Ebook download ticket

Download Ticket is a service through which the reader can download a book onto his/her computer instead of purchasing it as a paper product. In practice, a download warrant is a link sent to the reader's email address. By clicking on the link, the downloading of the ebook will begin.

The ticket provides the right to download one ebook (1 download warrant = 1 right to download).

Customer benefits

The traditional way to print manuals is very expensive (e.g., printing costs, logistics, sufficient circulation, errors). All of this can be avoided by using Ellibs' download warrant. Not only that, but it's also much faster, more economical, easier to update, and more precise in targeting the clientele. Campaign results are also easier to follow.

Who is it for?

Download Tickets are intended for Ellibs customers who wish to personally control the distribution of ebooks to their clients. This service is particularly appropriate for businesses and institutions which want to give their clients added value. For example, they can offer their clients manuals to help them. By means of download tickets, for instance, a company can send a book as a gift to their customers, a teacher can distribute educational materials, or family tree researchers can deliver the family history to all the relatives.

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