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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Engineering and Applications (IEA) 2012

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Table of contents

1. Breeding Base System Based on GIS
Xiaoguang Li, Fenghua Wu, Jian Wang, Guie Tian

2. Research on Social and Environmental Factors Impact on College Students’ Interview Impression Management Behavior
Cheng-hu Zhang, Ying Yue, Dong-mei Li

3. Analysis of Arrears Problem for Independent College Students
Guangbiao Sun, Jun Zheng, Luyang Gao, Hui Wang

4. Real Estate Industry Situation Analysis Model
Tianjiu Leng, Dongdo Hu, Peng Hu, Wenxian Lin, Tao Liu

5. Study on Consumer Satisfaction in Agricultural Products Supermarkets and Fairs
Lifang Zhang, Zhichao Liu

6. Study on Corporate Governance Based on Acquirer’s Long-Term Performance Analysis
Zhang Jia, Han Liyan

7. Research on Chinese Marxism Social Development Theory Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process
Qiulan Chen

8. SWOT Analysis of the Innovative Strategies of Independent Colleges’ Development Norms—Taking Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics Dongfang College for Example
Ge Mao, Dongliang Huang

9. Comparative Analysis on Financial Governance of Listed Companies Between China and European Countries
Gang Xu

10. Separation of Bromine by Liquid Surfactant Membranes
H. Wang, Cang Yan Xiao, Bin Zhao

11. Research on Location and Time of Serial Criminals
Yun Hua Qu, Guan Chen Zhou

12. EGR Control System Based on ANN
Guan Qiang Ruan, Zheng Dong Zhang, Qiang Wang

13. Control System of GSM Communication Network Based on Remote Household Appliances
Jing Li

14. A Novel MPPT Control Scheme in PV System Based on Super Capacitor Energy Storage
Hang Zhang, Nan Li

15. Measurement and Control System of Steel Furnace Based on OPC Technology
Liping Liu, Yongli An, Jingtao Yin

16. Concurrency Control of Real-Time Distributed Web Applications Based on J2EE Multi-Tier Architecture
Chang-e Dong

17. Electric Power Automation Control System Based on SCADA Protocols
Shihai Tan

18. Predictive Functional Control for Tension of Cold Continuous Rolling Mill
Haisu Zhi

19. Study on Numerical Control Machines Performance Test Platform
Juan Song, Ming Li

20. Minimum Entropy Fault-Tolerant Control of the Non-Gaussian Stochastic Distribution System
Lina Yao, Wei Cao, Hong Wang

21. Real-Time Ray Tracing Dynamic Scenes Based on WebGL
Sam At Chea, Fuyan Liu

22. Dynamic Optimization of Web Services Composition using Scale-Free Network
Yang Zhang, Yan Ma

23. Instant Messaging IM Virus Spread of Complex Network
Zongjiang Wang

24. Transactional Automation Model of Services Selection for Web Service Composition
Liping Chen

25. A Formal Transaction Model for Reliable Web Service Composition
Weitao Ha

26. Domain Authentication Protocol Based on Certificate Signcryption in Ipv6 Network
Longjun Zhang, Jianhe Zhang, Ang Xia, Tianqing Mo, Liyi Zhao

27. A Non-Template Approach to Purify Web Pages Based on Word Density
Fei Hu, Ming Li, Yi Nan Zhang, Tao Peng, Yang Lei

28. Study of Web Date-Mining Technology in the Electronic Commerce Application
Kebin Huang, Zheng Zeng

29. A Study on Construction of the Flood Emergency Program System
Yu Rong Yu, Hua Xiao, Wei-chen Hao

30. Study of Collaborative Learning Based on Blackboard e-Education Platform
Mei Zhang, Jianjie Du, Xiangfei Guo, Xiaoli Huang

31. Research on Ideological and Political Education in Universities Based on SWOT Analysis Technology
Binghui Liang

32. Entrepreneurship Differences Between Chinese and Foreign Country Students Based on Logistic Model
Tao Xiong, Jianfeng Cui

