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Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems XVI

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Table of contents

1. Wireless LAN Load-Balancing with Genetic Algorithms
Ted Scully, Kenneth N. Brown

2. Computer Vision System for Manufacturing of Micro Workpieces
T. Baidyk, E. Kussul, O. Makeyev

3. Recognition of Swallowing Sounds Using Time-Frequency Decomposition and Limited Receptive Area Neural Classifier
O. Makeyev, E. Sazonov, S. Schuckers, P. Lopez-Meyer, T. Baidyk, E. Melanson, M. Neuman

4. Visualization of Agriculture Data Using Self-Organizing Maps
Georg Ruß, Rudolf Kruse, Martin Schneider, Peter Wagner

5. Graph-based Image Classification by Weighting Scheme
Chuntao Jiang, Frans Coenen

6. A Machine Learning Application for Classification of Chemical Spectra
Michael G. Madden, Tom Howley

7. Learning to rank order — a distance-based approach
Maria Dobrska, Hui Wang, William Blackburn

8. Deploying Embodied AI into Virtual Worlds
David J. H. Burden

9. Using Ontology Search Engines to support Users and Intelligent Systems solving a range of tasks
D. Sleeman, E. Thomas, A. Aiken

10. Information Management for Unmanned Systems: Combining DL-Reasoning with Publish/Subscribe
Herwig Moser, Toni Reichelt, Norbert Oswald, Stefan Förster

11. Silog: Speech Input Logon
Sergio Grau, Tony Allen, Nasser Sherkat

12. An Electronic Tree Inventory for Arboriculture Management
Roger J. Tait, Tony J. Allen, Nasser Sherkat, Marcus D. Bellett-Travers

13. Conversational Agents in E-Learning
Alice Kerry, Richard Ellis, Susan Bull

14. Breast cancer diagnosis based on evolvable fuzzy classifiers and feature selection
S. Lekkas, L. Mikhailov

15. Executing Medical Guidelines on the Web: Towards Next Generation Healthcare
M. Argüello, J. Des, M. J. Fernandez-Prieto, R. Perez, H. Paniagua

16. A Hybrid Constraint Programming Approach for Nurse Rostering Problems
Rong Qu, Fang He

17. Using Evolved Fuzzy Neural Networks for Injury Detection from Isokinetic Curves
Jorge Couchet, José María Font, Daniel Manrique

18. An evolutionary approach to simulated football free kick optimisation
Martin Rhodes, Simon Coupland

19. An Application of Artificial Intelligence to the Implementation of Electronic Commerce
Anoop Kumar Srivastava

20. Hybrid System for the Inventory of the Cultural Heritage Using Voice Interface for Knowledge acquisition
Stefan du Château, Danielle Boulanger, Eunika Mercier-Laurent

Avainsanat: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)

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