren, Harold Sandusky, Joshua Felts

45. Poncelet Coefficients of Granular Media
Stephan Bless, Bobby Peden, Ivan Guzman, Mehdi Omidvar, Magued Iskander

46. Effect of Moisture on the Compressive Behavior of Dense Eglin Sand Under Confinement at High Strain Rates
Huiyang Luo, William L. Cooper, Hongbing Lu

47. Shearing Rate Effects on Dense Sand and Compacted Clay
Jenna S. Svoboda, John S. McCartney

48. High-Energy Diffraction Microscopy Characterization of Spall Damage
John F. Bingert, Robert M. Suter, Jonathan Lind, Shiu Fai Li, Reeju Pokharel, Carl P. Trujillo

49. Quantitative Visualization of High-Rate Material Response with Dynamic Proton Radiography
E. N. Brown, R. T. Olson, G. T. Gray, W. T. Buttler, D. M. Oro, M. B. Zellner, D. P. Dandekar, N. S. P. King, K. K. Kwiatkowski, F. G. Mariam, M. Marr-Lyon, F. E. Merrill, C. Morris, D. Tupa, A. Saunders, W. Vogan

50. Investigation of Dynamic Material Cracking with In Situ Synchrotron-Based Measurements
K. J. Ramos, B. J. Jensen, J. D. Yeager, C. A. Bolme, A. J. Iverson, C. A. Carlson, K. Fezzaa

51. Impact Bend Tests Using Hopkinson Pressure Bars
R. A. Govender, G. S. Langdon, G. N. Nurick

52. A Methodology for In-Situ FIB/SEM Tension Testing of Metals
J. P. Ligda, Q. Wei, W. N. Sharpe, B. E. Schuster

53. Characterization of Damage Evolution in Ti2AlC and Ti3SiC2 Under Compressive Loading
R. Bhattacharya, N. C. Goulbourne

54. Viscoelastic Behaviour of Maturating Green Poplar Wood
Guillaume Pot, Evelyne Toussaint, Catherine Coutand, Jean-Benoît Cam

55. Permeability and Microcracking of Geomaterials Subjected to Dynamic Loads
Wen Chen, Christian Borderie, Olivier Maurel, Thierry Reess, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, Franck Rey Betbeder

56. Vibration Analysis and Design of a Monumental Stair
Mehdi Setareh

57. Improvement of Safety Engineering Design in Rotating Structures by Detection of Resonance Frequency Signals
Hisham A. H. Al-Khazali, Mohamad R. Askari

58. Dynamic Compressive Response of Unsaturated Clay Under Confinements
Y. Q. Ding, W. H. Tang, X. Xu, X. W. Ran

59. Dynamic Tensile Testing of Based and Welded Automotive Steel
J. G. Qin, Y. L. Lin, F. Y. Lu, R. Chen, M. Z. Liang

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Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series
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