Bert, Theresa M.

Ecological and Genetic Implications of Aquaculture Activities

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Table of contents

Section One. Overviews Of Ecological Interactions

1. Environmentally Responsible Aquaculture—A Work in Progress
Theresa M. Bert

2. An Ecosystems Approach to Risk Assessment of Alien Species and Genotypes in Aquaculture
Devin M. Bartley

3. Indicators for the Sustainability of Aquaculture
Roger S. V. Pullin, Rainer Froese, Daniel Pauly

4. Sustainable Approaches for Aquaculture Development: Looking Ahead Through Lessons in the Past
Nai-Hsien Chao, I. Chiu Liao

Section Two. Population Genetic Considerations

5. Genetic Risks of Marine Hatchery Enhancement: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown
Dennis Hedgecock, Katharine Coykendall

6. Preventing Genetic Pollution and the Establishment of Feral Populations: A Molecular Solution
Peter M. Grewe, Jawahar G. Patil, Daniel J. McGoldrick, Peter C. Rothlisberg, Steven Whyard, Lyn A. Hinds, Chris M. Hardy, Soma Vignarajan, Ron E. Thresher

7. Behavioral and Genetic Interactions Between Escaped Farm Salmon and Wild Atlantic Salmon
Kjetil Hindar, Ian A. Fleming

8. Genetic Management of Hatchery-Based Stock Enhancement
Theresa M. Bert, Charles R. Crawford, Michael D. Tringali, Seifu Seyoum, Jamie L. Galvin, Maryanne Higham, Clarita Lund

Section Three. Case Studies

9. Environmental Impacts in Australian Aquaculture
Damian M. Ogburn

10. Effects of Hatchery Rearing on Asian Seabass, Lates calcarifer, in Sabah, Malaysia
Saleem Mustafa, Ridzwan A. Rahman, Julian Ransangan, Lorina Stephen

11. Disturbance of Korean Lake Ecosystems by Aquaculture and Their Rehabilitation
Tae Seok Ahn, Dongsoo Kong

12. Mariculture-Related Environmental Concerns in the People's Republic of China
Jian-Hai Xiang

13. Indigenous Species for African Aquaculture Development
Randall E. Brummett

14. The Introduction of Nonnative Fishes into Freshwater Systems of Peru
Hernán Ortega, Humberto Guerra, Rina Ramírez

15. Introduction of Exotic Species and Transplantation of Native Species across River Basins in Venezuela
Héctor López-Rojas, Ana Bonilla-Rivero

16. Impacts of Non-Native Fish Species in Minas Gerais, Brazil: Present Situation and Prospects
Carlos Bernardo M. Alves, Fábio Vieira, André Lincoln B. Magalhães, Marcelo F. G. Brito

17. Salmonid Introductions in Patagonia: A Mixed Blessing
Pablo Horacio Vigliano, Marcelo Fabián Alonso, M. Aquaculture

18. Introduced Anadromous Salmonids in Patagonia: Risks, Uses, and a Conservation Paradox
Miguel A. Pascual, Javier E. Ciancio

19. Addressing Problems Associated with Aquaculture and Aquaculture Effluents in the USA: A Historical Essay
Robert R. Stickney

20. Productivity of Alaska's Salmon Hatchery Ocean Ranching Program and Management of Biological Risks to Wild Pacific Salmon
William W. Smoker, William R. Heard

21. Empirical Results of Salmon Supplementation in the Northeast Pacific: A Preliminary Assessment
Robin S. Waples, Michael J. Ford, Dietrich Schmitt

Section Four. Positive Approaches To Environmentally Sustainable Aquaculture

22. Macrobenthos as Biological Indicators to Assess the Influence of Aquaculture on Japanese Coastal Environments
Hisashi Yokoyama, Akifumi Nishimura, Misa Inoue

23. A Simple Experiment in Polyculture: Red Sea Bream (Pagrus major) and Ulvales (Ulva pertusa)
Hachiro Hirata, Tatuya Yamauchi, Muneyuki Matsuda, Shigehisa Yamasaki

24. Microalgae, Macroalgae, and Bivalves as Biofilters in Land-Based Mariculture in Israel
Muki Shpigel, Amir Neori

25. Beyond the Monospecific Approach to Animal Aquaculture—The Light of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture
Thierry Chopin, Charles Yarish, Glyn Sharp

26. Using Natural Ecosystem Services to Diminish Salmon-Farming Footprints in Southern Chile
Doris Soto, Fernando Jara

Section Five. Conclusion

27. Environmentally Responsible Aquaculture: Realities and Possibilities
Theresa M. Bert


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