33. Teacher Abilities Evaluation Based on Gray Theory
Yong Liu

34. Human Resource Management Strategy in Corporate Social Responsibility
Hui Yu

35. Study of Online Bank in E-Commerce Environment
Li Huang

36. Study of the Function of University Library Based on Serving Society
Xiaoqin Guo

37. Role of Information Systems in Supply Chain Management
Hemin Da

38. On the Online Financial Services in the Digital Age
Shuanghong Liu

39. Study on Independent Innovation Scheme of Electronic Information Industry
Qing Li Zhang

40. Network Moral Education for Higher Vocational College Students
Xiao-Ling Huang

41. Improvement of Chopchop Attack
Qingbing Ji, Lijun Zhang, Fei Yu

42. Reliability Analysis of Triple-Redundant CompactPCI SBC
Peng Wang, Yan Bai

43. Research on Security Mechanism of Sharing System Based on Geographic Information Service
Guang-shi Li

44. Analysis on Technical Risk of Product Development
Yuxian Zhang, Xiaoshuang Men, Hong Wang, Qinghua Zhou

45. Failure Analysis of Power Battery Under High Environment Temperatures in Impact Test
Hongwei Wang, Haiqing Xiao, Yanling Fu, Hongmei Yu, Chao Wang

46. Patent Information Extraction from XMLs
Yanling Wang, Guancan Yang

47. Intrusion Prevention System Design
Zongjian Wang, Xiaobo Li

48. The Model of Credit Risk Discriminant in Online Trading
Hao Zhang

49. Evaluation of the Automatically Built IT Security Domain-Specific Vocabulary
Liping Qian, Lidong Wang

50. Patent Analysis Based on Information in XML Documents
Yanling Wang

51. Design of Recognition System for Rice Planthopper over Digital Signal Processor
Xiuguo Zou

52. Chinese Standard Comparative Sentence Recognition and Extraction Research
Liqiang Xing, Lu Liu

53. Intelligent Terminal Application and Management in College Class Ecology
Lijia Wang, Danhua Wu, Jiankang Zhang

54. Intelligent Application Service System Based on VNC
Jing Li

55. Offshore Wind Speed Load Predicting Based on GA-SVM
Hong Tang, Huaqiang Zhang, Xiujuan MA

56. Research on the Methods of Efficiency Evaluation of Logistic Enterprises Based on Gray-Fuzzy Theory
Zheng Li, Yang Li, Xue Yu Mi, Hong Mei Jia

57. Clustering Algorithm Based on Territory Game in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dan Huang, Yong Zhang, Ziwei Zheng

58. Optimality Conditions for Non-Smooth Multi Objective Semi-Infinite Programming
Xiaoyan Gao

59. Study of Real Estate Bubble Measurement
Ning Zheng, Bo Dong, Rong Rong Shen

60. Measuring Energy Consumption and Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Star-Rated Hotels
Zi Tang

61. Study on Initial Speed of Methane Emission Computation
Zhou Zhang, Min Zhou

62. Discrete Construction of Network Verona Diagram for Lines
Qing hong Zhang, Yi li Tan, Xin Liu

63. Financial Risk Early Warning Model
Hong Wang, Jun Zheng, Lu Yang Gao, Hui Wang

64. Threshold Calculation and Prediction Methods of Slope Deformation
Chao Chen, De Qing Gan, Zhong Jian Yang

65. Shanghai World Expo Influential Quantitative Assessment Model
Ran-Wang Jin, Jun-Guo Ya, Jie-Geng Shu, Juan Zhao Tong

66. Analysis and Application of New Shares Based on Decision Tree
Xiu Yan Chang, Xin Yi Zhao, Bao Xing Yue

67. Supermarket Application Based on Queueing Theory
Tongjuan Zhao, Chunhui He

68. Study of Determining Satisfaction Weight Based on KPCA
Xinghuo Wan, Wenyi Zhang, Shuming Guan

69. A Special Class of Matrix in Three-Dimensional Combinatorial Matrix Class
Junna Jiang, Bing Han, Hong Wang

70. Study on Innovative Teaching Mode of Mathematics
Youcai Xue

71. Research on an Intelligent Distance Education System Based on Multi-agent
Wen Shu Duan, Yan Ma, Lun Peng Liu, Tian Ping Dong

