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BlackBerry Bold Made Simple

Andres, Clay - BlackBerry Bold Made Simple, e-kirja


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ISBN: 9781430231189

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Table of contents

Part I. Quick Start Guide

1. Getting Around Quickly

Part II. Introduction

2. Congratulations on Your BlackBerry Bold!

Part III. You and Your BlackBerry Bold

3. Email Set Up

4. Windows Pc Setup

5. Windows Pc Media and File Transfer

6. Apple Mac Setup

7. Apple Mac Media and File Transfer

8. Typing, Spelling and Help

9. Speed Your Typing With AutoText

10. Personalize Your BlackBerry

11. Sounds: Ring and Vibrate

12. Phone and Voice Dialing

13. Advanced Phone

14. Email Like a Pro

15. Advanced Email Topic

16. Your Contact List

17. Managing Your Calender

18. Get Tasks Done

19. MemoPad: Seicky Notes

20. SMS Text and MMS Messaging

21. Even More Messaging

22. Adding Memory with a Media Card

23. Your Music Player

24. Snapping Pictures

25. Fun with Videos

26. Social Networking

27. Connecting with Wi-Fi

28. BlackBerry App Workd

29. Connecting with Bluetooth

30. Connect as a Tethered Modem

31. Serfing the Web

32. Add or Remove Apps

33. Travelling:Maps and More

34. Other Applications

35. Searching for Lost Stuff

36. Searching for Data

37. fixing Problems

38. More Resources

Part IV. Hotkey Shortcuts

39. Notkeys — Open Almost Any App With One key!

Avainsanat: Computer Science, Computer Science, general

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