Ellibs eBookshelf

Ellibs eBookshelf is a new and convenient internet service for using and managing your business’s ebooks. In eBookshelf, the books remain tidy, in order, and always accessible.

Ellibs eBookshelf is a service concept geared to companies and organisations. It is an internet-based lending platform and procurement channel for ebooks.

Ellibs eBookshelfEllibs eBookshelf works on all devices with automatic rescaling to fit the screen size of the device being used. Ebooks can be downloaded to the user’s machine or read in a browser. The books can be easily managed from one location, and they are available for use even on the other side of the world.

Books can conveniently be acquired and added to Ellibs eBookshelf straight from the Ellibs online store.

Find out more about Ellibs eBookshelf at: https://www.ellibslibrary.com/en/ellibs

The visual look of the user interface can be modified to fit with your company’s brand image. Adding a logo and using your company colour scheme makes the website fit seamlessly with your company image.

The monthly fee for Ellibs eBookshelf is €20 (+VAT), with purchased ebooks being charged separately.

A list of some Ellibs eBookshelf customers:

For further information and enquiries: sales@ellibs.com

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