72. Research of Enterprise Knowledge Portal System for Product R&D
Ben-Gong Yu, Shu Ping Zhao

73. GPS-Based On-Board Road Test System for Automotive ABS Evaluation and Calibration
Wenlin Wang, Weidong Chen

74. Network Automatic Test System Based on Database Middleware
Jia Zhiyan, Xie Han

75. Underground Pipelines Information System Based on Vector Metagraph
Fengguang Xiong, Xie Han

76. Logistics Management System Based on Workflow
Xiao-Hui Yan, Lei-Jun LI

77. Developmental Model of Industrial Cluster in Chongqing Liangjiang New District
Anyun Li

78. A Taxonomy System for Information System Requirements
Bin Chen, Qiang Dong

79. Design of Natural Gas Pipeline Inspection System Based on Smart Phone
Ling Luo

80. The Affective Adjustment Material Selection Model Used in E-Learning Environment
Xiang Wei Lai, Chen Lu, Guang Yuan Lui, Feng Ru Lui

81. Face Detection-based Video Key Frame Extraction
Jian Yin, Su Huan Wang

82. Research on the Image Sensor Imaging System
Yao Cheng, Xiang Hui Yuan

83. Research on Video Abstraction
Linglin Wu, Xiaoyu Wu, Lei Yang, Linwan Liu

84. Studies of Quadratic Watermark Based on MD5
Shibo Qiu, Taolin Ma, Lei Liu

85. Research on Machine Vision-Based Alignment System in PCB Inkjet Printer
Zhuang Chen, Hui Jiang, Yin Qian Wang, Yu Qing Jing

86. Survey of Image Mosaics Technologies
Lansu Nie, Yan Tang, Qin Xu

87. Real-Time Rendering of Forest Scenes Based on LOD
Hao Li, Fuyan Liu, Shibo Yu

88. An Improved Method Based on Quaternion and Planar Segmentation Fit in 3D Registration
Hongke Wang

89. Research on Integration of Multi-Information of Digital Mine Based on VR Technology
Miao Yu, Jianping Chen, Feng Liang, Pingping Yu, Lili An

90. An Active RFID Indoor Positioning System Mechanism Based on Sleep Mode
Jian-bin Xue, Wen-hua Wang, Ting Zhang

91. Explorations on Experimental Teaching Reform of Mechatronic System Design Curriculum for Local University
Hongsheng Hu, Jian Cao

92. PID Parameters Tuning Based on Self-Adaptive Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
Dongsheng Shan, Chao Li, Xiaobo Qiu, Wei Wei

93. Fuzzy ART-BP Algorithm Based on Intelligent Ink Presetting Technology
Minjie Wang, Min Wang, Tao Zan

94. PID Parameter Tuning Based on Multi Universe Parallel Genetic Algorithm
Xianghua Sun

95. A Clustering Method of Combining Grid and Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
Jun Zeng

96. Adaptive Function of Genetic Algorithm Optimization and Application
Jiang-Bo Huang

97. Large-Scale Interacting Particle System Simulation Using OpenGL
Fangjie Tao, Fuyan Liu, Gang Liu

98. Elephant Flows Identification Based on Dynamic Multiple Filters Algorithm
Lei Bai, Jinshun Wu

99. Magnetic Studies in Complexes Derived from the Reaction of Fe(III) Salen Base Complexes and Hexacyanoferrate
Zhonghui Ye, Qing Lin, Yun He, Min Liu, Yanfang Xia

100. Risk and Uncertainty in Project Portfolio Management
Na Guo, Shiwang Yu

101. Test Case Generation Based on MSC TTCN-3
Wenhong Hu, Xinxin Sun

102. Risk Analysis on the Process of Energy Management Contract Project
Jing-min Wang, Liang Zhou

103. Chinese Agricultural Industry Chain Benefit Coordination
Xiaohong Xiao

104. Automotive Integrated Service System
Chang-e Dou, Jing Jiang, Jiexing Wang, Wei Han

105. Influence Factors and Countermeasures for Organization Knowledge Sharing
Baowei Zhang

106. Dual Commitments and Knowledge Sharing in Supply Chain Collaborative Innovation
Xu-Mei Zhang, Xiao-Ping Mao, Xiang-Yu Liu

107. Study on Management of College Automation Laboratory
Chaoran Kong, Wenbiao Huang, Wanjun Chen

108. Study on the Impact of Pharmaceutical Enterprises Relationship Marketing on Customer Loyalty
Huancheng Gao

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