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Twenty-Sixth Symposium on Biotechnology for Fuels and Chemicals

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Table of contents

Session 1A. Feedstock Supply, Logistics, Processing, And Composition

1. Session 1A Feedstock Supply, Logistics, Processing, and Composition
Hans-Joachim G. Jung, David N. Thompson

2. Biomechanics of Wheat/Barley Straw and Corn Stover
Christopher T. Wright, Peter A. Pryfogle, Nathan A. Stevens, Eric D. Steffler, J. Richard Hess, Thomas H. Ulrich

3. Effect of Additions on Ensiling and Microbial Community of Senesced Wheat Straw
David N. Thompson, Joni M. Barnes, Tracy P. Houghton

4. Large-Scale Ethanol Fermentation Through Pipeline Delivery of Biomass
Amit Kumar, Jay B. Cameron, Peter C. Flynn

5. Perspectives on Bioenergy and Biotechnology in Brazil
Adalberto Pessoa, Inês Conceição Roberto, Marcelo Menossi, Raphael Revert Santos, Sylvio Ortega Filho, Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna

6. Structural Analysis of Wheat Stems
Kurt D. Hamman, Richard L. Williamson, Eric D. Steffler, Christopher T. Wright, J. Richard Hess, Peter A. Pryfogle

Session 1B. Enzyme Catalysis and Engineering

7. Session 1B Enzyme Catalysis and Engineering
Timothy C. Dodge, Gisella M. Zanin

8. Activity and Lifetime of Urease Immobilized Using Layer-by-Layer Nano Self-Assembly on Silicon Microchannels
Scott R. Forrest, Bill B. Elmore, James D. Palmer

9. Production of Cellulase/β-Glucosidase by the Mixed Fungi Culture of Trichoderma reesei and Aspergillus phoenicis on Dairy Manure
Zhiyou Wen, Wei Liao, Shulin Chen

10. Lipase Production by Solid-State Fermentation
Melissa L. E. Gutarra, Elisa D. C. Cavalcanti, Leda R. Castilho, Denise M. G. Freire, Geraldo L. Sant’Anna

11. Hydrolysis of New Phthalimide-Derived Esters Catalyzed by Immobilized Lipase
Juliana Vaz Bevilaqua, Lidia M. Lima, Aline Gomes Cunha, Eliezer J. Barreiro, Tito L. M. Alves, Lucia Moreira Campos Paiva, Denise M. Guimarães Freire

12. Catalytically Enhanced Endocellulase CeI5A from Acidothermus cellulolyticus

John O. Baker, James R. McCarley, Rebecca Lovett, Ching-Hsing Yu, William S. Adney, Tauna R. Rignall, Todd B. Vinzant, Stephen R. Decker, Joshua Sakon, Michael E. Himmel

13. Oxidation of Glucose to Gluconic Acid by Glucose Oxidase in a Membrane Bioreactor
Ester Junko Tomotani, Luiz Carlos Martins Neves, Michele Vitolo

14. Weak Lignin-Binding Enzymes
Alex Berlin, Neil Gilkes, Arwa Kurabi, Renata Bura, Maobing Tu, Douglas Kilburn, John Saddler

15. Sugarcane Bagasse Pulps
Regina Y. Moriya, Adilson R. Gonçalves, Marta C. T. Duarte

16. Partial Purification and Characterization of Protease Enzyme from Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus cereus

Elif Orhan, Didem Omay, Yüksel Güveniur

17. Enzymatic Bleaching of Organosolv Sugarcane Bagasse Pulps with Recombinant Xylanase of the Fungus Humicola grisea and with Commercial Cartazyme HS Xylanase
Regina Y. Moriya, Adilson R. Gonçalves, Fabrícia P. Faria

18. Intracellular Fate of Hydrocarbons
Hortencia Silva-Jiménez, Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval

19. Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Steam-Exploded and Ethanol Organosolv-Pretreated Douglas-Fir by Novel and Commercial Fungal Cellulases
Arwa Kurabi, Alex Berlin, Neil Gilkes, Douglas Kilburn, Renata Bura, Jamie Robinson, Aleksandr Markov, Anton Skomarovsky, Aleksandr Gusakov, Oleg Okunev, Arkady Sinitsyn, David Gregg, Dan Xie, John Saddler

