Wong, Lilian C. J.

Handbook of Multicultural Perspectives on Stress and Coping

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Table of contents

1. Beyond Stress and Coping: The Positive Psychology of Transformation
Paul T. P. Wong, Lilian C. J. Wong, Carolyn Scott

Section 1. Theoretical Issues

2. Culture: A Fundamental Context for the Stress and Coping Paradigm
Chi-Ah Chun, Rudolf H. Moos, Ruth C. Cronkite

3. A New Theoretical Model of Collectivistic Coping
Christine J. Yeh, Agnes Kwong Arora, Katherine A. Wu

4. Coping with Suffering: The Buddhist Perspective
Yu-Hsi Chen

5. The Way of Nature as a Healing Power
Yu-Hsi Chen

6. Advance in the Study of Religious and Spiritual Coping
Derrick W. Klaassen, Marvin J. McDonald, Susan James

7. Coping Strategies and Culturally Influenced Beliefs about the World
Roger G. Tweed, Lucian Gideon Conway

8. Personality Systems and a Biosocioexistential Model of Posttraumatic Responses Based on a Korean Sample
Hong Seock Lee

Section 2. Methodological Issues

9. Frequently Ignored Methodological Issues in Cross-Cultural Stress Research
Juan I. Sanchez, Paul E. Spector, Cary L. Cooper

10. Problems and Strategies When Using Rating Scales in Cross-Cultural Coping Research
Roger G. Tweed, Anita DeLongis

11. A Resource-Congruence Model of Coping and the Development of the Coping Schemas Inventory
Paul T. P. Wong, Gary T. Reker, Edward J. Peacock

Section 3. Acculturative Stress

12. Acculturative Stress
John W. Berry

13. The Effects of Acculturative Stress on the Hispanic Family
Amado M. Padilla, Noah E. Borrero

14. Coping with Domestic Violence by Japanese Canadian Women
Yoshiyuki Takano

15. How Visible Minority Students Cope with Supervision Stress
Lilian C. J. Wong

16. Psychological Skills Related to Intercultural Adjustment
David Matsumoto, Satoko Hirayama, Jeffery A. LeRoux

Section 4. Culture, Coping, and Resilience

17. Hardiness Considered Across Cultures
Salvatore R. Maddi, Richard H. Harvey

18. Resilience as a Coping Mechanism: A Common Story of Vietnamese Refugee Women
Tan Phan

19. Stress and Coping Among Asian Americans: Lazarus and Folkman’s Model and Beyond
Edward C. Chang, Michele M. Tugade, Kiyoshi Asakawa

20. The Agony, Silent Grief, and Deep Frustration of Many Communities in the Middle East: Challenges for Coping and Survival
Naji Abi-Hashem

21. Stress, Culture, and Racial Socialization: Making an Impact
Micah L. McCreary, Jera Nelson Cunningham, Kathleen M. Ingram, John E. Fife

22. Adjustment and Coping in Aboriginal People
Roderick McCormick, Paul T. P. Wong

Section 5. Occupational Stress

23. Towards an Understanding of Occupational Stress Among Asian Americans
Frederick T. L. Leong, Dwight Tolliver

24. A Multicultural Perspective on Work-related Stress: Development of a Collective Coping Scale
Dan Zhang, Bonita C. Long

25. Knowledge Gaps about Stress and Coping in a Multicultural Context
Paul B. Pedersen


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