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Top Stocks 2017: A Sharebuyer's Guide to Leading Australian Companies

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Invest smarter with Australia's most trusted guide to stock selection

Top Stocks 2017 is your expert guide to the Australian sharemarket. Now in its 23rd edition, this book represents the benchmark standard of rigorous analysis and stringent selection to give you the inside scoop on the nation's top companies. From beginner to expert, regardless of your portfolio size, renowned financial journalist Martin Roth guides you toward the stocks that offer the best low-risk, long-term value for your money. You'll see how Australian companies stack up in terms of profits, debt and dividends, with over 100 charts and tables by best-selling author Alan Hull. No hype, no nonsense and not a single bit of spin – just the time-tested methods and expert analysis that have made Roth a household name.

Martin Roth isn't swayed by big names or media coverage, and he doesn't listen to the pundits. He applies strict analyses to financial data to paint a real-world picture of each company's outlook. The numbers don't lie, and this book gives you access to their testimony so you know where to put your money in 2017.

  • Learn what the experts have to say about the year's best stocks
  • Compare sales and profits across companies with in-depth analysis
  • Find financial rankings for the top Australian companies
  • Look beyond share prices to see the real measure of a company's worth

You work hard for your money, yet the investing world is crowded with people who would have you throw it away on the latest trend. Martin Roth cuts through the fat and the noise to help you make your money work for you for a change. Invest smarter this year with Top Stocks 2017, the definitive guide to Australia's best picks.

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