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High Energy Density Laboratory Astrophysics

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Table of contents

1. Asymmetric Supernovae: Yes, Rotation and Magnetic Fields are Important
J.C. Wheeler, S. Akiyama, P.T. Williams

2. Progress Toward the Study of Laboratory Scale, Astrophysically Relevant, Turbulent Plasmas
C.C. Kuranz, R.P. Drake, D.R. Leibrandt, E.C. Harding, H.F. Robey, A.R. Miles, B.E. Blue, J.F. Hansen, H. Louis, M. Bono, J. Knauer, D. Arnett, C.A. Meakin

3. Effects of Initial Conditions on Compressible Mixing in Supernova-Relevant Laboratory Experiments
A.R. Miles, M.J. Edwards, J.A. Greenough

4. Laboratory Astrophysics Experiments for Simulation Code Validation: A Case Study
A.C. Calder

5. How Did Cassiopeia A Explode? A Chandra VLP
J. Martin Laming, Una Hwang

6. Studies of Laser-Driven Radiative Blast Waves
A.D. Edens, T. Ditmire, J.F. Hansen, M.J. Edwards, R.G. Adams, P. Rambo, L. Ruggles, I.C. Smith, J.L. Porter

7. Radiative Shocks in Astrophysics and the Laboratory
R. Paul Drake

8. Laboratory Simulations of Supernova Shockwave Propagation
J.F. Hansen, M.J. Edwards, D. Froula, G. Gregori, A. Edens, T. Ditmire

9. Radiative Shock Experiments at LULI
M. Koenig, T. Vinci, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, S. Lepape, N. Ozaki, S. Bouquet, L. Boireau, S. Leygnac, C. Michaut, C. Stehle, J.-P. Chièze, D. Batani, T. Hall, K. Tanaka, M. Yoshida

10. Analytical Study of Supernova Remnant Non-Stationary Expansions
X. Ribeyre, V.T. Tikhonchuk, S. Bouquet

11. Hypernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursts
Ken’ichi Nomoto, Keiichi Maeda, Nozomu Tominaga, Takuya Ohkubo, Jinsong Deng, Paolo A. Mazzali

12. Radiation Hydrodynamics in Supernovae
Peter Höflich

13. Experiment on Collisionless Plasma Interaction with Applications to Supernova Remnant Physics
C. Courtois, R.A.D. Grundy, A.D. Ash, D.M. Chambers, R.O. Dendy, K.G. Mcclements, N.C. Woolsey

14. Laboratory Experiments of Stellar Jets from the Perspective of an Observer
Patrick Hartigan

15. A Hed Laboratory Astrophysics Testbed Comes of Age: Jet Deflection via Cross Winds
A. Frank, E.G. Blackman, A. Cunningham, S.V. Lebedev, D. Ampleford, A. Ciardi, S.N. Bland, J.P. Chittenden, M.G. Haines

16. Relativistic Jets from Accretion Disks
R.V.E. Lovelace, P.R. Gandhi, M.M. Romanova

17. Recent Experimental Results and Modelling of High-Mach-Number Jets and the Transition to Turbulence
P.A. Rosen, B.H. Wilde, R.J.R. Williams, J.M. Foster, P.A. Keiter, R.F. Coker, T.S. Perry, M.J. Taylor, A.M. Khokhlov, R.P. Drake, G.R. Bennett, D.B. Sinars, R.B. Campbell

18. Hydrogen EOS at Megabar Pressures and the Search for Jupiter’s Core
William B. Hubbard

19. Astrophysical Implications of the Recent Shocked Deuterium Experiments
D. Saumon, T. Guillot

20. Deuterium Hugoniot up to 120 GPa (1.2 Mbar)
W.J. Nellis

21. Modeling X-Ray Photoionized Plasmas Produced at the Sandia Z-Facility
P.A.M. Hoof, M.E. Foord, R.F. Heeter, J.E. Bailey, H.-K. Chung, M.E. Cuneo, W.H. Goldstein, V. Jonauskas, F.P. Keenan, R. Kisielius, D.A. Liedahl, C. Ramsbottom, S.J. Rose, P.T. Springer, R.S. Thoe

