Ellibs for Libraries

Ellibs Library logoEllibs offers libraries a comprehensive turnkey solution, which is easy to link to the library's own system or Website. Commissioning couldn't be any easier, and the system won't burden the library's own systems or servers.

Acquiring the Ellibs system is an economical and speedy solution providing library users with access to thousands of ebooks. The introductory fee for the service includes installation and support for the system. The available additional services include training and an info package for users and the staff. The annual fee for the service includes system support, maintenance, upgrades and operating costs. The library chooses the titles they want and includes them in the system with electronic titles, and the ones selected are delivered virtually in real-time.

Ellibs Library Services

  • E-book ordering service (Ellibs bookstore)
  • Lending system (ebook circulation)
  • Statistics and reporting service
  • DRM protection service
  • Client-specific tailored library services

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