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Advances in Algal Biology: A Commemoration of the Work of Rex Lowe

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Table of contents

1. Algology and algologists at Bowling Green, a short history
Rex L. Lowe

2. Rexia erecta gen. et sp. nov. and Capsosira lowei sp. nov., two newly described cyanobacterial taxa from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (USA)
Dale A. Casamatta, Shannon R. Gomez, Jeffrey R. Johansen

3. Large-scale regional variation in diatom-water chemistry relationships: rivers of the eastern United States
Donald F. Charles, Frank W. Acker, David D. Hart, Charles W. Reimer, Patrick B. Cotter

4. Short-term effects of elevated velocity and sediment abrasion on benthic algal communities
Steven N. Francoeur, Barry J. F. Biggs

5. The effects of pH on a periphyton community in an acidic wetland, USA
Jennifer L. Greenwood, Rex L. Lowe

6. Food limitation affects algivory and grazer performance for New Zealand stream macroinvertebrates
Joseph R. Holomuzki, Barry J. F. Biggs

7. Benthic diatom communities in subalpine pools in New Zealand: relationships to environmental variables
Cathy Kilroy, Barry J. F. Biggs, Wim Vyverman, Paul A. Broady

8. The relationships among disturbance, substratum size and periphyton community structure
Mark R. Luttenton, Cathy Baisden

9. Relationships between environmental variables and benthic diatom assemblages in California Central Valley streams (USA)
Yangdong Pan, Brian H. Hill, Peter Husby, Robert K. Hall, Philip R. Kaufmann

10. Response of periphytic algae to gradients in nitrogen and phosphorus in streamside mesocosms
Steven T. Rier, R. Jan Stevenson

11. Comparing effects of nutrients on algal biomass in streams in two regions with different disturbance regimes and with applications for developing nutrient criteria
R. Jan Stevenson, Steven T. Rier, Catherine M. Riseng, Richard E. Schultz, Michael J. Wiley

12. Differential heterotrophic utilization of organic compounds by diatoms and bacteria under light and dark conditions
Nancy C. Tuchman, Marc A. Schollett, Steven T. Rier, Pamela Geddes

13. Using diatom assemblages to assess urban stream conditions
Christopher E. Walker, Yangdong Pan

14. Developing and testing diatom indicators for wetlands in the Casco Bay watershed, Maine, USA
Yi-Kuang Wang, R. Jan Stevenson, P. Roger Sweets, Jeanne DiFranco

15. Diatom assemblages and their associations with environmental variables in Oregon Coast Range streams, USA
Christine L. Weilhoefer, Yangdong Pan

16. Algal assemblages in multiple habitats of restored and extant wetlands
Lei Zheng, R. Jan Stevenson

17. Ecology and assessment of the benthic diatom communities of four Lake Erie estuaries using Lange-Bertalot tolerance values
Gerald V. Sgro, Michael E. Ketterer, Jeffrey R. Johansen


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