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IUTAM Symposium on Theoretical, Computational and Modelling Aspects of Inelastic Media

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Table of contents

1. On Computational Procedures for Multi-Scale Finite Element Analysis of Inelastic Solids
D. Peric, D. D. Somer, E. A. Souza Neto, W. G. Dettmer

2. Material Characterization Based on Micro-Structural Computations and Homogenization
P. Wriggers, M. Hain

3. Relaxed Potentials and Evolution Equations for Inelastic Microstructures
Klaus Hackl, Dennis M. Kochmann

4. Towards Effective Simulation of Effective Elastoplastic Evolution
Carsten Carstensen, Robert Huth

5. Numerical Approximation Techniques for Rate-Independent Inelasticity
Alexander Mielke

6. A Computational Methodology for Modeling Ductile Fracture
Ahmed Amine Benzerga

7. Multiscale Methods for Fracturing Solids
Stefan Loehnert, Dana S. Mueller-Hoeppe

8. A Regularized Brittle Damage Model Solved by a Level Set Technique
N. Moës, N. Chevaugeon, F. Dufour

9. A Counterpoint to Cermelli and Gurtin’s Criteria for Choosing the ‘Correct’ Geometric Dislocation Tensor in Finite Plasticity
Amit Acharya

10. On Stability for Elastoplasticity of Integral-Type
Francesco Marotti Sciarra

11. On the Mathematical Formulations of a Model of Strain Gradient Plasticity
F. Ebobisse, A. T. McBride, B. D. Reddy

12. Uniqueness of Strong Solutions in Infinitesimal Perfect Gradient-Plasticity with Plastic Spin
Patrizio Neff

13. SQP Methods for Incremental Plasticity with Kinematic Hardening
Christian Wieners

14. Simulation of Elastoplastic Forming Processes Using Overlapping Domain Decomposition and Inexact Newton Methods
Stephan Brunssen, Corinna Hager, Florian Schmid, Barbara Wohlmuth

15. Variational Formulation of the Cam-Clay Model
Mohammed Hjiaj, Géry Saxcé

16. Anisotropic Modelling of Metals in Forming Processes
S. Reese, I. N. Vladimirov

17. Inelastic Media under Uncertainty: Stochastic Models and Computational Approaches
Hermann G. Matthies, Bojana V. Rosic

18. Automated Computational Modelling for Solid Mechanics
Kristian B. Ølgaard, Garth N. Wells, Anders Logg

19. Generalised Functions for Modelling Singularities: Direct and Inverse Problems
Salvatore Caddemi, Ivo Caliò

20. A Discontinuous Galerkin Method for an Incompatibility-Based Strain Gradient Plasticity Theory
J. Ostien, K. Garikipati

21. Some Applications of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods in Solid Mechanics
Adrian Lew, Alex Eyck, Ramsharan Rangarajan

22. Some Aspects of a Discontinuous Galerkin Formulation for Gradient Plasticity at Finite Strains
Andrew McBride, B. Daya Reddy

23. Energy-Momentum Algorithms for the Nonlinear Dynamics of Elastoplastic Solids
Francisco Armero

24. Internal Variable Formulations of Problems in Elastoplastic Dynamics
Modify A. E. Kaunda

25. Time-FE Methods for the Nonlinear Dynamics of Constrained Inelastic Systems
Rouven Mohr, Stefan Uhlar, Andreas Menzel, Paul Steinmann

26. The Potential for SPH Modelling of Solid Deformation and Fracture
Paul W. Cleary, Rajarshi Das

27. Effect of Material Parameters in the Izod Test for Polymers
Viggo Tvergaard, Alan Needleman

28. The Response of “Large” Square Tubes (Width/Thickness Ratio > 45) to Opposite Lateral Blast Loads Followed by Dynamic Axial Load
S. Chung Kim Yuen, G. N. Nurick

29. Modelling the Behaviour of Fibre-Metal Laminates subjected to Localised Blast Loading
D. Karagiozova, G. S. Langdon, G. N. Nurick

30. On the Measurement and Evaluation of the Width of Portevin–Le Chatelier Deformation Bands with Application to AA5083-H116 Aluminium Alloy
A. Benallal, T. Berstad, T. Børvik, O. Hopperstad, R. Nogueira Codes

31. Direct Evaluation of Limits in Plasticity and Creep Deformation
Alan R. S. Ponter

32. On Recent Progress in Shakedown Analysis and Applications to Large-Scale Problems
D. Weichert, A. Hachemi, S. Mouhtamid, A. D. Nguyen

33. Local and Global Regularity in Time Dependent Viscoplasticity
Hans-Dieter Alber, Sergiy Nesenenko

34. Hamiltonian Theory of Viscoelasticity
A. Hanyga, M. Seredynska


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