Ellibs for Companies

Ellibs’ mission is to provide everyone with accessible, timely and interesting information. We offer our corporate customers with Finland’s most comprehensive digital selection of professional literature.

We tailor our versatile digital library services to meet your company's demands and offer your staff the information they require, as well as new sources of inspiration, wherever and whenever they need them

Our services

Ellibs eBookshelf

A digital service for companies and organisations that offers Finland’s most diverse range of professional literature. Ellibs makes ebooks and audio books easily accessible to the entire organisation Read more >>

Technical specifications and integration

Ellibs’ information system services can be easily connected to your organisation's user systems to make deploying and using them as seamless as possible. In addition, our services can be integrated into other areas, such as your intranet or learning platform, to make them a natural part of your company's digital work environment. Read more>>


Ellibs provides instructions on how to use our various services. If needed, we also organise training events that can be planned according to the customer’s needs.Read more>>

Our customers

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