Kalal, Ted T.

Improving Product Reliability and Software Quality: Strategies, Tools, Process and Implementation

Kalal, Ted T. - Improving Product Reliability and Software Quality: Strategies, Tools, Process and Implementation, e-kirja


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The authoritative guide to the effective design and production of reliable technology products, revised and updated

While most manufacturers have mastered the process of producing quality products, product reliability, software quality and software security has lagged behind. The revised second edition ofImproving Product Reliability and Software Qualityoffers a comprehensive and detailed guide to implementing a hardware reliability and software quality process for technology products. The authors – noted experts in the field – provide useful tools, forms and spreadsheets for executing an effective product reliability and software quality development process and explore proven software quality and product reliability concepts.

The authors discuss why so many companies fail after attempting to implement or improve their product reliability and software quality program. They outline the critical steps for implementing a successful program. Success hinges on establishing a reliability lab, hiring the right people and implementing a reliability and software quality process that does the right things well and works well together. Designed to be accessible, the book contains a decision matrix for small, medium and large companies. Throughout the book, the authors describe the hardware reliability and software quality process as well as the tools and techniques needed for putting it in place. The concepts, ideas and material presented are appropriate for any organization. This updated second edition:

  • Contains new chapters on Software tools, Software quality process and software security.
  • Expands the FMEA section to include software fault trees and software FMEAs.
  • Includes two new reliability tools to accelerate design maturity and reduce the risk of premature wearout.
  • Contains new material on preventative maintenance, predictive maintenance and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM) to better manage repair cost and unscheduled downtime.
  • Presents updated information on reliability modeling and hiring reliability and software engineers.
  • Includes a comprehensive review of the reliability process from a multi-disciplinary viewpoint including new material on uprating and counterfeit components.
  • Discusses aspects of competition, key quality and reliability concepts and presents the tools for implementation.

Written for engineers, managers and consultants lacking a background in product reliability and software quality theory and statistics, the updated second edition ofImproving Product Reliability and Software Qualityexplores all phases of the product life cycle.

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