Stimson, William A.

Forensic Systems Engineering: Evaluating Operations by Discovery

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A systems-level approach to reducing liability through process improvement

Forensic Systems Analysis: Evaluating Operations by Discovery presents a systematic framework for uncovering and resolving problematic process failures. Carefully building the causal relationship from process to product, the discussion lays out in significant detail the appropriate and tactical approaches necessary to the pursuit of litigation with respect to corporate operations.

Systemic process failures are addressed by flipping process improvement models to study both improvement and failure, resulting in arguments and methodologies relevant to any product or service industry. Guidance on risk analysis of operations combines evaluation of process control, stability, capability, verification, validation, specification, product reliability, serial dependence, and more, providing a robust framework with which to target large-scale nonconforming products and services.

Relevant to anyone involved in business, manufacturing, service, and control, this book:

  • Covers process liability and operations management from both engineering and legal perspectives
  • Offers analyses that present novel uses of traditional engineering methods concerning risk and product quality and reliability
  • Takes a rigorous approach to system tactics and constraints related to product and service operations and identifies dysfunctional processes
  • Offers both prescriptive and descriptive solutions to both the plaintiff and the defendant

The global economy has created an environment in which huge production volume, complex data bases, and multiple dispersed suppliers greatly challenge industrial operations. This informative guide provides a practical blueprint for uncovering problematic process failures.

Avainsanat: Industrial Engineering / Quality Control, Human Factors & Risk Assessment, Industrial Engineering / Quality Control, Human Factors & Risk Assessment,

industrial processes; process improvement; process liability; process liability evidence; forensic systems; dysfunctional process; nonconforming process; systemic product failure; liability risk; forced production; intended use; process failure modes; internal control; serial dependent processes; causal correlation; cost of liability; verification & validation; control risk; disturbances and interventions; misfeasance; malfeasance; tort law; product liability; process analysis; process risk; operations risk management; process analysis methods; product nonconformity; system failure; industrial liability; engineering liability; forensic system analysis; industrial litigation; process litigation; management systems; performance management; process liability theory; ISO 9000; improper operations; implementing controls; process liability case study; proving causal correlation; operations measurement; process stability

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