Wempen, Faithe

Computing Fundamentals: IC3 Edition

Wempen, Faithe - Computing Fundamentals: IC3 Edition, e-kirja


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Kick start your journey into computing and prepare for your IC3 certification

With this essential course book you'll be sending e-mails, surfing the web and understanding the basics of computing in no time. Written by Faithe Wempen, a Microsoft Office Master Instructor and author of more than 120 books, this complete guide to the basics has been tailored to provide comprehensive instruction on the full range of entry-level computing skills. It is a must for students looking to move into almost any profession, as entry-level computing courses have become a compulsory requirement in the modern world.

This great resource brings readers up to speed on computing basics, and helps them achieve competency on a computer quickly and easily. The book covers everything from computer hardware and software to the underlying functionality of a computer, and helps readers gain the skills and knowledge they need to move forward in their careers, or to successfully prepare for the IC3 Exam.

  • Learn about computer hardware, software and other basic functions
  • Get a full introduction to Windows and Microsoft Office
  • Create polished documents and presentations in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2010
  • Gain an understanding of web basics, connectivity, security and privacy

Written especially for students and those interested in learning more about computing, the book includes bonus questions, PowerPoint slides and bonus tasks to help put new skills into practice immediately.

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