20. Kinetics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Alcoholysis of Soybean Oil in n-Hexane
Débora Oliveira, Irajá do Nascimento Filho, Marco Luccio, Carina Faccio, Clarissa Dalla Rosa, João Paulo Bender, Nádia Lipke, Cristiana Amroginski, Cláudio Dariva, José Vladimir Oliveira

21. β-Glucosidase Production by Trichoderma reesei

Tamás Juhász, Anita Egyházi, Kati Réczey

22. Wood Cellulignin as an Alternative Matrix for Enzyme Immobilization
Fabricio M. Gomes, Grazielle S. Silva, Daltro G. Pinatti, Rosa A. Conte, Heizir F. Castro

23. Utilization of Methyloleate in Production of Microbial Lipase
Jacqueline Destain, Patrick Fickers, Frederic Weekers, Benoît Moreau, Philippe Thonart

24. Detection of NAD+-Dependent Alcohol Dehydrogenase Activities in YR-1 Strain of Mucor circinelloides, a Potential Bioremediator of Petroleum Contaminated Soils
Areli Durón-Castellanos, Vanesa Zazueta-Novoa, Hortencia Silva-Jiménez, Yolanda Alvarado-Caudillo, Eduardo Peña Cabrera, Roberto Zazueta-Sandoval

25. Synthesis of Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) from Excess Activated Sludge Under Various Oxidation-Reduction Potentials (ORP) by Using Acetate and Propionate as Carbon Sources
W. F. Hu, S. N. Sin, H. Chua, P. H. F. Yu

26. Enzyme Pretreatment of Grass Lignocellulose for Potential High-Value Co-products and an Improved Fermentable Substrate
1|*|William F. Anderson, Joy Peterson, Danny E. Akin, W. Herbert Morrison

27. High-Yield Bacillus subtilis Protease Production by Solid-State Fermentation
Valeria F. Soares, Leda R. Castilho, Elba P. S. Bon, Denise M. G. Freire

28. Profile of Enzyme Production by Trichoderma reesei Grown on Corn Fiber Fractions
Xin-Liang Li, Bruce S. Dien, Michael A. Cotta, Y. Victor Wu, Badal C. Saha

29. Partial Purification and Characterization of Protease Enzyme from Bacillus subtilis megatherium

Ayse Gerze, Didem Omay, Yuksel Guvenilir

30. Effect of Media Composition and Growth Conditions on Production of β-Glucosidase by Aspergillus niger C-6
O. García-Kirchner, M. Segura-Granados, P. Rodríguez-Pascual

31. A Sequential Enzymatic Microreactor System for Ethanol Detection of Gasohol Mixtures
Eliana M. Alhadeff, Andrea M. Salgado, Nei Pereira, Belkis Valdman

Session 2. Microbial Catalysis and Metabolic Engineering

32. Session 2 Microbial Catalysis and Metabolic Engineering
Johannes P. Dijken, Gregory M. Luli

33. Bioabatement to Remove Inhibitors from Biomass-Derived Sugar Hydrolysates
Nancy N. Nichols, Bruce S. Dien, Gema M. Guisado, Maria J. López

34. Cloning, Expression, Purification, and Analysis of Mannitol Dehydrogenase Gene mtlK from Lactobacillus brevis

Siqing Liu, Badal Saha, Michael Cotta

35. Continuous Hydrogen Photoproduction by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Alexander S. Fedorov, Sergey Kosourov, Maria L. Ghirardi, Michael Seibert

36. Effects of Aliphatic Acids, Furfural and Phenolic Compounds on Debaryomyces hansenii CCMI 941
Luís C. Duarte, Florbela Carvalheiro, Inês Neves, Francisco M. Gírio

