Benati, Alessandro G.

The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition

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A comprehensive, current review of the research and approaches to advanced proficiency in second language acquisition

The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition offers an overview of the most recent and scientific-based research concerning higher proficiency in second language acquisition (SLA). With contributions from an international team of experts in the field, the Handbook presents several theoretical approaches to SLA and offers an examination of advanced proficiency from the viewpoint of various contexts and dimensions of second language performance. The authors also review linguistic phenomena among advanced learners through the lens of phonology and grammar development.

Comprehensive in scope, this book provides an overview of advanced proficiency grounded in socially-relevant domains of second language acquisition including discourse, reading, genre-based writing, and pragmatic competence. The authoritative volume brings together the theoretical accounts of advanced language use combined with solid empirical research.

  • Includes contributions from an international collection of noted scholars in the field of second language acquisition
  • Offers a variety of theoretical approaches to SLA
  • Contains information on the most recent empirical research that contributes to an understanding of SLA
  • Describes performance phenomena according to multiple approaches to SLA

Written for scholars, students and linguists, The Handbook of Advanced Proficiency in Second Language Acquisition is a comprehensive text that offers the most recent developments in the study of advanced proficiency in the acquisition of a second language.

Avainsanat: A guide to proficiency in second language acquisition; a resource for understanding proficiency in second language acquisition; Systemic Functional Linguistics and Advanced Proficiency; Psycholinguistic Approaches and Advanced Proficiency in language; What Does Critical Period Research Reveal about Advanced L2 Proficiency; Generative Grammar and Advanced Proficiency; Interaction-Driven L2 Learning: Advanced learners; Sociocultural Theory and Advanced Learners; Advanced Proficiency and Performance: Multiple Dimensions and Contexts; Advancedness and Performance According to Profession; Individual Differences and Advanced Proficiency; Learner Background Heritage and L2 learners; Bilingualism and Balanced Bilingualism; Task Characteristic and Task Condition Effects on Advanced Level Foreign Language Performance; Advanced-Level Phonology Advanced-Level Phonology, Bilingualism, Language Teaching, Bilingualism, Language Teaching

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