Dean, John R.

Practical Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry

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A new edition of this practical approach to sampling, experimentation, and applications in the field of inductively coupled plasma spectrometry

The second edition of Practical Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry discusses many of the significant developments in the field which have expanded inductively coupled plasma (ICP) spectrometry from a useful optical emission spectroscopic technique for trace element analysis into a source for both atomic emission spectrometry and mass spectrometry, capable of detecting elements at sub-ppb (ng mL−1) levels with good accuracy and precision.

Comprising nine chapters, this new edition has been fully revised and up-dated in each chapter. It contains information on everything you need to practically know about the different types of instrumentation as well as pre- and post-experimental aspects. Designed to be easily accessible, with a ‘start-to-finish’ approach, each chapter outlines the key practical aspects of a specific aspect of the topic. The author, a noted expert in the field, details specific applications of the techniquespresented, including uses in environmental, food and industrial analysis. This edition:

  • Emphasizes the importance of health and safety;
  • Provides advanced information on sample preparation techniques;
  • Presents an updated chapter on inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry;
  • Features a new chapter on current and future development in ICP technology and one on practical trouble shooting and routine maintenance.

Practical Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry offers a practical guide that can be used for undergraduate and graduate students in the broad discipline of analytical chemistry, which includes biomedical science, environmental science, food science and forensic science, in both distance and open learning situations. It also provides an excellent reference for those in postgraduate training in these fields.

Avainsanat: Plasma Spectrometry; Aqueous samples; Solid samples; Sample extraction; Selective chemical extraction; Decomposition techniques; Chemometric identification; in-vitro gastrointestinal extraction; in-vitro epithelium lung fluid extraction; ICP-AES; ICP-MS; Instrumentation; Spectrometer design and application; Detection; Data treatment, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Science, Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Science

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