Alagumalai, Sivakumar

Applied Rasch Measurement: A Book of Exemplars

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Table of contents

Part 1. Measurement and the Rasch model

1. Classical Test Theory
Sivakumar Alagumalai, David D. Curtis

2. Objective Measurement
Geoff N. Masters

3. The Rasch Model Explained
David Andrich

Part 2A. Applications of the Rasch Model — Tests and Competencies

4. Monitoring Mathematics Achievement over Time
Tilahun Mengesha Afrassa

5. Manual and Automatic Estimates of Growth and Gain Across Year Levels: How Close is Close?
Petra Lietz, Dieter Kotte

6. Japanese Language Learning and the Rasch Model
Kazuyo Taguchi

7. Chinese Language Learning and the Rasch Model
Ruilan Yuan

8. Employing the Rasch Model to Detect Biased Items
Njora Hungi

9. Raters and Examinations
Steven Barrett

10. Comparing Classical and Contemporary Analyses and Rasch Measurement
David D. Curtis

11. Combining Rasch Scaling and Multi-Level Analysis
Murray Thompson

Part 2B. Applications of the Rasch Model — Attitudes Scales and Views

12. Rasch and Attitude Scales: Explanatory Style
Shirley M. Yates

13. Science Teachers’ Views on Science, Technology and Society Issues
Debra K. Tedman

14. Estimating the Complexity of Workplace Rehabilitation Tasks Using Rasch Analysis
Ian Blackman

15. Creating a Scale as a General Measure of Satisfaction for Information and Communication Technology Users
I Gusti Ngurah Darmawan

Part 3. Extensions of the Rasch model

16. Multidimensional Item Responses: Multimethod-Multitrait Perspectives
Mark Wilson, Machteld Hoskens

17. Information Functions for the General Dichotomous Unfolding Model
Guanzhong Luo, David Andrich

18. Past, Present and Future: An Idiosyncratic View of Rasch Measurement
Trevor G. Bond

19. Our Experiences and Conclusion
Sivakumar Alagumalai, David D Curtis, Njora Hungi


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