37. Evaluation of Inoculum of Candida guilliermondii Grown in Presence of Glucose on Xylose Reductase and Xylitol Dehydrogenase Activities and Xylitol Production During Batch Fermentation of Sugarcane Bagasse Hydrolysate
Débora Danielle Virgínio da Silva, Maria das Graças Almeida Felipe, Ismael Maciel Mancilha, Sílvio Silvério Silva

38. Effect of Surface Attachment on Synthesis of Bacterial Cellulose
Barbara R. Evans, Hugh M. O’Neill

39. Enhanced Biotransformation of Furfural and Hydroxymethylfurfural by Newly Developed Ethanologenic Yeast Strains
Z. Lewis Liu, Patricia J. Slininger, Steve W. Gorsich

Session 3. Bioprocessing — Including Separations

40. Session 3 Bioprocessing — Including Separations
Susan M. Hennessey, Peter Walsum

41. Surfactin Production from Potato Process Effluent by Bacillus subtilis in a Chemostat
Karl S. Noah, Debby F. Bruhn, Gregory A. Bala

42. Effects of Nutrient Supplements on Simultaneous Fermentation of Nisin and Lactic Acid from Cull Potatoes
Chuanbin Liu, Yan Liu, Shulin Chen

43. Effect of Reduction in Yeast and Enzyme Concentrations in a Simultaneous-Saccharification-and-Fermentation-Based Bioethanol Process
Anders Wingreini, Mats Galbe, Christian Roslander, Andreas Rudolf, Guido Zacchi

44. Stability of Recombinant Green Fluorescent Protein (GFPuv) in Glucose Solutions at Different Concentrations and pH Values
Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Marina Ishii, Juliana Sayuri Kunimura, Olivia Cholewa

45. Lactic Acid Production from Cheese Whey by Immobilized Bacteria
Abolghasem Shahbazi, Michele R. Mims, Yebo Li, Vestal Shirley, Salam A. Ibrahim, Antrison Morris

46. Enhancing Cellulase Foam Fractionation with Addition of Surfactant
Vorakan Burapatana, Ales Prokop, Robert D. Tanner

47. Optimization of Alkaline Transesterification of Soybean Oil and Castor Oil for Biodiesel Production
Débora Oliveira, Marco Luccio, Carina Faccio, Clarissa Dalla Rosa, João Paulo Bender, Nádia Lipke, Cristiana Amroginski, Claudio Dariva, José Vladimir Oliveira

48. Cellulase Production by Trichoderma reesei Using Sawdust Hydrolysate
Chi-Ming Lo, Qin Zhang, Patrick Lee, Lu-Kwang Ju

49. Effects of Fatty Acids on Growth and Poly-3-hydroxybutyrate Production in Bacteria
K. W. Lo, H. Chua, H. Lawford, W. H. Lo, Peter H. F. Yu

50. Performance of an Internal-Loop Airlift Bioreactor for Treatment of Hexane-Contaminated Air
Fernando J. S. Oliveira, Francisca P. França

51. Increase in Removal of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons During Bioremediation of Crude Oil-Contaminated Sandy Soil
Fernando J. S. Oliveira, Francisca P. França

52. Recovery of Organic Acids from Fermentation Broths
Tim Eggeman, Dan Verser

53. Production of Nisin by Lactococcus lactis in Media with Skimmed Milk
Thereza Christina Vessoni Penna, Angela Faustino Jozala, Letícia Célia Lencastre Novaes, Adalberto Pessoa, Olivia Cholewa

54. Enhancing Design of Immobilized Enzymatic Microbioreactors Using Computational Simulation
Robert Bailey, Frank Jones, Ben Fisher, Bill Elmore

55. Estimation of Bioreactor Efficiency Through Structured Hydrodynamic Modeling Case Study of a Pichia pastoris Fed-Batch Process
Frank Delvigne, Thami El Mejdoub, Jacqueline Destain, Jean-Marc Delroisse, Micheline Vandenbol, Eric Haubruge, Philippe Thonart

56. Sugarcane Bagasse as Raw Material and Immobilization Support for Xylitol Production
Júlio C. Santos, Ícaro R. G. Pinto, Walter Carvalho, Ismael M. Mancilha, Maria G. A. Felipe, Silvio S. Silva

