Perry, Bryan

The 25% Cash Machine: Double Digit Income Investing

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Praise for THE 25% CASH MACHINE

I've been using great income-investing ideas from Bryan Perry for a long rime, always with exceptional results. Whether you run hundreds of millions of dollars or a few thousand dollars of your own, I guarantee you'll find new ideas you can use in The 25% Cash Machine."
-- Dan Frishberg, CEO, BizRadio Network

"Bryan Perry's book is a must-read for anyone that invests their own money and knows the value of a dollar. The 25% Cash Machine isn't alchemy; it is sound financial advice from someone that doesn't just talk the talk; Bryan walks the walk. he breaks down in pain English how to achieve 25% returns by running with the sectors that are outperforming the market. By dynamically moving into the sectors that have the most favorable business conditions rather than sticking with dead sectors or dead stocks, Bryan shows how and why his proven system can work for any investor, in any environment. I heartily endorse the 25% Cash Machine."
-- Jon"DoctorJ" Najarian, cofounder,

"Our national radio audience always reacts strongly and positively when Bryan Perry is a guest on our programs. They want high-yield strategies, and Bryan has knowledge, experience, and integrity to generate a 25% cash machine. All investor should consider this maximizing yields minimizing risk strategy, I highly recommend this book; it's terrific!".
-- Steve Crowley, Executive Producer and host, American Scene radio, WallStreetCast Television

"A bird in the hand and two in the bush. That's what many have achieved. Here is your chance to be one of them with Bryan Perry's new book, The 25% Cash Machine."
-- Gabriel Wisdom, syndicated radio host, Business Talk Radio Network, and founder, American Money Management LLC

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