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Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced

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The essential guide to the new GAAP Accounting Standards Codification

Wiley's long-running series of annual GAAP references has been the essential series for accountants using U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Standards for more than a generation. Every year, the Federal Accounting Standards Board (FASB) adds more rulings and more details to the end of an already long and complicated list, and Wiley GAAP brings order to the chaos.
But this year is different: the FASB has spent several years and a reported $13 million consolidating all of those many and varied pronouncements on standards into a single, integrated Accounting Standards Codification (ASC). Under the old system, GAAP pronouncements were listed chronologically. Now newly codified standards will be listed by subject–so information is easier to find then ever.

In April of 2009, when the FASB switches to the new ASC, every accountant in the nation will need a guide to the new system. Wiley GAAP Codification Enhanced is a full and complete guide to using the newly reorganized standards, providing complete coverage of all levels of GAAP in a single volume. It explains the original, highly technical pronouncements in easy-to understand terms with copious practical implementation guidance.

Barry J. Epstein (Chicago, IL) is a partner with Russell Novak & Company, LLP, where he specializes in technical consultation on accounting and auditing matters and corporate governance. Ralph Nach (Chicago, IL) is a Vice-President of AuditWatch, Inc., for whom he writes, teaches, and consults on a wide range of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting matters. Steven M. Bragg (Centennial, CO) has been the Chief Financial Officer or Controller of four companies, as well as a consulting manager at Ernst & Young. He is the author of more than 30 Wiley titles.

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