57. Removing Proteins from an Aerated Yeast Fermentation by Pulsing Carbon Dioxide
Ryan A. Kirkland, Robert D. Tanner

Ceriporiopsis subvermispota Used in Delignification of Sugarcane Bagasse Prior to Soda/Anthraquinone Pulping
Sirlene M. Costa, Adilson R. Goncalves, Elisa Esposito

59. The Two-Phase Water/Silicon Oil Bioreactor Prospects in Off-Gas Treatment
Jean-Marc Aldric, Jacqueline Destain, Philippe Thonart

60. Leaf Protein from Ammonia-Treated Dwarf Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum Schum cv. Mott)
Lauris Urribarrí, Alexis Ferrer, Alejandro Colina

61. Microbial Synthesis and Characterization of Physiochemical Properties of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Produced by Bacteria Isolated from Activated Sludge Obtained from the Municipal Wastewater Works in Hong Kong
Ma Tsz-Chun, P. L. Chan, H. Lawford, H. Chua, W. H. Lo, Peter Hoifu Yu

62. Optimization of Acid Hydrolysis of Sugarcane Bagasse and Investigations on its Fermentability for the Production of Xylitol by Candida guilliermondii

Rafael Fogel, Rafaela Rodrigues Garcia, Rebeca da Suva Oliveira, Denise Neves Menchero Palacio, Luciana da Silva Madeira, Eni Pereira

63. Production of Hyaluronic Acid by Streptococcus

C. S. Ogrodowski, C. O. Hokka, M. H. A. Santana

Session 4. More than Technology—Finance and Policy to Create the Blorefinery

64. Assessing the Emerging Biorefinery Sector in Canada
Warren E. Mabee, David J. Gregg, John N. Saddler

Session 5. Biobased Industrial Chemicals

65. Session 5 Biobased Industrial Chemicals
Charles Abbas, Paul Roessler

66. A Glycoside Flavonoid in Kudzu (Pueraria lobata)
Ching S. Lau, Danielle J. Carrier, Robert R. Beitle, Luke R. Howard, Jackson O. Lay, Rohana Liyanage, Edgar C. Clausen

67. Characterization of Low Molecular Weight Organic Acids from Beech Wood Treated in Supercritical Water
Kei Yoshida, Junko Kusaki, Katsunobu Ehara, Shiro Saka

68. Current Status of Biodiesel Development in Brazil
Luiz Pereira Ramos, Helena Maria Wilhelm

69. Integrated Processes for Use of Pulps and Lignins Obtained from Sugarcane Bagasse and Straw
Adilson R. Gonquves, Priscila Benar, Sirlene M. Costa, Denise S. Ruzene, Regina Y. Moriya, Sandra M. Luz, Lais P. Ferretti

70. Simultaneous Biocatalyst Production and Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation for Bioconversion of Cyclohexanone by Recombinant Escherichia coli Expressing Cyclohexanone Monooxygenase
Won-Heong Lee, Yong-Cheol Park, Dae-Hee Lee, Kyungmoon Park, Jin-Ho Seo

71. Biotransformation of (−)β-Pinene by Aspergillus niger ATCC 9642
Geciane Toniazzo, Débora Oliveira, Cláudio Dariva, Enrique Guillermo Oestreicher, Octávio A. C. Antunes

72. Characterization of Sol-Gel Bioencapsulates for Ester Hydrolysis and Synthesis
Cleide M. F. Soares, Heizir F. Castro, Juliana E. Itako, Flavio F. Moraes, Gisella M. Zanin

73. Culture Medium Optimization for Acetic Acid Production by a Persimmon Vinegar-Derived Bacterium
Jin-Nam Kim, Jong-Sok Choo, Young-Jung Wee, Jong-Sun Yun, Hwa-Won Ryu

74. The Lignol Approach to Biorefining of Woody Biomass to Produce Ethanol and Chemicals
Claudio Arato, E. Kendall Pye, Gordon Gjennestad

