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Speaking of Monsters

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Table of contents

1. Introduction: Monstrosity and Multiculturalism
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, John Edgar Browning

Section I. General Theories of Monstrosity

2. Monster Culture (Seven Theses)(Extract)
Jeffrey Jerome Cohen

3. Dread, Taboo, and the Thing (1982): Toward a Social Theory of the Horror Film (extract)
Stephen Prince

4. Nightmare and the Horror Film: The Symbolic Biology of Fantastic Beings (extract)
Noël Carroll

5. Our Vampires, Our Neighbors
Ken Gelder

6. “Psychological Thriller”: Dead of Night (1945), British Film Culture, and the 1940s Horror Cycle
Mark Jancovich

Section II. Teratologies of Nationality and Race

7. Monsters in the Literary Traditions of Asia: A Critical Appraisal
Andrew Hock-Soon Ng

8. Slayer as Monster in Blood+ (2005–2006) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003)
Margaret L. Carter

9. “Shapeless Deformity”: Monstrosity, Visibility, and Racial Masquerade in Thomas Grattan’s CAGOT’S HUT (1823)
Daniel A. Novak

Section III. In Between Fear and Desire

10. Apt Pupil (1998): The Hollywood Nazi-as-Monster Flick (extract)
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, David A. Frank

11. By Demons Driven: Religious Teratologies
Jason C. Bivins

12. An Age of Mechanical Destruction: Power Tools and the Monstrous in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Films
Ian Conrich

Section IV. Queer Theory and Boundary Crossings

13. “Way Too Gay to be Ignored”: The Production and Reception of Queer Horror Cinema in the Twenty-First Century
Harry M. Benshoff

14. Seed of Chucky: Transbiology and the Horror Flick
Judith (Jack) Halberstam

Section V. Criminology, Law, and Teratologies: Between the Real and the Reel

15. Stage Four: Virulency (Extract)
Lonnie H. Athens

16. Profiling the Terrorist as a Mass Murderer (Extract)
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, Cecil E. Greek

17. What Makes Stalking Monsters so Monstrous, and how to Survive Them?
Ôrît Kāmîr

18. Race and Serial Killing in the Media: The Case of Wayne Williams
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart

Section VI. The Biological Monstrous and Gender: The Human-Animal-Machine Divides

19. “Nature Abhors Normality”: Theories of the Monstrous from Aristotle to The X-Files(1993–2002)
Kathleen Long

20. Monster Spawn of Animal Experimentation in the Early Work of H. G. Wells: On the Containment of Psychopathic Violence as Preliminary to the Onset of the Capacity for Mourning
Laurence A. Rickels

21. Why Is the Tension So High? The Monstrous Feminine in (Post)Modern Slasher Films
Dejan Ognjanović

22. Blood and Bitches: Sexual Politics and the Teen Female Lycanthrope in Young Adult Fiction
June Pulliam

Section VII. Teratologies and Ethics

23. The Queer Ethics of Monstrosity
Patricia MacCormack

24. Reopening the Question of the Human and the Animal (Extract)
Dominick LaCapra

25. Where Reality and Fantasy Meet and Bifurcate: Holocaust Themes in Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), X-Men (2000), and V (1983)
Caroline Joan (Kay) S. Picart, John Edgar Browning, Carla María Thomas

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