22. Radiation Properties of High-Energy Astrophysical Plasmas
Kuniaki Masai

23. Preliminary Results from an Astrophysically Relevant Radiation Transfer Experiment
Paul A. Keiter, George A. Kyrala, Robert G. Watt, George C. Idzorek, Robert R. Peterson, Blake Wood, Peter Adams, Robert E. Chrien, Darrell Peterson, Merri Wood-Schultz

24. X-Ray Line Transfer in Plasmas with Large Velocity Gradients
F.M. Kerr, A. Gouveia, R.W. Lee, P.K. Patel, O. Renner, S.J. Rose, H.A. Scott, J.S. Wark

25. Eagle Nebula Pillars: From Models to Observations
Marc W. Pound, Jave O. Kane, Bruce A. Remington, Dmitri D. Ryutov, Akira Mizuta, Hideaki Takabe

26. Two Models of Magnetic Support for Photoevaporated Molecular Clouds
D.D. Ryutov, J.O. Kane, A. Mizuta, M.W. Pound, B.A. Remington

27. Shock Propagation Through Multiphase Media
R.J.R. Williams, D.L. Youngs

28. Hydrodynamic Instability of Ionization Front in HII Regions: From Linear to Nonlinear Evolution
Akira Mizuta, Hideaki Takabe, Jave O. Kane, Bruce A. Remington, Dmitri D. Ryutov, Marc W. Pound

29. Simulating Astrophysical Jets in Laboratory Experiments
Paul M. Bellan, Setthivoine You, Scott C. Hsu

30. Particle Acceleration in Relativistic Magnetized Plasmas
Edison Liang

31. Magnetic Reconnection, Turbulence, and Collisionless Shock
Hantao Ji, Russell Kulsrud, Masaaki Yamada

32. Direct-Drive Inertial Confinement Fusion Implosions on Omega
S.P. Regan, T.C. Sangster, D.D. Meyerhofer, K. Anderson, R. Betti, T.R. Boehly, T.J.B. Collins, R.S. Craxton, J.A. Delettrez, R. Epstein, O.V. Gotchev, V.Yu. Glebov, V.N. Goncharov, D.R. Harding, P.A. Jaanimagi, J.P. Knauer, S.J. Loucks, L.D. Lund, J.A. Marozas, F.J. Marshall, R.L. McCrory, P.W. McKenty, S.F.B. Morse, P.B. Radha, W. Seka, S. Skupsky, H. Sawada, V.A. Smalyuk, J.M. Soures, C. Stoeckl, B. Yaakobi, J.A. Frenje, C.K. Li, R.D. Petrasso, F.H. Séguin

33. Accessing High Pressure States Relevant to Core Conditions in the Giant Planets
B.A. Remington, R.M. Cavallo, M.J. Edwards, D.D.-M. Ho, B.F. Lasinski, K.T. Lorenz, H.E. Lorenzana, J.M. McNaney, S.M. Pollaine, R.F. Smith

34. Formation of Working Surfaces in Radiatively Cooled Laboratory Jets
D.J. Ampleford, S.V. Lebedev, A. Ciardi, S.N. Bland, S.C. Bott, J.P. Chittenden, G. Hall, C.A. Jennings, J. Armitage, G. Blyth, S. Christie, L. Rutland

35. Boltzmann Equilibrium of Endothermic Heavy Nuclear Synthesis in the Universe and a Quark Relation to the Magic Numbers
Heinrich Hora, George H. Miley, Frederick Osman

36. Richtmyer-Meshkov Experiments on the Omega Laser
R.M. Hueckstaedt, S.H. Batha, M.M. Balkey, N.D. Delamater, J.R. Fincke, R.L. Holmes, N.E. Lanier, G.R. Magelssen, J.M. Scott, J.M. Taccetti, C.J. Horsfield, K.W. Parker, S.D. Rothman

37. Molecular Clouds: Observation to Experiment
J.O. Kane, A. Mizuta, M.W. Pound, B.A. Remington, D.D. Ryutov

38. Preheat Issues in Hydrodynamic Hedla Experiments
C.C. Kuranz, R.P. Drake, K.K. Dannenberg, P.J. Susalla, D.J. Kremer, T. Boehly, J. Knauer

