Dearybury, Jed

The Playful Classroom: The Power of Play for All Ages

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Shows teachers how and why they should bring play into the classroom to make learning meaningful, relevant, and fun.

Research studies show that all students—young and old, rich and poor, urban and rural—benefit immensely from classrooms filled with art, creativity, and laughter. Fun, playfulness, creative thinking, and individual expression reinforce positive experiences, which in turn lead to more engaged students, better classroom environments, and successful learning outcomes. Designed for K-12 educators, The Playful Classroom describes how teachers can develop a playful mindset for giving students meaningful, relevant and fun learning experiences. This unique real-world guide provides you with everything you need to incorporate engaging, hands-on lessons and creative activities, regardless of the level and subject you teach.

Building on contemporary and seminal works on learning theory and play pedagogy, the authors explain how to inspire your students by bringing play. into your classroom. This clear, user-friendly guide supplies practical strategies and effective solutions for adding the missing ingredients to your classroom culture. Access to the authors’ companion website provides videos, learning experiences, and downloadable teaching and learning resources. Packed with relatable humor, proven methods, and valuable insights, this book enables you to:

  • Provide meaningful experiences that will benefit students both in school and later in life
  • Combine the principles of PLAY with traditional curricula to encourage creative learning
  • Promote trust, collaboration, and growth in students
  • Develop a playful mindset for bringing the arts into every lesson
  • Foster critical thinking in any school community

The Playful Classroom: The Power of Play for All Ages is a must-have resource for K-12 educators, higher education professionals, and readers looking for education-based professional development and training resources.


creative learning; creative classroom; playful learning; K-12 creative thinking; K-12 lessons; K-12 critical thinking; K-12 activities; student engagement; teacher training; creative pedagogy; play pedagogy; K-12 learning mindset; K-12 teaching

, Teacher Education (K-12), Teacher Education (K-12)
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