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Ellibs Corporate logoIs your organisation or company operating in a demanding special field in which your employees need to have standard works or the latest international titles available? Does your company have access to the basic body of literature on the various functions of the company, such as marketing, financial administration, business law or IT solutions? Is there anyone who knows where the company books are at the moment? What would you say if you could manage them easily from one central workstation and you were able to lend any of them in a matter of seconds to somebody on the other side of the world, if required?

Ellibs Ebookshelf is a service concept geared to companies and organisations. The bookshelf makes it possible to lend books to library users or members of the organisation. It's easy to link to an existing information system — even to a desired Web site. This service does not burden either the users' own systems or the servers. The Ellibs Ebookshelf provides a smart way of keeping your books in order and always in the right place. The shelf requires no one to look after it since the books are returned automatically once the loan period is up and always in good condition. The Ellibs Ebookshelf is economical, since the system is updated and the operational costs are included in the annual fee. Procurement of books is completely up to each user - and we provide plenty to choose from!

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