Colombo, Emanuela

Renewable Energy for Unleashing Sustainable Development

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Table of contents

Part I. Access to Energy and Sustainable Development

1. Renewable Energies to Promote Local Development
Emanuela Colombo, Diego Masera, Stefano Bologna

2. Global Dimension of Universal Access to Energy
Emanuela Colombo, Lorenzo Mattarolo, Stefano Mandelli

Part II. Energy and Technology: Tailoring Strategies and Technologies to Enhance Livelihood

3. Modern Energies Services for Cooking: from Improved Cook-Stoves to Domestic and Community Biogas Based Systems
Francesca Mapelli, Jerome N. Mungwe

4. Distributed Generation for Access to Electricity: “Off-Main-Grid” Systems from Home-Based to Microgrid
Stefano Mandelli, Riccardo Mereu

5. Grid Connected Systems for Access to Electricity: From Microgrid to Grid Extension
Godfrey Gladson Moshi, Alberto Berizzi, Christian Bovo

6. Technologies for Power Generation in Rural Contexts
Jacopo Barbieri, Emilio Simonet

7. End Use Application: The Case of Solar Thermal Systems
Mario Motta, Marcello Aprile

Part III. Energy and Economy

8. Energy and Sustainable Economic Development
Stefano Bologna

9. Financing Energy Access
Koffi Ekouevi, Gabriela Elizondo-Azuela

10. Integrating the Social Dimension into New Business Models for Energy Access
Irene Bengo, Marika Arena

Part IV. Energy and Policy

11. Enabling Environment for Promoting Energy as an Income Opportunity
Diego Masera, Vittoria Paramithiotti

12. Energy Policy Design for Low and Middle Income Countries: From Best Practices to ‘Next’ Practices
Toby D. Couture, Christina Becker-Birck

Part V. Public and Private Players: Italian Insight

13. The Vision of Public Donors
Annalidia Pansini

14. The Contribution of Civil Society
Lorenzo Mattarolo, Claudio Benedetto

15. The Role of Academia for Sustainable Development
Emanuela Colombo, Fabio Inzoli

16. The Mandate of the Association of Producers
Nino Frosio

17. The Contribution of Multinational Companies: Eni Corporate, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Luigi Sampaolo, Gloria Denti, Valentina Patricola

18. The Enabling Electricity Programme: Enel Vision and the Role of Enel Foundation
Mariano Morazzo, Giulio Lo Iacono

Avainsanat: Energy, Renewable and Green Energy, Energy Policy, Economics and Management, Sustainable Development

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