Ball, M. Scott

Livable Communities for Aging Populations: Urban Design for Longevity

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An innovative look at design solutions for building lifelong neighborhoods

Livable Communities for Aging Populations provides architects and designers with critical guidance on urban planning and building design that allows people to age in their own homes and communities. The focus is on lifelong neighborhoods, where healthcare and accessibility needs of residents can be met throughout their entire life cycle.

Written by M. Scott Ball, a Duany Plater-Zyberk architect with extensive expertise in designing for an aging society, this important work explores the full range of factors involved in designing for an aging population—from social, economic, and public health policies to land use, business models, and built form. Ball examines in detail a number of case studies of communities that have implemented lifelong solutions, discussing how to apply these best practices to communities large and small, new and existing, urban and rural. Other topics include:

  • How healthcare and disability can be integrated into an urban environment as a lifelong function

  • The need for partnership between healthcare providers, community support services, and real-estate developers

  • How to handle project financing and take advantage of lessons learned in the senior housing industry

  • The role of transportation, access, connectivity, and building diversity in the success of lifelong neighborhoods

Architects, urban planners, urban designers, and developers will find Livable Communities for Aging Populations both instructive and inspiring. The book also includes a wealth of pertinent information for public health officials working on policy issues for aging populations.

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