39. Zeus-2D Simulations of Laser-Driven Radiative Shock Experiments
D.R. Leibrandt, R.P. Drake, J.M. Stone

40. Modeling Magnetic Tower Jets in the Laboratory
A. Ciardi, S.V. Lebedev, J.P. Chittenden, D.J. Ampleford, S.N. Bland, B. S. Bott, J. Rapley

41. Tailored Blast Wave Production Pertaining to Supernova Remnants
A.S. Moore, D.R. Symes, R.A. Smith

42. A Neutron Star Atmosphere in the Laboratory with Petawatt Lasers
S.J. Moon, S.C. Wilks, R.I. Klein, B.A. Remington, D.D. Ryutov, A.J. Mackinnon, P.K. Patel, A. Spitkovsky

43. Laboratory Simulation of Magnetospheric Plasma Shocks
R. Presura, V.V. Ivanov, Y. Sentoku, V.I. Sotnikov, P.J. Laca, N. Galloudec, A. Kemp, R. Mancini, H. Ruhl, A.L. Astanovitskiy, T.E. Cowan, T. Ditmire, C. Chiu, W. Horton, P. Valanju, S. Keely

44. Studying Hydrodynamic Instability Using Shock-Tube Experiments
O. Sadot, K. Levy, A. Yosef-Hai, D. Cartoon, Y. Elbaz, Y. Srebro, G. Ben-Dor, D. Shvarts

45. Novel Diagnostic of Shock Fronts in Low-Z Dense Plasmas
S. Pape, M. Koenig, T. Vinci, E. Martinolli, D. Hicks, A. Mackinnon, P. Patel, M. Borghesi, L. Romagnani, T. Boehly

46. Evolution and Fragmentation of Wide-Angle Wind Driven Molecular Outflows
Andrew Cunningham, Adam Frank, Peggy Varnière, Alexei Poludnenko, Sorin Mitran, Lee Hartmann

47. X-Ray Line and Recombination Emission in the Afterglow of GRB
S. Sugiyama, S. Yamada, H. Takabe

48. Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability Reshock Experiments Using Laser-Driven Double-Cylinder Implosions
J.M. Taccetti, S.H. Batha, J.R. Fincke, N.D. Delamater, N.E. Lanier, G.R. Magelssen, R.M. Hueckstaedt, S.D. Rothman, C.J. Horsfield, K.W. Parker

49. Density and Temperature Measurements on Laser Generated Radiative Shocks
T. Vinci, M. Kœnig, A. Benuzzi-Mounaix, L. Boireau, S. Bouquet, S. Leygnac, C. Michaut, C. Stehlé, O. Peyrusse, D. Batani

50. Linear Analysis of Axial Sheared Flow in Astrophysical Jets
Lucas F. Wanex

51. Validating the Flash Code: Vortex-Dominated Flows
Greg Weirs, Vikram Dwarkadas, Tomek Plewa, Chris Tomkins, Mark Marr-Lyon

52. Electron-Positron Plasmas Created By Ultra-Intense Laser Pulses Interacting With Solid Targets
S.C. Wilks, H. Chen, E. Liang, P. Patel, D. Price, B. Remington, R. Shepherd, M. Tabak, W.L. Kruer

53. Numerical Treatment of Radiative Transfer
Matthias González, Edouard Audit

54. 3D Simulations of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability Using “Vulcan/3D”
Shimon M. Asida, Eli Livne, Josef Stein, Lior Metzker

55. Hybrid Simulation of Collisionless Shock Formation in Support of Laboratory Experiments at UNR
V.I. Sotnikov, H. Ruhl, R. Presura, T. Cowan, J.N. Leboeuf, P. Hellinger, P. Travnicek

56. Virtual MHD Jets on Grids
Thibaut Lery, Céline Combet, Gareth Murphy, Luke O.C. Drury

57. Non-Linear Dynamics of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability in Supernovae
Snezhana I. Abarzhi, Marcus Herrmann

58. Lower Hybrid Wave Electron Heating in the Fast Solar Wind
J. Martin Laming

59. Interferometric Measurements of the Interaction of Two Plasmas in a Transverse Magnetic Field
C.D. Gregory, A.D. Ash, D.M. Chambers, C. Courtois, R.A.D. Grundy, N.C. Woolsey

60. Laboratory Simulations of Bow Shocks and Magnetospheres
W. Horton, C. Chiu, T. Ditmire


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