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We at Ellibs want to enrich everyone’s lives with understandable knowledge, rich language and high-quality literature.

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We offer a fast and efficient sales, marketing and distribution channel for large publishing houses and small publishers as well as self-published authors. We also provide a versatile selection of publishing services that meet the demands of today’s increasingly digital age and provide new avenues for diverse perspectives.

Would you like to distribute your e-books or audiobooks on our service? For more instructions, see the following page: Guidelines for Publishers

Our services

Fast distribution for large and small publishers as well as self-published authors

Ellibs makes it simple and easy to distribute your e-books and audiobooks. Before distributing your book, you must sign the distribution agreement, after which you can submit your electronic material for publication. Our sales team can assist you with the distribution agreement. Just send an email to sales@ellibs.com to get started!

Wide-ranging distribution network

Our comprehensive distribution network reaches public libraries and the libraries of higher education institutions, as well as specialist libraries. In addition, we offer a versatile selection of e-book services for corporations and consumers.

Strong licensing experience

Our technological expertise guarantees that your books will be distributed securely and with your copyrights intact. You can even control, restrict or outright prevent the copying and printing of your works. Read more>>

Versatile support services

We provide our customers with a comprehensive set of guides for our services. We can also organise training events that are tailored to our customer’s needs.

You can also contact us by email:

  • Email support for sales, advertising, marketing and communications: sales@ellibs.com
  • Email support for technical questions, such as those related to contents or submissions: support@ellibs.com