Session 6A. Biomass Pretreatmen and Hydrolysis

75. Session A6 Biomass Pretreatment and Hydrolysis
Bruce S. Dien, Quang A. Nguyen

76. Application of Fenton’s Reaction to Steam Explosion Prehydrolysates from Poplar Biomass
J. M. Oliva, P. Manzanares, I. Ballesteros, M. J. Negro, A. Gonzalez, M. Ballesteros

77. Enzyme Recovery and Recycling Following Hydrolysis of Ammonia Fiber Explosion-Treated Corn Stover
Bernie Steele, Srini Raj, John Nghiem, Mark Stowers

78. Ammonium Hydroxide Detoxification of Spruce Acid Hydrolysates
Björn Alriksson, Ilona Sárvári Horvath, Anders Sjöde, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant, Leif J. Jönsson

79. Detoxification of Actual Pretreated Corn Stover Hydrolysate Using Activated Carbon Powder
R. Eric Berson, John S. Young, Sarah N. Kamer, Thomas R. Hanley

80. Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations for Design of a Pretreatment Screw Conveyor Reactor
R. Eric Berson, Thomas R. Hanley

81. Enzymatic Saccharification and Fermentation of Xylose-Optimized Dilute Acid-Treated Lignocellulosics
Yun-Chin Chung, Alan Bakalinsky, Michael H. Penner

82. Fermentability of Water-Soluble Portion to Ethanol Obtained by Supercritical Water Treatment of Lignocellulosics
Hlsashi Mlyafuji, Toshiki Nakata, Katsunobu Ehara, Shiro Saka

83. Application of Sequential Aqueous Steam Treatments to the Fractionation of Softwood
Abolchasem Shahbazi, Yebo Li, Michele R. Mims

84. Acidic Sugar Degradation Pathways
Xianghong Qian, Mark R. Nimlos, David K. Johnson, Michael E. Himmel

85. Studies into Using Manure in a Biorefinery Concept
S. Chen, Z. Wen, W. Liao, C. Liu, R. L. Kincaid, J. H. Harrison, D. C. Elliott, M. D. Brown, D. J. Stevens

86. Effects of Hemicellulose and Lignin on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose from Dairy Manure
Wei Liao, Zhiyou Wen, Sharon Hurley, Yan Liu, Chuanbin Liu, Shulin Chen

87. Critical Conditions for Improved Fermentability During Overliming of Acid Hydrolysates from Spruce
Ilona Sárvári Horváth, Anders Sjöde, Björn Alriksson, Leif J. Jönsson, Nils-Olof Nilvebrant

88. Optimization of Dilute-Acid Pretreatment of Corn Stover Using a High-Solids Percolation Reactor
Yongming Zhu, Y. Y. Lee, Richard T. Elander

89. Optimization of Steam Pretreatment of SO2-Impregnated Corn Stover for Fuel Ethanol Production
Karin Öhgren, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi

90. Strategies to Enhance the Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pretreated Softwood with High Residual Lignin Content
Xuejun Pan, Dan Xie, Neil Gilkes, David J. Gregg, Jack N. Saddler

91. Understanding Factors that Limit Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass
Lizbeth Laureano-Perez, Farzaneh Teymouri, Hasan Alizadeh, Bruce E. Dale

92. Steam Pretreatment of Salix with and without SO2 Impregnation for Production of Bioethanol
Per Sassner, Mats Galbe, Guido Zacchi

93. Pretreatment of Corn Stover by Soaking in Aqueous Ammonia
Tae Hyun Kim, Y. Y. Lee

94. Pretreatment of Switchgrass by Ammonia Fiber Explosion (AFEX)
Hasan Alizadeh, Farzaneh Teymouri, Thomas I. Gilbert, Bruce E. Dale

Session 6B. Plant Biotechnology and Feedstock Genomics

95. Session 6B Plant Biotechnology and Feedstock Genomics
Daniel Jones, Michael Lassner

96. Production of Antioxidant Compounds by Culture of Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer Hairy Roots
Gwi-Taek Jeong, Don-Hee Park, Hwa-Won Ryu, Baik Hwang, Je-Chang Woo, Doman Kim, Si-Wonk Kim

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