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Guide to the LEED AP Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) Exam

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Proven Strategies to Pass the LEED® AP ID+C EXAM

Here is the ideal study guide for understanding and preparing for the LEED® AP ID+C exam. Written by an expert who is a LEED consultant and partner at Green Education Services—a premier LEED exam preparation provider—Guide to the LEED???® AP Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) Exam engages readers by breaking down difficult concepts in sustainable design and engineering in a clearly organized, straightforward manner that helps streamline the learning process for those seeking participation in the operation and maintenance of existing buildings that implement green practices. Guide to the LEED???® AP Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) Exam features:

  • A brief overview of the LEED Green Associate material included in the first portion of this LEED AP exam, along with specific ID+C content

  • A collection of sample test questions and study tips to reinforce learned material

  • An accessible and stimulating approach that fosters quicker retention

  • A set of strategies for summarizing critical information and details more effectively

  • A wealth of material that includes drawings, charts, and diagrams to help understand concepts visually

  • A total of 128 sample flashcards that allow you to study on the go

Covering the detailed concepts of the LEED for Commercial Interiors Green Building Rating System, this book is an all-inclusive resource for achieving successful results on the LEED AP ID+C exam.

Green Education Services ( is a leading provider of green jobs training related to LEED, EPA energy auditing, solar, and more for building developers, architects, engineers, interior designers, planners, commercial real estate brokers, and other construction industry professionals. A national member of USGBC and CAGBC, accredited by the EPA, and an approved AIA/CES provider, Green Education Services has helped thousands of professionals throughout the United States prepare for their credentialing exams and maintain their credential as an approved GBCI CE provider.

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