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Research Methods in Health Promotion

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The bestselling textbook to understanding health research, updated and expanded

Research Methods in Health Promotion provides students and practitioners with essential knowledge and skills regarding the design, implementation, analysis, and interpretation of research in the field of health promotion. Now in its second edition, this bestselling textbook has been updated with more recent research methodologies and additional information on sampling, participatory and survey research, and qualitative data analysis. The entire research process is covered, with specific points relating to both qualitative and quantitative research. By breaking the daunting process of research into simple and well-defined steps, this user-friendly text encourages students to think about research as a sequential process and provides explanations that facilitate better understanding of each step in the research process. A separate set of chapters cover the more quantitative methodological areas including designs, measurement, sampling, and data analysis in depth, giving readers the understanding they need to apply in practice.

This book also provides applied chapters that illustrate the practical aspects of the research process, along with other critical information including grant writing and scientific writing.

  • Evaluate the ethics, design, analysis, and interpretation of research
  • Identify and understand the key components of research studies
  • Analyze and interpret the results of experimental and survey research designs
  • Understand the process of publishing a research report and constructing a grant proposal

Research Methods in Health Promotion is ideal for both undergrad and graduate methods courses in health promotion and public health.

Avainsanat: Research Methods in Health Promotion 2nd Edition; Laura F. Salazar; Richard A. Crosby; Ralph J. DiClemente; public health; research methods text; health promotion text; understanding research; public health research; evaluating research; research methodology; survey techniques; sampling techniques; research ethics; grant writing; study methods; study components; health promotion research; research publishing; study limitations; research critique; social science research; health research; data analysis

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